Random Snap>>wald-equpped Land Cruiser

Now matter how comfortable or luxurious they might be, I have never been able to look at SUV's in the same way as traditional luxury cars. I suppose you can blame that on one too many rap videos or over-the-top SEMA show cars. Sometimes though, you see an SUV that can almost make you forget about all those bad soccer mom and rap star cliches. How about this Toyota Land Cruiser with the new "Black Bison" series aero kit from Wald?

Is this something cool, or just another fish in a sea of blinged out SUV's?

Wald Japan

-Mike Garrett



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not feelin that at all


That's over the top. Then again, that's Wald for you, not exactly the most tasteful tuning company out there. I'd rather have an FJ40.


Wald is pretty over the top usually but their aeroparts always have a touch of class that, say, Veilside lacks.

I like their stuff, this is no exception. Maybe the wheels could be smaller, low profile tires on a 4x4 look weird.


Just another boring SUV


Call me crazy but I like it!


Wheels look great on it, but the front end doesnt tie in with the car at all.


I wonder if they knew what the rest of the car looked like when they designed the front bumper?


yeah, the front bumper looks like it was made for an audi or something


Looks like a Land Cruiser mated with a Mercedes C63 it would have given birth to this bastard.


that front bumper definitely needs to be toned down.

reminds me of the new mb GL. but. ya.

id rather take the gl over this.


Fck these nay-sayers, that shit looks bad-fuckin-ass.

I hate SUVs and i am an avid tuner, but that truck has good looks and badass wheels.

I'd hate to put a wrench to it though, as i already hate working on those as a Toyota Employee


What the fuck...... a LandCruiser is supost to be a climb every mountain, fourd every stream, UN African aiding hostile territory indrustructable SUV!!!

IMO, This is on the same level of retardness as thoes Sema GTR's with 24 inch cromes on em.

No no no.


just another fish. i would actually not accept this as a free gift.


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww. *throws up*

that car isnt wouldnt be acceptable even if it was only a crash test model.