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When I think VIP, there are a few companies that spring to mind. Two of them are Aimgain and Jobdesign. I think they are at the forefront of VIP styling. I have said it before and I will say it again, the VIP movement is nonexistent in Europe. I'm not sure what the cause is of that but I guess it has something to do with the costs and I only see ‘old' people driving in a GS or LS. It would be real cool to see one of those cars with the full VIP treatment cruising down the A1 in Holland.

For now I can only watch these pictures and see them on Youtube. I know there are more than enough tuners out there that cater for the VIP movement but I chose Aimgain and Jobdesign because they build some of the cleanest cars in my opinion. I have picked a bunch of photo's from their respective blogs and website's to give you an idea why I like them so much.

I think that this LS comes from the USA, because of the Heavy Hitters logo. It shows all of the characteristics of a true VIP car, curtains, deep dish wheels and a Jobdesign bodykit. Do you guys think this car is lowered on springs or airbags?

This is a typical Jobdesign car, dropped on airbags, running on 20" Work Schwert SC2 wheels. It is sporting the new bodykit with the ISF style exhaust.

Aimgain can transform your car into a full blown VIP car with all the right bits and accessories like these calipers behind the Leon Hardirit Rasen wheels in 20".

I have seen some changes in the VIP scene, from chrome and bling wheels to wheel with a color accents like on this GS. Again made by Aimgain.

I prefer this look, 20"wheels that are tucked via an airbag system, sometimes chrome can work very well but you can't beat the good old silver look.

The Celsior was made for VIP styling, the square looks with the blacked out theme works miracles.

Another Celsior also known as the UFC30 with less chrome but again with the Aimgain treatment.

What about this one? VIP styling with some classic BBS wheels. I guess it works but not for me, I'd prefer the bigger classic looking VIP wheels.

This is one of my favorite cars, I'm just a sucker for white cars. It's just the total package that attracts me, the wheels and the tuck look perfect.

Which car do you prefer? or are you more a fan of Wald and Fabulous?

-Jeroen Willemsen

Aimgain, Jobdesign



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Love VIP lexus's


lots of nice cars

i'm kinda curious to the fact of why people totally lower them, i mean to me it looks weird how the rear wheel well is covering more of teh wheel, because of the stock stance

i guess if it was me i'd keep the back-end overlap even with the front-end overlap



I'm still not a big fan of VIP styling, but I respect and admire the precision and attention to detail/finish quality of these cars. Those Celsiors have a lot of Mercedes styling, from the front facias to the wheels, if I had to have a VIP car, it would be one of those.


Leon Hardirit Rasen? WTH is that?? Speedhunters should come up with a poll of the coolest name on rims/wheels.

Hardirit is defenitily in the list.

Lovin the Jobdesign's on 3rd pic.

And, history on 'VIP styling' perhaps.


I'm not a fan of VIP cars either, but you basically can't go wrong with a Lexus...


I <3 VIP

who needs tints when you've got curtains?


also, i really like the BBS LM's on that black GS, but it is kinda strange to see racing wheels on a VIP car


The Platinum VIP LS w/ the heavy hitters sticker is on coilovers and has a cup system Kennedy@PlatinumVIPmotors would say...."bags are for fags..." coilovers are the only way to roll. =)


I have to admit that some of them are so low in the rear that looks photoshopped!

But I adore the last one!


there is no vip-scene in europe, because we got no cars like the celsior oder nissan president. the only japanese luxury limo's are lexus ls/gs. here in europe people drive cars like the bmw 7-series, audi a8, mecedes s-class oder vw phaeton. japanese luxury cars have just not that image to be cool at these people who have the money to buy such a car new. these are very rare on german streets. here you can get an e38 bmw 7 oder a audi a8 for cheap, a good one for under 10000€. but these cars cost, espacially here in germany, a hell on insurance and tax.

you dont see tuned japanese cars as well. on one civic comes 5 vw's oder opel's. okay, we got here in my place a few eclipse's, a wild looking celica an a bodykitted civic mk6 (75hp and it looks like it can fly).


Nice post but my favorite VIP cars are mising, the crown and crown majesta.


uhhh so bippu! iwonder i cant see these kinds of set-ups in the Philippines. damn , people here like to dub out their Landcruisers,safari's and expedition.


The first LS has JIC Coilovers on it. I would know... I helped sell them to him when I was at JIC. hahah


Man, all those cars look the Don!


I really dig the Aristo with the BBS wheels


Very nice. VIP style FTW!


Get with it, people! Those BBS LMs are juicy.