Random Snap>>zacs Well Alligned S15

 You may be thinking "Why such a basic looking S15?" This car may be basic, but its a very good example of a clean street car! It rolls on 17×9.5 Koya Drift Teks, Which although are quite common here in Australia, complete the look of the s15 very well. It has some nice tyre stretch all round which help the 9.5 +13 (effective) sneak under the guards! The car was imported from Japan a few months ago with a perfectly stock body. Zac the owner of this well alligned S15 has been in the "drifting' scene for around 4 years, since the first day I was on track taking photos, infact he was the one that asked me to cover my first event held at Queensland Raceway when I was 13. The least I could do for him was to take some high res images of his car! It has been done so it is able to be driven everyday for a daily car, as some of you may know Australia is quite tight on cars / defects and each day are getting stricter and stricter. I think Zac has done a great job on this car and hopefully he doesn't get looked at too much by the police!

Full Set – http://www.flickr.com/photos/caseyjohnphotography/sets/72157620755276936/

Casey Dhnaram



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Congrats on making it into the Speedhuners team Casey, although you could have change to a proper name lol. Well I have to agree that the S15 does look good even in stock trim, with just a wheel change it makes such a big difference. There are several S15 in Malaysia that was done like this as well, Hope to see you cover more drifting events in Australia. =D


Thanks Muzaffar, appreciate the comment mate! I sure hope so too!

Will keep in touch!


Awsome photos mate, had a browse through the flickr at the rest of the stuff too!

Could you drop me an email (bookings@ragh.co.uk) with more info on the equipment and light you used, would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers mate, big ups!


Sure Can mate but i'll just say it here also...

For all the shots, and more specifically this one

1D Mark III

24-70 f2.8 L

Left - 580EX II (1/4th Power) Pocketwizard II

Right - 430EX II (1/4th Power) Pocketwizard II

Thanks for your comments =]




Great shot, whens he going to to get put on the right hand side under SH.com team?


Great shot KC Zac's ca is looking awesome as always


Great Shot, Casey! Love the reflection on the floor :)


Sick shots dude, i wish to own such a car one day too!!

Keep up the good shots


Great to see some more Australian coverage on Speedhunters!


fake wheels



Awsome set of photos man! Your work gets better everytime! Your pretty much setting the benchmark from a person who knows nothing about photographys point of view!


My local track, Queensland Raceway didn't have its usual mood of clear blue skies and scorching sun


My local track, Queensland Raceway didn't have its usual mood of clear blue skies and scorching sun