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One of the things I enjoy everyday is searching for cool car features on the internet. I come across a lot of cool stuff on forums and blogs but not everything is necessarily suitable for Speedhunters. However, when I saw the C’s Garage S13s, I knew they had to be featured on our site. The people behind C’s Garage are Joel and Adam Hedges, two brothers who live the Speedhunter life in every sense of the word.

They live in Coatesville, New Zealand, hence the C’s Garage name, and can use their parents garage for both their projects. They do most of the work on the cars, including wiring, painting and the engine swaps, themselves.

As you may have guessed, they draw their inspiration from Japanese ‘street style’ cars and from some of the privateer USA drifters.

Let’s have a look around shall we?

The garage is a pretty huge shed that the guys have turned into a workshop. You can see the typical stuff found in a drifter’s garage: the broken aero parts and a bunch of wheels and tires for the occasional drift session.

This KP61 belongs to Adam. He wanted to transform it into a track car but he never got around to it after he got the midnight purple 180SX.

This yellow S13 belongs to Joel and has been an internet favorite for some time now. The car rolls on a set of Work VX-SS in 18×9.5 -10 in the front with 225/35/18 Toyo tires and 18×10.5 -31 with 235/40/18 tires. The wheels are neatly tucked under the D Max fenders.

This is tight fitment!

At first I thought that the engine was an RB25 but it’s actually an RB20. It is being force-fed through an OEM turbo and the air is cooled thanks to a large intercooler.  All the piping has been done by Adam including the 3″ exhaust system. Joel told me that the car was originally powered by a SR20de that he chose for the RB20 because they are a lot cheaper. He is planning for a 1J or a RB25 swap but the RB20 just doesn’t want to die.

Some of the wheels that are used for drifting events. Can you guys identify all four of them?

The car has all the right characteristics of a true ‘street style’ S13. It sports a complete BN Sports bodykit, Uras bonnet and an S14 Kouki wing. It could go straight on the cover of BM style magazine.

I’m still amazed at how low this car sits, and I wonder what the roads must be like in New Zealand. If I rocked my car that low I would need an endless supply of new frontbumpers. The drop has been made thanks to BC sports coilovers. For the camber arms he went with the tried and tested Ikeya Formula Ones.

Joel isn’t afraid to push this S13 to its limit and beyond. Much respect.

How’s that for a cool clubhouse/bar. It reminds me of the Rauh Welt shop but without all the car memorabilia. Joel’s father made this bar himself so the guys can relax after a hard day’s work inside the garage.

Now onto Adam’s car. As with its yellow brother, the fitment of the wheels is spot-on. The bodykit consists of OEM Kouki Aero, Ganador mirrors and a Koguchi bonnet.

I really feel that this car is built in the vein of Koguchi’s S13 style, and that’s never a bad thing.

I haven’t seen many Silvia’s with the TE37 wheels but Adam’s car shows that it is a perfect match. The wheels come in size 17×9 +15 in the front and 18×9.5 +12 in the rear. Adam also used the BC Sports coilovers but went with Cusco camber/caster arms instead of Ikeya Formula.

This SR20 is upgraded using parts from Apexi, Greddy, Sard and Bosch. TheT28 turbo comes from a newer model S14. The rocker cover has been painted to match the exterior original midnight purple color.

This isn’t a magazine car! :>

Here is what a homemade spray booth looks like where you can see Adam painting some aero parts.

Finally, Joel also sent me this picture of the cork board they use to look at their favorite cars. This is a constant reminder of how they want their cars to look. Can you spot any of your favorites?

I really want to thank Joel and Adam Hedges for their time and effort in helping put this story together. A special thanks goes out to Chris Cain for the pictures.

-Jeroen Willemsen

C’s Garage, Beeoneoneoh



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Love that the board has a slammed vw bug. Cool! NZ sounds like a fun place to be a car nut! The banana 13 is flippin' low, GOSH!!!


nice feature Jeroen!!!


Purple one is pretty much perfect!


nice cars and garage!


i see matt powers!

these cars are badass


sick s13's

love to see small-time street style s-chassis


that is look like rb26 in yellow sil....


I LOVE THAT KP61!!!!!!!!!! oh, the S13s are pretty nice too. but... STARLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Those are 2 insanely awesome cars! Joel and Adam your style and fitment is spot-on.


DAMNIT I MISS MY 240!! it was the factory purple too. but nice article love how the paint booth looks and man that pad is crazy cool. thanks jeroen


Awesome! nice coverage..

they do have a few sets of nice wheels..especially Work VX-SS and Equip..

Btw, is the intake manifold customized (from an aftermarket RB25 plenum) for RB20? so far as i know there's no aftermarket intake manifold RB20..anyone knows? correct me if i'm wrong.. >_<


that 180 is totally on point...i have been peepin the C's blog for a few weeks now. very impressive.


both of these cars are perfect to every detail

i can't think of two cars that are more perfect than these

adam and joel have saved the down under

i can see all my favorites on that cork board itairen koguchi fukuda a bo moon sexy knights 326power komatsu and mattycakes lol

thank you both for having good style

adams car has r33 brembo's too


oh my god, can we get some desktops of the yellow onevia. the first and eighth picture down.


cars are sooo sick.


I can identify a TE37 and an Ultralite D1


Wheels, from left to right... Buddy club P1, not 100% on the second one, so wont say, and ofcourse Iconic TE37 (got a set myself), and the last one, cant tell, as funny angle


2 of my favourite Silvias - and they live just down the road! Nice to see them getting some global recognition :)

Jeroen - Our roads are 95% coarse chip seal goat tracks so not the greatest, although theres some pretty decent driving roads out Coatesville way and the surrounding areas. I guess you just get used to what you have and always wish for better.

In saying that, with all the poor sections of road I dunno how Joel & Adam's bumpers still look so mint unless they make constant use of their spray booth ;)


finish the starlet man !!! it will be DOPE .....

as for the clubhouse-garaze is looking like heaven to me !!!!!!!!


F**ken bad-ass.

these dudes are my heros starting... Now!

it's a testament to how much they love cars, haha, i would love to have a garage like that someday ;D



lol amazing


The wheels =

Buddyclub P1's

Advan AVS Model 5's

Rays TE37

& Last one hard to make out but Work Equip's by anychance?


Very cool feature. Time to find a good price on an old farm with a barn.

These guys are just missing a kart track out back!


love the stance of the yellow one!


What an awesome sibling relationship!

If I had a brother, that's what I would want, and parent with the capacity for two major drift cars.

What an awesome family, not to mention those insane cars!


That's one SWEET clubhouse. I want something like that someday man... So cool.


1, i know em, but i don't remember the name of them

2. advan t5

3. volk te37

4. a cat can sleep in this wheels, but i've no idea ^^


Yes! These cars definitely deserved a feature.



Now this.. is NZ car culture!


I love Chris Cain


That's a really nice garage, especially the chill out room! :D


Jesus those cars are intense. I want to have a workshop like that. One day....


Good stuff lads! NZ Rep!


Awesome Feature !


awesome this is the stuff i love to see!


Buddy Club P1; Yokohama AVS, Volk TE37, Work Equip.!

What do I win? :P


The light blue VW is the beetle that adam built before he owned his 180sx, I loved that car, the beam used to hit cat's eyes. I think ill put some photo's of it up on our blog at some point.


these cars are awesome


New Zealand Represent!

It's good to see that there is some true JDM style in the land downunder.

Keep up the great work boys! - lovin' it


Dude both of those cars are just HOT!

If you could please do a wallpaper of the yellow S13 drifting?

Awesome post!


i like the 326 and kids heart pics on the board.

those cars are so damn nice...


F-Me I love that yellow S13.....One of the most aggresive wheel fitments ever and it gets DRIVEN!


RPS13 is just gorgeous.

Previously saw a crash pic of the coupe, looked to have been at an event.

Good stuff.


I dont know how the yellow one is so low! NZ roads arnt half bad, but I couldnt even get into my local petrol station like that!


+ buddyclub p1's and you cant even see the other set but im thinking work's.

mint cars <3


Yup yup yup

life is beautiful


buddy club p1, advan avs m5, te37, cant see spoke design last one


advan model V

Volk TE37

Buddy Club P1 or Kosei K1

Adam and Joel are BRILLIANT.


Ultralight D1

AVS Model 5


SSR Professors

Man I'd love to have a shed like that


Cool starlet, Go Club-K!


Ultralight D1, AVS Model 5, TE37 and I have no idea, equips?


Looks like a buddy club P1, some advans, and some TE37's? Can't tell the last one


The wheels from left are Buddyclub P1, Yokohama AVS?, Volk TE37 and Volk GTC I think.

Anyway this car reminds me of Atsushi Kuroi's old Yellow Onevia during the golden days of D1. Looks cool.


Oh lord I love this blog. That Yellow S13 is mind blowing, the 180 is spot on also, and I would kill for a shop like that.




Much luv as always fellaz!!!!!!!!


Those to brothers know how to do it right!


holy crap those are both perfect examples of s13s. these guys have got a frigging sweet setup. jealousss!


Wow. great cars and that bar is soooo good. i want that in my garage really bad right now. And nice that Matt's car is on their bulletin board.


Is that a Locost/ Lotus 7 frame?


i definetely want to live just like them,garage in the peacefu village. wat a feeling


You have GOT to be kidding me.

Every time I decide on a color for my s13 hatch, SpeedHunters does a special about a car the exact color I was trying to do.

This is getting ridiculous.


See Americans, just because you're not in Japan it doesn't mean you can't build a nice-ass S13.


WOW, BEAUTYFUL CARS, great feature!


what a cool club house/bar. i think i could live there. a few more fridges for beer, some TV's xbox 360, PS3 and im home.


Joel...I AM..VERY IMPRESSED!!! very cool mate and alotta hard work and commitment there

Sorry bout the beers you left in the our fridge .....I just used them!


Tyre specs on 180?


Shall we move on to the next category folks? Let's look at the Street Drift category. We selected cars which carry a torch for true drift style and true drift culture. These machines should still be street legal(ish) in spirit and have oodles of visual


A few days back I was browsing through the auto blogs I visit daily and found a link to the Mattfresh


pictures no longer match up


pictures no longer match up


pictures no longer match up