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When I was living in Japan, one of the things I liked to do was post photographs of random cars I'd see while out and about. I've always thought it was cool to see what kind of cars you find "out in the wild", especially in place like Japan. Since I've been back here, I've done my best to take the camera along with me when I go out to see what sort of stuff I could find along the way.

Up above we have a car that fits pretty well with this month's theme, a UCF30 Celsior parked in front of a Family Mart store. I thought the red-trimmed wheels were an interesting touch, as well as the headlamps which look to be retorfitted with Nissan Cima projectors.

This older model Crown is a good example of the "semi-VIP" sedans you rolling around. They don't have quite the ridiculous wheel fitment or body-scraping suspension of the cars in magazines, but still manage to look pretty appealing.

A Toyota bB with a properly sized set of Work Eurolines – good daily driver here.

This surprisingly clean S13 Silvia looks like it hasn't been touched since the early '90s. Hmm… I wonder if this style will ever become "retro-cool" in Japan.

Like the bB, the simple boxy lines of the Honda Step Wagon make it ripe for the dress-up treatment.

This is pretty interesting. We were driving near the Nissan factory in Tochigi when I saw this transporter loaded up with brand new Infiniti FX37's – obviously headed to the harbor for export to the United States.

It's not hard to detect the Nissan presence while driving around in this area. I thought this cargo truck was kind of cool…

When I saw this DC5 Integra Type R, I thought about how long it's been since Honda stopped making the Integra. Close to three years already I believe…

A dubbed out Toyota Harrier (aka Lexus RX300). How's this for VIP?

This Stagea was wearing a set of nicely-sized multi-piece wheels. I like these cars more and more each time I see them.

Another bB cruising through the greenery of a Japanese summer.

And finally, the required VW-faced kei van. These things are actually surprisingly common on the streets.

I'll be back later with more interesting automotive finds from the streets of Nippon.

-Mike Garrett



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YAY! It's great that Mike back to Japan!

bring us more stories..>.<


Why would you put a toyota badge on the crown! the crown emblem is much better looking, And honda has realy lost its way. they don't even have coupe ourside of the US.


I love this feature...

On my last trip I was sooo surprised at how big the vanning and kei-car culture is. As a box driver myself, I loved it..


realy nice i like this carsightings pictures you could also do it in usa and maybe u could ask some users from arround the world to send you pictures so wee could make a wold car sightings write up !i could do germany my city is full of porsche and other euro rides !


Funny how in Japan they replace their Toyota models' emblems with Lexus badges to stand out or be more exclusive, but here in the U.S., ISs with "rare" "Altezza" badges are popular. The grass is always greener I suppose ;)


It must be a dream living over there.


I love the "car sighting" posts! The other Speedhunters should do them for other countries as well, that would be interesting.


hushypushy: I'm in full agreement.


Haha Mike, your lately acquired taste for vans kinda shows in this post! Btw, will it possible for you to snap a few pics of the full-size Gundam statue if you ever drop by Odaiba? It looks awesome!


Is it in Odaiba? I'll have to drop by and have a look next week before I come home.

Thanks as usual for the comments guys!


It's in North Shiokaze Park, more specific directions here:

but I think you know the place well enough :)

I'm hoping to go see it personally before they take it down come 31st August, but I might not be able to make it in time, so it'll be awesome seeing it through your lens too! Thanks for even considering the request :)


I'll take both bB's and the Stepwagon, k thanx


Do those infiniti's on the truck have fake wheel displays on them or is that an optical illusion


last day in Japan, and walking by in Shibuya this evening i saw a meeting of muscle cars, a 70 challenger, an old incredible rat 'stang (which engine stalled in a middle of the road) and a hot rod (seems to be a 40 ford but i am not sure)

i took photos and videos cause i always get my camera here in japan to "speedhunt", love that

so continue to do that, please


@longboy - The wheels on the Infinities have a slightly milky colored clear plastic protector over them to ward off any scraps or scuffs that could happen in transport. However, the milky covers do make the wheels look fake in this picture.


Now this is the kind of stuff I like to read about... Cars owned by people and "out in the wild." MORE, please!! :D


Isn't the white Honda NSX, not Integra?


Sorry, i meant RSX.


thats a pretty obvious but incredibly great idea. i dont know why i havent done that around here.


Rsx is called integra in japan.