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Twins Turbo Motorsports builds bad ass stuff day in and day out and
this Dodge Viper is no exception. This car, when it is finished,
will be beyond bad ass. The owner of this car has owned nine other
Vipers before this one in every imaginable configuration. When Twins
Turbo was tasked to build this car, they were told to dream up the
meanest, baddest street Viper imaginable –and to get it done.

This Viper is getting a complete redo from head to toe for the fact
that the Twins Turbo built V10 will be putting down around two-thousand
horses! This is the turbo manifold which will play host to a biblically
sized turbine. The quality of work that Marc and Eric put out is
absolutely phenomenal. Check out the quality on the welds –there will
definitely not be any danger to this manifold!

Because this car is estimated to put down two-thousand horsepower, the
chassis has been completely reinforced to be able to put up with the
intense amount of stress. The car will see its fair share of standing miles, track events, and absolutely hammering through American
motorways. So, the car will need to be able to withstand any scenario
that it'll be thrown into.

Check out the attention to detail. The front clip has been removed and
replaced by this tube frame which also has been cleanly integrated into the
inner body panels.

This is the actual engine that will go into the car. It looks peaceful
just sitting in the shop, but there's an aura of intimidation
that just emminates from that hunk of beautifully crafted metal.

Just imagine; After spending Friday night at the drag strip and
spending some quality time at a high performace track event on
Saturday, you spend your Sunday morning driving this car down a quaint
little beach town with your two-thousand horses rumbling, at the ready
for your command, and a lovely lady in the passenger seat. She gives
you that sensual grin every time the car rumbles from all those ponies
becoming alive. You have a moment at a stop light to think, and you
relize how amazing life is right now, and that you're absolutely living

That's what you call killing it. And that's exactly what the owner of
this monsterious Viper will be doing. Be jealous, because I know I am.

-Linhbergh Nguyen



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Intense pics as always!


holy mother of God...thats a beast


omg , that is a street car ?

wow . 2k hp . i want a follow up on this

first pic is killing it .


Holy son of a *****.

I think I'm in love. I expect some pics of the finished product!


oh my god.

that first picture with the viper in the garage must be a wallpaper.



2 entries found.

1. overkill (transitive verb)

2. overkill (noun)

Main Entry:

1over·kill Listen to the pronunciation of 1overkill




transitive verb



: to obliterate (a target) with more nuclear force than required

: see also - Twins Turbo Viper


HOLY CRAAP, thats a beast


i love how someone can take this badass car and make it way more badass. LOVE the chassis!


I want Wallpapers of Picture 1, 2, 5 and 6. Please!


Linberg, Awesome pictures as usual. The Viper looks great!!.

I need to add that the cage work as well as tin work is being done by Andrew "Surge" mCclelland. Surge is a nutty kiwi with amazing talent and attention to detail. His work is outstanding and it is a great experience working with him on this project.

Also, the owner didn't own 9 other Vipers, he CURRENTLY owns 9 vipers, and wants this one to be the baddest machine in his stable. He is a car enthusiast to the highest degree, with good taste to boot.

Thank you guys for all of the comments. I hope to be able to show it off again when we finish it up this summer. There is still a long way to go.


Twins Turbo


This is totally incredibly awesome! If it comes out being right around 2000hp it will have to come in second place for most powerful street car but the guy in the UK who holds the record owns some stupid looking funny-type car; nowhere remotely near the badassness of this Viper. Also it seems like an exercise in futility but someone should take a video of this guy burning out in all 6 gears haha.


Also, the engine was built by Kevin at Exotic Engine Development for the record..

And yes the owner has us factoring in that he wants to drive it on the street. so that is how we are building it. It will not drive like a Honda accord, but it WILL be streetable.. On the weekends in So Cal you can see plenty of not streetable cars cruzing around. It is one of the things that makes CA great.. one of the only things, lol.



SWEET!! MY ASS though about the whole cruising down the road by the beach. That thing will be FAR from streetable, let alone please a women....... UNLESS she is a motorhead.


Wow, overkill indeed. That is almost twice as much horsepower as the Hernessey Viper!

There are several Vipers running 2000hp with a twin turbo that are on youtube:

But this one will be street legal so yeah, love to see what times it can pull on the 1/4 mile.



but i doubt at 2000hp this will be streetable...but we'll see :)


Will need one hell of a gbox to withstand all that torque.


this build up is sick, please please please ditch the flames.

or i will convert you all to scientology


?????) ?????????? ??????) ??? ?????) ? ???????? ?????? ?????? ^_^


I'm speechless. WHat kind of gearbox will be able to withstand 2,000 HORSES?!



This car will is looking incredible so far. Beautiful work as always. I can't wait to see the finished product. It's definately going to need some serious suspension under it. Talk to ya soon.


Penske Racing Shocks


i'm pretty much speechless.


What a beast!! 2000hp in a street car, there has to be follow up on this, please show us when its all finished?


I was on their site and they have some more crazy pictures of the build of this beast! More picts of the motor with the turbos and a crazy looking intake manifold.!!!


Im shock of how much they are develop this bad ass VIPER.

But seriously, How is this even street legal?

That car is diff a piece of art.


absolutely fantastic!


Where are my Wallpapers? Please i want them.


What is the purpuse of this car? Will it do time attacks? Why would he need any more vipers after building this one? What does this guy do for living? Is he executive for AIG?


Is ther a build thread?


These pictures are way tooo slick. Good work.


A few hours after I got back to Long Beach, from Pomona and the SO-CAL Speed Shop, I went out with Marc


I bet Dino Dalle Carbonare must have bought a big case of Red Bull to help him get through this week