Ranking>> Top Ten Jza80 Supra’s

Before our Toyota themed celebrations are finished, I wanted to share these Supras which I handpicked, together with my Speedhunter buddies. The cars are not shown in any particular order, but I do have my personal favorites. One of them is the Ridox build Supra driven by Manubu Orido. Antonio wasn't real pleased with my choice, but hey, what can I do about that!

1 – Ridox Supra

I just love the entire look of this car, the wheels, the fitment and the wide bodykit. It can be ordered in FRP or Carbon and transforms the car into a road going racecar. I think this is one of the best bodykits ever designed for the JZA80 Supra.

2 – Twins Turbo Supra

Rod and Antonio insisted that this car made the list. The Twins Turbo Supra was primarily built for circuit racing and uses the powerfull 2JZ-GTE engine with a strengthened bottom end.

A real effort has gone into the handlings department. Eibach springs mated with a set of Penske 8100 dual adjustable coilovers make sure the car handles better. The sway bars have been replaced by adjustable Titan items. The engine has been completely overhauled and pushes out an astonishing 840hp @ 7,200rpm and 738 lb-ft of torque @ 5,200rpm on 21psi of boost.

The Twins Turbo Supra has been in the chassis shop for the past year getting front and rear mini-tubs outfitted, full suspension point relocation and a strong diet…. Our new collaborator, Linhbergh Nguyen will be revealing the heavily revamped car later in March.

3 – Top Secret GT300

One of the most famous cars made by Top Secret was this GT300. It's not powered by the 2JZ but gets its horsepower from the much lighter 3S-GTE engine. ‘Smokey' did this to improve the power to weight ratio and the balance of the car.

The capacity of the 3S-GTE engine has been increased thanks to a Garage Fukui Stroker kit and SPL pistons. The turbo of choice is the Trust T88 34D, giving the engine 710bhp at 8500rpm and 470lb-ft of torque at 7800rpm. Those are some impressive number considering it's ‘just' a four cylinder engine.

The car has been sold to a Norwegian company called Japan Auto. It is for sale right now if your interested.

4 – Performance Factory Supra

Our friends Eric and Marc from Twins Turbo Motorsport got their start working on this car. According to Eric: "It was the first Supra on the planet to do 11's,10's, 9's and 8's in the quarter. I was also first to hit 140, 150, 160, 170 and 180 through the traps…. And we started doing this while Supras were still at the dealership selling for 50K."

The car was owned, driven and built by Vinny Ten…. that name should sound familiar to some of you Toyota enthusiasts.

Watch out for a full feature on this iconic drag Supra on Speedhunters soon!

5 – Esprit Supra

I had to chose between this and the Amuse Supra both of which featured in the ‘battle of the straight six' video. I just love the clean lines and no nonsense approach….. This car comes close to perfection!

6 – Akira JUN Supra

This car was built by JUN to attack the Bonneville salt flats. When you are preparing to break the landspeed record you need some understanding of aerodynamics and engine building, and these are two aspects Jun really excel in.

The bodykit has been sculpted to reduce drag and improves stability.

The 2JZ engine is being force fed thanks to a custom built T79-29D, they can turn up the boost to a dizzying 50psi. The engine can produce 1300bhp when it is in full attack mode. In the end, Jun reached a top speed of 249mph, something ‘Smokey' never achieved in his Nardo attempt.

7 – HKS Power Supra

The Supra Is a car with many faces; it can be turned a circuit car, a top speed car, or in this instance, a drag car built by HKS.

This drag monster was a key benchmark car in the import drag scene. It was capable of 7 second passes thanks to a fully tubbed chassis and 1455bhp. Because of certain circumstances, this car was never able to show its full potential.

8 – Top Secret V12

The Top Secret V12 has been previously covered on Speedhunters, and Rod reminded me that it had to be on this list. It features a lot of custom parts and my feeling is that ‘Smokey' isn't done fine-tuning this car to reach his goal of 400kmh on Nardo. Click here for a full feature.

9 – Joe Galante Supra

This Supra was a personal choice because it made a real impact on me the first time I saw it on one of the Gripvideos . The first thing that caught my eye was the custom all metal widened fenders. It was build in a certain era where you could find PS2s and lots of screens in cars, it was no different with this Supra, but the exterior looks make up for that. The engine is aided by a T78 singe turbo conversion.  

10 – Do Luck Supra

After several Japanese and American Supras I couldn't leave this JZA80 out of this list. This really is one of the finest Supras in Europe. You can check out a full feature made by Antonio right here

Now it's your time to choose your favorite JZA80 Supra, don't hold back and fill me in on your favorite build up threads.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Thanks to Super Street, Twins Turbo Motorsport and Ben Schaffer for some of the pictures.



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awesome read, I LOVE toyotas! I love top tens! what's next!? top 10 JZX!? Soarers!? Classics!?

Keep up the amazing work, I appreciate the time you put in every single article.


i agree. orido has the best supra body kit ever. and his supra is the best there is!


The Ridox Supra is my favorite. So sexy!


The Titan motorsports supra needs to be on here.. for real


Oops, sorry for the double post, but the RSR supra is definately missing


No VeilSide Supras??


This one's a beast! 6 spd IRS quarter mile record and 241 mph in the texas mile!



For me it just HAS to be the V12 Top Secret Supra...
that car is possibly the finest piece of japanese engineering i have ever seen.....just so much care, thought & dedication went into it
Kazuhiro "Smokey" Nagata is in my eyes THE BEST car tuner/builder there is.....i know people will say different but i have my reasons


Jeroen, nice pick on the RIDOX Supra. I love the look of the kit. It's aggressively stock, and extremely functional, (in fact, Nick Hogan had a knock-off on his green 900hp Supra, not the one he crashed.)


dont forget about titan motorsports or WOTM supras. surprised there wasn't anything more powerful on this list. oh yeah, what happened to veilside an abflug?


U missed the Abflug custom body Supra. And the RB26-powered Top Secret Supra. And the Amuse Supra. That Joe Galante Supra ain't really special, sort of spo-com. When I thought about tuned Supras, there are actually few. Hmm.


wheres the castrol or the denzo superas


what about paul walker's supra in the fast and the furious~?

didn't that car set the standard for ugly vinyl schemes, glowing neon lights and k-mart gt spoilers~?


where is manny jessenger's supra??? get that drag racing shit off of here.


Technically, the most popularizing Supra of all time is the TFATF orange Supra. It did for the Supra market what the Fujiwara Tofu Shop car did for the AE86 market.


VERY surprised the VeilSide Drag Supra wasn't in here.


One name. Ken Henderson.


So where's the RS*R Supra? Not on the list... Maybe it'll get a feature instead.


Nice pick on the Ridox Supra, can't believe Antonio doesn't approve this car.

Also the Trial Supra and the JUN 200-Mile Supra needs to be mentioned as well.


Finally someone post Ordios supra.


viny ten, titan, sard, should be on this list..


wahhh no florida supras or nick hogans? lol jik


I would have put Tom's on there:) But pretty well put together! So much hotness....

(yeah Fortune VS supra is pretty cool too) There's another one owned by someone in Europe that is red and also very awesome because it has done 225 mph runs but I forget who owns it. (was on ebay awhile back)


where is spilners supra?!?!!??


the Abflug, Curve Supra was on the list but got ditched, Mike mentioned the Veilside Supra but I couldn't find a nice photo to feature on here.


Toyota month on Speedhunters has been a real disappointment and this list just made it worse.

Who is your target audience now? People that stepped into our world yesterday?

While there are some deserving examples on the list, there is quite a few that are beyond questionable.

And the photos leave A LOT to be desired.

Who ever put this together obviously isn't in the know or just doesn't give a damn.

This is Toyota's flagship sports car and look what you've done.



Ara Arslanian was the first to do 9's in a 6-speed car....

Ryan Woon one of the fastest 6-speed cars now....

Veilside drag Supra....

Quite a few missing and a lot of the featured cars are from body kit manufacturers.....Not that they're not great, but there's better.


Akira Jun Supra And Hks power Supra Are My favorite Really Cool Pics And Yeah Nice Designs Too




Titan Motorsports.. Yea..

Veilside and SARD are missing as well. But that was also mentioned.

I think to do the Supra community justice, there needs to be two more articles, the Supra's of Titan Motorsports and Top Secret.

Replace Joe's Supra with a real car, not an all show no go car covered in lies like the Skyline was.


Couldn't find a nice photo of the Veilside 80Supra?

That's laughable.

Even If that were true, you could have contacted Veilside directly for their assistance.

I'm sure they would have been more than willing to provide you with an appropriate photo.

(That was and still is a very significant machine to Veilside and to the early JZA80 tuning scene.)

But judging by the other photos you selected, I'm going to call BS.

I mean, the photo of the RIDOX machine is not that great; and that car is AMAZING.

Come correct or don't come at all.

For serious.


Ultimate Supra? How about a full carbon fiber bodied time attack Supra weighing in at 1290 kg and pumping out 760hp at the wheels? I think this Supra tops my list as the ultimate Supra out there.


Videos of the Supra:




Build diary of the Supra:



If you need a few more additions I'd be more than happy to send you about 4-5 more examples that could easily be added to your list from our shop alone :) A few additions to the list that I think are must haves....

1. Titan Motorsports Race Supra (the worlds quickest)


2. Titan Motorsports Street Supra



3 SW's 7 second 6 speed car and 241mph car


4. Ken Hendersons 1,000hp Black Bird beast.



I never heard about the Second supra.

But the Titan Supra is not than Blitz Supra.


@ Ed Fahey: VEILSIDE SUPRAS?!?!?! WUT?!??! Those suck ass my friend... More looks than function unfortunately, though i DO like the Fortunes...

But for real you guys, Orido's Supra has the most awesome kit ever due to its simplicity (but i like the blue one without all the stickers and vinyls. ^_^)

Also, a shame no AbFlüg Supra made the list...


I think you may need a trip to the mental health professional if you would say the VeilSide Supra is ugly but the Ab Flug Supra is great....


where is the jun supra?


Look at the end of this video, BIG HP ain't all



Orido's Supra in the dark blue form was amazing. :)


I'm with the V12 and Esprit Supra.


top 10 what? performance? aesthetics? street cars? race cars?

some guidelines need to be added here. I definitely feel there are some that just up there because they have a "nice body kit."


Im with Curtis Chen... what was the criteria? Some of these cars are good examples of X, but poor examples of Y... yet there were MUCH better examples of Y left of the list. IMO, you should separate the list into function and aesthetics.


Wallpaper please for the Top Secret V12 Centuary


Orido's 80 is so much more than just a good looking car.

Sure, RIDOX is his (aeroparts) company; but you all are doing Orido (and his supporters) a great dis-service by only speaking to the aesthetics of his machine.

But for some reason, you did manage to drop a few details about the Galante JZA80...

Seriously...who cares about that thing, it has molded on side skirts for cryin out loud!


The Ridox supra is my all time favorite car, but I think the last comment that was left is blowing it out of proportion. The RS-R drift car that Orido had piloted in the past was something amazing but unfortunately is gone. The Amuse supra had one of the first real budget single turbo kits made. The Esprit supra is an awesome circuit car. Orido's Ridox supra which he now drives in D1 is a good example of the right chosen off the shelf parts which the car is primarily built of. There is no crazy fabrication or abundance of custom stuff on his car aside from his personal aero work and maybe some custom valved RS-R i-shock coilovers. Remember the car was his daily driver for a large number of years, which meant it had to be reliable and easy to repair. I'm not knocking it at all, As I said it is my all time favorite supra and I am sure Orido got some type of idea of that when he autographed the hood of my supra.

Great job on focusing a little bit on supras for a short while. As a Toyota and supra enthusiast I appreciate the effort. I don't agree to some of the cars on the list but hey that's just someone’s opinion.


I may be wrong about Orido driving his car in D1 though. It was just the impression I got from browsing through the last option2 mag I got and noticed his car amongst the other D1SL cars.


The Orange Supra from "The Fast & The Furious" is the most well known Supra in the world. Why didn't it make it on this list?


funny a Supra in front of a Nismo booth....blasphemy lol


Show me somebody building a complete package on this list ( or the additions that are mentioned above) - I'm talking a Supra that does EVERYTHING well and has the build quality to represent.

I saw phone pics of a street Supra going together at a shop in Ca. (?) that blows this stuff clean away.

Black,no body kit , SICK motor, interior , fabrication off the charts. I don't know who any of these dudes are on this top ten list but ca. seems to be in a class all it's fuckin own.



Wow can't believe this was posted 6 years ago. 
I would also these supra to the mix:
Ken Henderson's 1000+hp Street Supra
Titan Supra
Boost Logic's Supra
WOTM Quick Silver Supra