Event>>nurburgring 24 – Before The Storm

OK, OK, enough waiting already! I finally got to the Ring this afternoon and after attending to the various admin tasks had a quick run round the paddock.

It did not take long to locate the Badass Boyz…………Gazoo Racing and their Lexus LF-A………..

Cute cartoons there may be on the car but the carbon fiber bodywork and the low profile makes you just want to have one…………NOW!

The word on the street is that the identity of the mysterious driver "Morizo" has been identified as Akio Toyoda, the new President of Toyota Motor Corporation. How's that for leading by example?

The race is still a few days away and every square inch of ground next to the track is claimed by the happy campers, usually over 200,000 of them. By tonight the early birds will, for the most part, be thoroughly marinaded.

Health and Safety legislation? Never heard of it………………last minute preparation continues at a pace.

No refuelling rigs for this race, everyone queues at the pumps.

The race up the front is going to be a contest between the two Manthey Porsches and the four werks Audi R8 LMS's. Despite the numerical disadvantage most observers tip the Porsches to win as they have done over the past three years,

Of course any official Audi event has to feature a photoshoot sometime and today was no exception. So the drivers have to hang about while everyone has an opinion on what is the best shot before leaving up to the photographer. Hans Stuck Jnr. gives some badly needed fashion tips to Lucas Luhr about his sunglasses, while Marcel Fassler looks on.

It must be a secret DTM Champion handshake that Mattias Ekstrom gives to current top dog, Timo Scheider. Marco Werner humours them.

There is a traditional parade of competitors on a Wednesday round the track, This GT3 has non-Porsche approved speakers, the choice of music was as ugly, swing oompapa, I think.

One last look at the Lexus……………….for now.

Back on topic as on SpeedHunters this is VW/Audi month and this stretches the point in every sense of the word. Nurburging during 24 Hours week is a weird place, more from the front tomorrow.

 -John Brooks

Nurburgring 24H coverage on Speedhunters



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Looking forward to all the coverage, now I just gotta find a good live feed of the event to pair up with RadioLeMan's like I did last year...


oh my... this is going to be epic


Gazoo Racing, the dream! Racing a production-possible prototype in a sports-endurance race at the Nurburging. That reads like a "Make-A-Wish" request.


Akio Toyoda racing?, no thats showing your pride in your company. this is going to be a great race


Mattias Ekstrom is doing an impression of being behind the wheel when he really needs to be sitting on the pot instead, Hold it Mattias, only 6 more hours!

WHO has a link to a live feed for this race? AND thanks JOHN for covering this event, post everything you can!


Wow, the boss of Toyota driving in the Nurburgring 24.

Just a sad footnote: An Alfa Romeo executive died in an accident in the Nur 24, not sure if its the 2001 or the 2002 event.

I'll be waiting for the day the GT-R goes back to the Nur 24, then we'll have a dogfight with it and the LF-A!


Perfect. Speedhunters, Radio Le Mans and streaming! It doesnt get better


Look forward to your posts John, always great photos.


I want to be there in person soooooooo bad!


looking forward to further excellent coverage, Mr Brooks! I always approve of your in-depth look at enduros


Have fun John!!! Make sure to stay hydrated with LOTS of beer from Pistenklause!!!


man i wish i got to see this, I NEED coverage!


haha, love that gt3 with the speakers xd


Come on guys her jeaulious. This comment comes directly from the Nürburgring paddock. We are going to cover our race with photos and videos on our website. Yieeeeeeehaa!!!


is it just me or does the Lexus look like a new Supra? mmhm. its on...


Love the LF-A. Could have just as easily been the New Supra! (Toyota wonting to make there Lexus brand, the more sporty imagine etc)


You just gotta make a few wallpaper pics of the Gazoo racing LF-A !


It's a bit crazy that the LF-A is sponsored by Bridgestone and Falken^^


Falken are a race series sponsor (Note they are on the Porsche too)


Nice pics.

I'll be there all week end for filming, hope to see you there ;)


Looks like everyone is having a lot of fun, seems like a great atmosphere for such an insane race.


I was there today, since 2 friends of mine drive in the RCN (Rundstrecken Challenge Nürburgring).

Will go there tomorrow to, and on Saturday and on Sunday, since it's only 45 min. away from home!!!

@John, don't miss the Drift challenge tomorrow at the Müllenbachschleife, where the DSK tent is(just jump on one of there busses travelling around the track for free) and the food there is excellent and affordable.

Nice places to visit are as always, Adenauer Forst, Wehrseifen, Breitscheider Brücke, Hohe Acht, Brünnchen, Pflanzgarten and Schwalbenschwanz


Live timing will be here:-


Thanks Andy, I think it was 2 years ago or so when I spent countless hours watching a red flagged race due to fog....


Should be a great race as always! Don't forget to show some of the mid/back-markers too! Wish I was there.


The LF-A has Falken and Bridgestone stickers?


Kevin - Falken are a race sponsor. All cars have Falken branding regardless of actual tyres