It’s worth remembering that Pikes Peak is coming up later this month…. What better way to get in the mood for this epic event than to check out this 1990 film entitled “Climb Dance”. It features rally legend Ari Vatanen piloting a rather hypertrophied looking Peugeot 405 T16 up the famous hill climb of hill climbs.… It just goes to show that rally drivers are pure nutters.




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God this is an old one. Wasn't this on here once before? A Hi Res feature can be found if you look hard enough. :)


Driving with only one hand and blocking sun with another is something that not everyone is able to do. Finnish nutter \o/


It's old but good!


andy posted this last year

(He has just lost his seat in the European parliament, so there is a campaign supporting him as head of FIA)


Here's a couple of different videos of Shaun Palmer's(X Games Champ and Olympic Team Member) attack on Pikes Peak in his GMC Syclone back in 2002 and 2003.



Man you guys are sharp!


If you still wan't to win employ a fin! could you please show more rally and WRC in speedhunters, or some grazy groub B rallycars. Or even rallycross.


This one is a classic! I never get tired of seeing it. Finnish sisu at it's best, heh. Love it when he puts the rear end on the edge of the vertical drops and blocks the sun with his hand. What a rush.


dang, i'm in colorado now, but i have to leave before the race, i've always wanted to see this race sometime. looks like it would be very cool.


strait up crazy! but then, you would have to be to get away with running a wing that size. i might put one on my winter beater to get some more push on the rear end. lol

not kidding.


Shame on anyone who calls themselves a car enthusiast and then bashes this amazing film being posted! Get out of your stupid JDM "Nissan GTRs are the best cars in the world ever" obsessions and appreciate how epic something like this is. I'd like to see anyone who posts on here drifting on gravel anywhere at 100mph while blocking the sun from their eyes with one hand, let alone inches from certain death!


But they are the best cars in the world no?... :>



lol!! Don't get me wrong, they are brilliant, it's just there's alot of closed minded comments on here alot, which is a shame. We're all car enthusiasts right? We should all appreciate each other's chosen disciplines, whatever we choose to focus our own energy and enthusiasm on. Just imho of course!


While I like the video, I hate that they screwed around so much with the sound. The throttle sounds stay on well after you can tell that the car is braking (you can easily tell when gravel gets picked up in the splitter and then mysteriously flies off even though the car sounds like it's full-throttle). That killed it for me. A small attempt to make it sound like he's braking later just ruins the effect of the rest of the video.


Better videos, even if you don't understand German for the Audi ones: (Gold Rush in NZ, not Pikes Peak)


A friend of mine showed me this film a couple of weeks ago. Just F'ING BRILLIANT!

I'd say that this, "A Rendezvous" (the one in Paris at dawn), and Ken Block Gymkhana vid's are the best in terms of automotive short films.

And then of course, some of the Speedhunters ones as well ^__^ You guys should do a bigger one, like a feature or something.


A Rendezvous is genius, if you look into how it was actually done it kind of takes away from the magic, but at the same time really makes you appreciate the work the guy did :D


I'll never complain about the sun in my eyes again!! That film should also get the "That's it he's a gonner!" award.


Did you know that Ari Vatanen hold the best time something like 10years at this hill :D


If you are not aware, Ari has now said he's considering satnding against Max Mosley for FiA Presidency. According to F1 jurno, Joe Saward, that means he's already started campaigning.

Fingers crossed....