Here’s a quick clip of the Big Red Camaro in action during its 220mph Silver State Classic run back in the late ’80s with a 19-year old RJ Gottleib behind the wheel.

It’s the not the highest quality vid out there, but you get the idea. Also, extra points for the generic ’80s soundtrack.

-Mike Garrett



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When I was 19 I think I maxed a car out at 83mph...hey it was a Tercel 4wdwagon.


Big Red had a small cameo in that last Fast & Furious movie if anyone remembers.


thanks for the throw-back. Incredible how liberal the competition seemed back then, just ripping through a desert highway, passing the finish line (a cone & flagger!) at 200! It just seemed like a very liberal "run what you brung at push it!" I guess that could be said for a lot of forms of motorsports ( WRC, F1 etc.) that started to change rules and implement much of a more safety orientated approach.


I've driven my (and my mom's) bonestock '99 1.0l Yaris to 118Km/h. That thing starts shaking like hell!! But, i think it could go further with a 6th gear...

Man, i wish i had a nicer car xD