News>>production Lexus Lf-a To Debut In Tokyo

After a few years of concepts and teasing, including the black prototype seen in the photo above, it looks like Toyota is finally ready to reveal the production version of the Lexus LF-A supercar at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. With the current troubles in the auto industry, there has been some doubt over the future of this car, but it’s nice to know that Toyota has remained committed to the project. In addition to the production LF-A, it’s also been rumored that Toyota will show a version of the FR coupe that it’s building with the help of Subaru.

2009 Tokyo Motor Show is going to be much smaller and shorter than past shows, but it’s looking like there might be some excitement in the Toyota booth this October.

Source: Pistonheads



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Good news !


all of this is speculation and rumour. Toyota have not confirmed this and original suppliers were told months ago not to bet on this car being built. Things may have changed in the last six months but given the credit crunch...i doubt it


I thought both the LF-A and the FR coupe with Subaru was put on hold because of the global economic crisis? It'll be nice to see the car in Tokyo with its spec sheet and also its time around the Ring.


Wow Toyota has Done A very Cool Work,

Loved The design,

Will Love To Know More About This Beauty


i want this car to outperform the gtr but seems like a lot to ask for.


That FR Coupe is going to be called the new Toyota Celica according to Toyota


not as asthetlically pleasing as the GTR, i dont care how much toyota trys, they wont ever surpass Nissan motor co. in any catgory (except for sale, but that doesnt count)


It seems, it's really new Supra)))