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Alright let's jump right into more coverage from the the Fifth Annual Japanese Classic Car Show in Irvine. Up above, you can catch a glimpse of a small sampling of the Datsun 510's that made it out. Whether you are into period correct restos, or more contemporary tuning, there were enough "five and dimes" at JCCS to to fit any taste.

Does this first generation Toyota Cressida look familiar? It's the same on the Linh featured back during Toyota Month. This was my first time seeing this car in person, and wow is it beautiful.

Representing the "late model" portion of JCCS was this nicely done RHD Z31 Fairlady from Team Supastar. Always nice to see Z31's done right, or Z31's at all for that matter…

And then there's the crazy Shakotan S30 that everyone has been talking about in the days since the show…

I spoke to Linhbergh and he's already set up a shoot with this beast, so we'll save all the juicy details for the near future.

KP61 Starlets can't really get any better than this. TRD flares, RS Watanabes and 20-valve 4AGE power – looking like it came out of a TS Cup race at Tsukuba Circuit!

Just a week after Sevenstock 12, the rotary maniacs again invaded Orange County with their fleet of RX2's, 3's, 7's, and pickups.

Another rare Nissan on hand was this '79 Datsun 810 wagon. I especially dig the retro style front air dam.

Yep, the Hakosuka's appeal spans all age groups and genders…

One car that was attracting a lot of attention was this super clean RA21 Celica on modern Gramlights wheels.

The car's owner? None other than Option Magazine founder and tuning legend Daijiro Inada. Dai has been spending a lot of time in SoCal recently, and decided to build a project car over here. Antonio posted a photo of this project at Garage Boso back in Febuary.

Thanks to the guys at Garage Boso, the Celica now has the turbocharged heart of a Silvia under the hood. It won't please the purists, but then again Dai Inada has always done things a little crazy…

Here's something a little different – a nana maru Corolla lift-back in full rally trim.

"Japanese Hot Rod" – I can't think of a better way to describe this mean looking 240Z with flames and fat over fenders.

There were a number of 2000GT's at the show, including a few that Toyota USA brought out as part of their large display.

The small Mitsubishi section included rarities like this '78 Arrow GT, originally sold in the US as a Plymouth if I recall.

If Mad Max drove a Toyota Celica instead of an Aussie Ford Falcon, it might look something like this.

Kenmeri Skyline wearing some serious rubber…

This one has traditional naturally aspirated L-power under the bonnet. Turbos and fuel injection are nice and all, but there's just something about sidedraft carbs…

And finally another Japanese rarity – the Toyota Century. Ready to pick up VIP's at LAX in a moment's notice…

More from JCCS on the way!

-Mike Garrett



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Love that KP61. Would probably be a blast to drive.


Again!!!!! nice cars love the red Toyota Cressida now thats a clean old skool car... the Z31 Fairlady is pretty cool dont see those alot on the street... what about the RA21 Celica with some Gramlight wheels that rare 2 see in opinion does anybody agree? cant wait 4 more pics of the JCCS!!!


Finally a Z31 on speedhunters!!!!!!


Wow.. coverage is getting better and better ...

That RA21 looks awesome..


OMFG!!!!! Sh*t on my breast! I love this place. I wanna see this myself. I want to hear all of these metal miracles...

PS: If any suitable desktop is available, I would love one (not sure I am not alone) ..

Thx fellas!




at first i was like 'what flames is Mike talking about??' then i blinked twice, moved a little closer and was like 'oooooohhhh' lmao!!

nice coverage of some JDM oldies. cant wait for that S30 faeture.


yeah that s30 is the sex!


Awesome show, ive got to go some day.Lovin the z31 and the Daijiro Inada celica, car feature please.


I'm loving Daijiro's RA21 Celica.


Shakotan S30 = hard as Nails..!!! Love it.. ;-)


Loving that Cressida!


oh man they had mitsu arrows? my parents had one when i was growing up.

darnit. i should of went instead of wrenching on my 86. lol.


Wow, that S30 it´s so hardcore! Feauture?

Wallpapers please!


heh.. starion next to the 'arrow gt'. saw a tired but original one of those just yesterday, and was thinking to myself how i dont see many around these days..


Any pics of the blue Mazda RX-3 that was parked infront of the pickup?


U know what I love..... in the pic with the grey/silver Hakosuka, the Mom (I assume) Is holding up her little girl so she can see in the car....... Awsome!.... Props to them!

(sooo many sik cars!)


Loving the RA21's and Z31. no FB love?


Desktop of that red 240Z please!


i wait with baited breath for the shakotan article. its refreshing to see a nasty mismatched car look so BA. i get tired of all the perfect cars.


I was able to take a pic with Daijiro Inada at the show. I didn't know his Celica was the one with the Gramlights. I always thought 57S Pro's with the titanium burn lip looked cool, but I'm not used to seeing large diameter wheels on 1st gen Celica's (14 inch for me) . Daijiro's cars do stand out.


Is it just me or was there a lack of S30's / 501's this year?


Inada Daijiro was there??

oh man, i really would have liked for him to sign my dash or roll bar...

thanks for having my car on your site guys!


Daijiro Inada's RA21 has my imagination running wild (but not "bright colors and wings" wild though)!

The 1st gen Celica's look is so "retro" that it looks somewhat futuristic (or something to that effect).

Thinking: the stormtrooper treatment on 15" RE30s'-lowered an inch or 2.

Again, my Thanx MG. Really appreciating this (and that link)! ;~/


Good call RdS, I didn't see that one browsing thru the first time. Wish I could get some pic's of mine up on here, she's super clean.


Wow! ... you actually put up a pic of a Z31!


That RA21 on Gramlights looks alot like a TA22 on Gramlights. Is it really an RA21 and not a TA22?


...just did some googling. I never realised TA22's and RA21's looked so similar! Awesome.


Not A BMW In Sight =]


Devil z lurking once again.. Shakotan s30 is by far the greatest z ive ever seen


Awesome! My 810 made the cut! Just for those interested:

Stock L24E (L6), 14x7 Racing Eagle, dumped 3" up front and 2" in the rear, "Californian" mirrors, custom grill


Wow I dodn't notice those flames either!


That 810 wagon is a nice wagon, too bad the owner made it very corny. The steering wheel and the shifter knob tells me it must belong to a woman.

The spoiler is way off . And the factory grille was swaped for a cholo style creation. Would be a nice wagon in the right hands.

That slammed 240Z is nice. Pnety of nice cars, unfortunately some car owners have corniness in their minds. Somebody rescue those nice cars from the corny guys!


Yes, I noticed the steering wheel and the gear shifter knob on that 810 wagon. Chicks dig those weird things. The spoiler and the steering wheel + shifter knob got to go. My favorite ride was a Mazda RX3.


About that estate ( 810 ). Why would anybody ruin a nice factory mask in favour of defacing it with a metal mesh out from a hardware store?

Nice estate indeed, once it changes ownership.


That lowered Z looks great. I wonder how functional it is, looks like it has been towed in to the show. Would be nice to see it running and driven around.


Nice car show. I liked the small Toyota Coronas and Corrollas, the early ones from 70 thru 74. In performance trim look wicked.

The small Hondas are excellent as well. About the wagon in question ( 810 ), I saw it, there was a girl in it, I assume she is the one that installed those things (flashy steering wheel and strange shifter ). In a girls vehicle it looks cute.