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As you're reading this I'll likely be on my way up to the SF Bay Area to spend a few days shooting Formula Drift Sonoma. Meanwhile for you guys, here's the final bit of my coverage from the Nisei Showoff in Los Angeles.

Besides all the front-drive Hondas at the show, there were numerous S2000's. They ranged from track-ready time attack cars, to clean street cars like this super low AP2.

This right hand drive 1JZ-powered Supra was imported from Japan. I don't think I've ever seen a JZA70 as clean as this one.

Classy looking Honda Fit on SSR Viennas. Damn, this makes me get all nostalgic for thew Fit I drove in Japan!

Just another incredibly detailed, hoodless Honda Civic. The work that's been put into these Hondas is really more similar to lowriders or kustoms than your typical "tuner" cars.

Another one of the European cars was this E39 BMW M5 that looked stock other than a set of Work VS-XX's. Hey, it's an E39 M5 – stock works for me.

When I first got to the show, my eye was caught by this Panda  Levin wearing RS Watanabes. Textbook AE86 style right here.

There were also some really cool Corollas at the show that weren't AE86's, like this JDM-converted sedan…

..with an OEM-looking blacktop 20-valve under the hood.

Not to mention these vintage Tom's wheels. Unfortunately a lot of the showgoers passed right by this car due to its understated appearance.

Also given the shaved 'n tucked treatment was this RHD Honda Del Sol. Note the power-operated "trans top" in the rear.

The D-Max S14 demo car looking as boss as ever.

Standing out amongst the sea of Mitsubishi Evos was this flat black widebody car with Top Secret TE37's. Impressive.

Seeing clean AE86s like this kouki Trueno Coupe never gets old. If you didn't know, those wheels are rare and pricey Weds MA86's.

I'll finish up with this immaculate EK Civic hatchback wearing CCW mesh wheels. Cars like this are the reason people have flocked to this show every summer for years.

Well, that's it for my Nisei Showoff coverage. Let's just cross our fingers that it won't be the last one!

-Mike Garrett



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S2000 line up desktop please.


Love the older Carolla with the Tom's Wheels, could this be the future of old school? lol......


That opening shot to me is the why the fitment craze is so RIGHT! Look at the difference between that first S2000 with its wide wheels and oh so right fitment compared to the 2nd and 3rd S2000's behind it. Cool shot!


i just LoVe those s2000, they just look so hot with a couple of simple mods

n the S14 n the EVO are just craziness, they look like they just want to run u over


^^^^^ x2, when i saw that first pic i thought ," thats why my ride rubs", cause sick fitment is the shit. the fit on that first S is crazy!


that del sol is RHD???? are you sure about that?


Mmmm.... It must be my Birthday. +10 Speed Points for the shot of the Toms. There were alot if clean cars out there. I think the Intro picture of yesterdays coverage made me thing this was a super rice event. Now I see they had some really cool cars out there. Thx Mike for the Coverage.


I have a Old 85 Accord I'm working on restoring to a clean look. Unfortunatly I need a new engine and it looks like I should be able to shimmy more of the honda engines I see at this show in my bay. I'm guessing that most of the hondas at this event are B series driven? Anyone have any insight?


yes.. it is RHD.. hence the steering wheel on the right.


If you want a decent motor with a buff trans.. go b-series.. if you want a buff motor with an alright trans.. go k-series


What makes you think that Del Sol isnt right hand drive neogeo?


so your gunna be at infineon..?

bring some stickers, ill slap them on everything lol

see u guys there..


Love that corolla sedan! Tom's wheels x fender mirrors look sick.


@ Mike, it won't be the last year for Nisei. Sure they might have to relocate due to the constructions going on, but I'm positive someone is gonna find another spot to hold the show.

Like they say, "the show must go on."


I love all of these, as they're so far from what I've got that it's like seeing art. Different styles are what makes the car scene great. <3


s2k's look so tight with mad camber/fitment but then you take half of the amazing handling away with that rear camber :/


s2k's look so tight with mad camber/fitment but then you take half of the amazing handling away with that rear camber :/


what wolfgang said...tucking S2Ks looks great but is just soooo wrong somehow!


Thanks for the picture of my Fit Mike. Glad you like it


why no front shot of the ae91 that has a sprinter conversion?


Its funny how the heater core is pluged on the last photo (white civic) , interesting how he drives it with fog on the windshield.


Sashok, could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure those are battery terminals.

It's posts like this that make this site worthy of being my homepage! Thanks!


that corolla sedan is awesome. its simple, yet super clean. nice engine, & toms wheels!


We need pics of the Supra with the Soarer front end conversion, a.k.a. Soapra, that's next to the JZA70 Supra.


AE86 on MA86.

Just perfect.


Yes! I love the Nesei Showoff, we need more! For some good reason I feel like you left us with too little of these magnificent rides. Do you have more pictures?!


yes please, mkII with the soarer front end.


awesome coverage! wish you had a few more photos tho


Wats good people im a new member of this site and i just wat a Clean AE92!! like the color cus its clean... and i have the same car but 2 yrs older and i might make it jdm lookin but a lil different :)


the AE92 was awesome! we need more of these in the US!