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Remember when you were a little kid and received something that you
thought was the most badass thing ever? You could not wait for the next
school day to walk around campus strutting your new gear. You wanted to
be the coolest kid on campus –at least for a day. A new season is
starting throughout the motorsport world, and the guys at a certain
shop could not wait to show the world their masterpiece. So, here it
is. The lighter, wider, meaner, faster, and completely revamped Twins
Turbo Motorsports Supra for the 2009 season.

I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of numbers all at once, so I will
straight out tell you the numbers that do really matter: this Supra
weighs in at 2750 pounds, and produces around 750 horse power to the wheels.
How’s that for showing off your new backpack to your school mates?

the heart of the beast lies a 3.0 liter 2JZ-GTE monstrosity built by
Marc Koz at Twins Turbo and features custom Arias pistons, Brian Crower
camshafts, HyperTune intake Manifold, and a turbine from Bullseye.

The car is kept on
the track with a set of Penske 8100 series shocks and Eibach springs,
which have been setup by Erik Messley from EMI Racing. An APR rear GT wing keeps the rear end of the car from

To keep that monster at bay is an extensive network of front and back
chassis stiffening modifications. The whole front clip has been cut and
in its place is a lighter and stronger tube frame. The driver is kept
safe with a Steen Chassis eight point cage.

A TRD limited slip differential transfers all that horsepower to a pair
18×13 CCW C14s in the rear. The car’s steering and front grip is
governed by a pair of 18x12s.

One of the most badass features on this completely badass car is the
“exhaust.” The turbo dumps out to a 6 inch wide pipe on the passenger
side fender. The sound that is produced by this car is pure racing

The interior is all business. There’s no need to glamorize what racing
is. It is raw, it is loud, and it is dirty. A dashboard? Who needs such
things when you’re doing 160+ MPH down the front straight of the main
track at Willow Springs! The Supra will be racing this season wheel to
wheel at NASA events as part of the Super Unlimited class and Time
Attacks. So, to keep this gas guzzler out on the track, an ATL
twenty-two gallon fuel cell has been employed.

When I went to shoot this car out at Willow Springs International
Raceway, it was the very first weekend that the newly revamped car
tasted the tarmac. Eric at Twins Turbo and his team worked very hard to
get the car ready for it’s first shakedown that weekend. The Twins
Turbo Supra qualified 3rd for the race. All their work was put to the
test when the pace car pulled into the pits and the let the pack of
hungry V8 stock cars and heavily modified street cars loose.

The Twins Turbo Supra kept up with the v8 stock cars until the 3rd lap.
The front driver side tire corded which ended the race for Twins Turbo
and thus, their weekend. The car definitely pulled its weight and showed
everyone what it is capable of. But this is racing, and things like
that happen all the time. This Supra had badass goods to show off, which it did wonderfully. It was definitely the most badass new kid on campus and not only for a day, but for a whole weekend!

A lot of us are into racing because
of a few key factors; the speed, the cars, the camaraderie,  and most
importantly the drama. We may not enjoy watching General Hospital or
The Notebook, but we more than enjoy watching the drama that unfolds on
the race track –any race track. There’s the magic of absolute uncertainty which keeps us on our toes. And that uncertainty is what
keeps people like Eric, from Twins Turbo Motorsports, to keep getting
up in the morning. The drama awaits him, and his team, and so does
standing on top of the podium.

A corded tire? No worries. There’s always next weekend.

-Linhbergh Nguyen

Marc, Eric, owner and driver, Steven Aslanian, at Twins Turbo, would
like to extend a special thanks to these people and their sponsors:

  • Erik Messley from EMI Racing
  • Shane Tecklenburg of ST Consulting
  • Greg Pyles of GP Motorsports
  • Jamie and Jerry at Brembo Race Technologies
  • Gary and Jayson Steen at Steen chassis in Signal Hill CA for the cage work
  • Dan and Dave from Bullseye Power turbochargers
  • Matt Giles at Penske Racing Shocks
  • Scott and John from DynaPack USA
  • Twins Turbo shop guys; Carlos and Kevin



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That opening image is probably the best autoshot I've seen in the last 12 months. Spectacular. We must compare notes sometime !


Exquisite vehicle..


holy mother of god. this is some serious stuff :|

eeeeek! awesome!


finally a rear car instead of gay ass hondas


Insane machine.


Uaaaaaah... So crazy...

Really nice photos Linhbergh!


good lord.... those photos!!!


why a single turbo? a 2j could probably make that kind of power easy with a twin setup with minimal lag


Ok, this is officially the most badass and ultimate Supra ever. Sorry Norwegian carbon fiber Supra, you have to settle for 2nd place.


Guess who made the axles for this ride ????


Great to see a Supra prepped for road racing rather than drag....


RWD pah! That's the easy way to go fast.


Awsome Guys: Thanks for showing Alloy Racing Covers Inconel Turbo Shield, Let us know if you need to "Heat Manage" any of that bad ass 6" discharge pipe.


I'm so proud of you! This is the most beautiful piece of machinery I've seen you put out on a track. Genius!


I was at Willow that weekend and let me tell ya - I've NEVER seen anything accelerate that hard on a racetrack , including GP bikes. Full race vipers , porsche turbo racecars , a radical w/ hyabusa motor were passed like they were standing still. Incredible! Not even in the same league...

"Why a single turbo?" = maybe those twin guys are new at this? Nygro please...

"Guess who made the axles for this ride?" = it was toyota. This thing runs stock axles , i looked.

Carbon fiber Norwegian Supra = awesome bodywork , major props on that project , but the build quality and fabrication are not close to this car - from the pics I've seen.


Did it tear up some bodywork with that tire issue? Anyway, love this Supra. The Supra gotta rep against the awd 4's. It's got the hardware to be king of the hill, hopefully the Twins Supra can accomplish that and take some lap time records away from that Jap driven EVO by what's their names...


Why did the race end with a corded tire? You'd think that they would've brought extra tires.


it's no twin turbo beetle, but very cool and well done. built to do it's job. a monster in zink ointment.


Wall paper that first picture please!

Great Photos Linhberg!


Awesome Pic's,

New desktop background right there.

And next time out W/ the car, BRING MORE TIRES!!


Thanks for all the great comments guys! We really appreciate your support as we embark on our goal of SU Champion with NASA in 2009! We had brought with us several new tires for the front that were sitting in our garage for a few years, so they delaminated after only a few laps - we went through about 3-4 front tires that weekend still all the while testing the suspension geometry and entire car. We will be ready for Cali Speedway in less than 2 weeks with some fresh new rubber, March 28-29, so come on out if you want to see, hear and feel the exhilation of VICTORY !


Hey lethal1911 - they'd have to bring a tractor trailer full of ROTTON ASS tires to accomplish this you big jerk.

"Hey , this box of ammo is all duds. BRING MORE BOXES!! Make any sense? No it does not!

For real on the desktop background.


Oh yeah, badass car! I don't wanna sound like a "know-it-all" but I think they should close the windows for less drag.


NASA rules will not let you close the windows.


The best track supra in North America by far. Eric and Marc are always doing top of the line work. I cant wait to see some video of it.


Great selection of parts (Penske coilovers, ATL fuel cell, CCW wheels Brembo GT brakes and so forth)....

I think the car should have the firewall cut, and the engine pushed back for optimal balance (if the rules allow that).....since it's the unlimited class.....just a thought.

Anyway, good luck with the races.

Keep us posted.


22 Gallons is big for a fuel cell isn't it? Just saying because of weight issues that Supras have. I'm also suprized to see that there was no mention of carbon fiber. And not a rear diffuser to be seen. Quite an amazing machine. The exhaust looks scary by it's self.


Running out of fuel would be a shitty reason not to finish a race.


Good point Cobalt_Griffin.

I feel the same way.....I think 22 gallons is overkilled. A time attack car can get away with a 10 gallon tank. (they do 3-4 laps full throttle and other 2-3 warm up). At Tsukuba for instance they do 3-4 laps top.

Supra's are heavy, and this is no exception. 2750 lbs. is light for a Supra, but other race cars can be A LOT lighter....


linh, again...unreal photography!


omg , these photos are amazing .

i opened the feature to check out the twins supra. and one look at that first photo ,and it dawned on me . "this is amazing, it must be a lihnberg shot "

bam , there it is. ..lihn you have amazing photo style.

i cant wait to see this supra take on the big boys in the time attack series.


Oh I see, NASA set the rules like that. Hmm, but why?


supras made to handle are always a good thing

desktop please!


All well and good but not time attack legal due to the frame and front suspension pickup modifications.


that is an amazing machine good to see a great track supra that enjoys twisties!!!


Eric and Guys, this is Andrew Brilliant from Matt Andrews team (Fair Enough Competition). Just want to say GREAT WORK! Big props from me. Glad to finally see it finished. See you guys at Buttonwillow?


Great job guys, awesome fab work!


Thanks for the great comments on the car. Linberg did an amazing job shooting her. Great guy to work with also. We have allot going on that weekend and Linberg was very patient with us. Cool cat.

On the fuel cell, it is 22 gallons because for NASA some of the races are 25 minutes. This is not time attack where you run 4-5 laps. This car needs to stay together, running door to door flat out the entire race. That is 20+ laps run in anger. We know exactly how much fuel she uses and after 20 or so laps we are left with 3-4 gallons in the tank. Turbo fuel injected cars cannot starve for fuel for even a second without doing damage to the engine. We like to play it safe when it comes to things like having enough fuel ect.

also, no one but us knows what we did to the suspension and pick up points on the car. So it is not fair to say we are not legal to compete in time attack for those reasons. As the majority of the suspension is in the factory locations. We did remove the shock towers to save weight, but the upper mount is also in the factory location.

This is what we had to do to get the weight down to a similar number as our competitors. It is all racing and we would love to compete in a Time Attack or two this year. I am sure the car would be a good addition to any event we attend. If the Time Attack guys do not let us run, we are ok with that as we built the car to handle NASA races in So Cal ( think 100+ degree track days). The losers will be the fans and the competition as they will never know if they are faster than us, lol...



Badass shop and badass car. Been following this car since the beginning and it has gone through quite an evolution. Keep giving us updates on this beast as it competes this season.


we need a video of this ASAP!!!


Sweet - Sweet car. I love it. Supras are number one in my book. It's nice to see one that can actually race and sustain all that horsepower all out for 25 This is now officially my favorite car.


One of the most amazing Supras I have ever seen. Also A+ Photography!


A few hours after I got back to Long Beach, from Pomona and the SO-CAL Speed Shop, I went out with Marc