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Because it is Nissan month I thought it would be a good idea to let you choose which Nissan you think is the best car in the 2008 D1GP season. I'm not interested in which car has the most top 3 finishes or the car with the most horsepower. I just want to know which one is your personal favorite.

The car in the opening picture has seen a lot of transformations and belongs to crowd favorite Ken Nomura. Of course it's my favorite car because I have driven his Street legal version for a few years, it just so happens that I sold the car a week before our Nissan month. I will be on the lookout for a new car, but I'm not sure which model it's going to be.

… Anyway, let's have a look at the other D1GP machines so you can let us know which is your favorite car.

This S15 was previously owned by the now famous rodeo drifter Kazama when it was green. Yoichi Imamura is now driving the car for Auto Produce Boss after they purchased and painted it red; they also added the GP Sports bodykit. The car is running a stroked SR20 that produces 580bhp. The most impressive part on this car is the HKS sequential transmission to ensure fast gear changes.

Here we have another favorite of mine, the Yashio Factory pink S15. The car is driven by Yashio's head honcho Kazuyoshi Okamura and features a SR20 power plant.

Yoshinori Koguchi is behind the wheels of this Nissan 180SX. On the outside we see a BN Sports bodykit and engine-wise it's running a stroked SR20 by Tomei and a Blitz K5-660R turbo responsible for 530ps. I have noticed that Koguchi is a real crowd favorite, and why not, he is the one that is keeping the 180SX alive amongst the high powered grid.

Yes, this is my personal favorite, he certainly gets my vote. The ER34 driven by ‘Nomuken'. I have met him twice and was able to talk to him once with Toshi Hayama as a translator. He is a real cool guy and really takes time for you even though he doesn't speak English. The car is running a RB28 thanks to a Nismo stroker kit. Because the car is sponsored by Blitz it has to have a turbo from that same company, in this case they used the K5-700R. The engine now produces 580ps and that's more than enough to propel the 1280kg car to dizzying speeds.

This S13 ‘one via' (180SX nose and S13 rear) belongs to Atsushi Kuroi and features a fully tuned RB26. The car belongs to Team Toyo that is the biggest team active in the D1GP; they only use S-chassis cars.

The Bee*R R324 Skyline for Team Goodyear. The car is famous for its R34 front end conversion and it's high pitch sounds that emanates from its exhaust. The car is powered by a RB26 and reaches 544ps thanks to a HKS T04 turbo.

I really like the color of this car, It's the S15 build by HPI and is driven by Chikara Mizuhata. I'm not yet really familiar with this car or it's driver but I'm sure you guys can educate me on this.

This GP Sports 180SX belongs to Masato Kawabata. Before this 180 his weapon of choice was a baby blue S15 sponsored by Greddy. There's something about this car that I really like but I can't put my finger on it, I guess it's the total package.

Another S13 one via, this time driven by Akinori Utsumi. The car has some nice Origin Aero. It looks like it is getting some serious lock. The engine is a SR20 which is being force fed through a TD06-25g turbo

The Friends Racing S15. Driver of choice is Toru Inose. Engine wise, it's using the same TD06 turbo as the S13 that belongs to Team Diversion. Friends Racing also build the 1000ps Lexus GS that saw action in the Street Legal class.

I will end this first User Ranking post with this S15 driven by Tatsuya Sakuma for Team Toyo. It has the GP Sports widebody kit that seems very popular amongst the D1GP teams. I'm not a real fan because of the straight lines, thereofr it doesn';t flow real nice with the bodylines of the S15. This is the old car that belonged to Kawabata before he switched to the 180SX

So now it's time to cast your vote: which Nissan did you cheer for in the 2008 D1GP Season?

-Jeroen Willemsen



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I think i would pick the R324 or either of the one vias




"Ucchi" or Utsumi's S13 was my heavy favorite. Besides Ucchi being a really cool guy, his car is outright stunning, IMO.


kuroi all day!!!!!!

he has been my favorite since the intrduction of the d1gp in the usa

tanzo king!!!!tanzo king!!!!


Err, doesn't Drift Samurai drive for Team Toyo now too, hes using an FC, not an S-chassis.


Kuroi's One Via!!!


yeah drift samurai came out with a new look at final round fuji. he's now team toyo blue




Koguchi POWER


The Yasio Factory car has a crazy wide kit on it, the HPI car has some seriouse angle also


Emperor Koguchi’s 180SX with Koguchi Power Overfenders & Max Bonnet


Atsushi Kuroi's 180 has a 1JZ in it. its an astonishing engine too


GP Sports 180SX !!!

I would of said Koguchi but i hate the yellow with red.


Koguchi Power all the way!


Koguchi wins, the end.


definitely the Bee R324 because non gtr r32s are my fav skylines and this car is the closest match.


Koguchi of course



and the koguchi wing is shwinggggg!


KOGUCHI 'til death.


Nomuken FTW!


Anyone who knows me or my projects will know my choice! :D Bee*r R324 FTW! :D


For me it's a close 3-way tie between Bee*R's R324, Nomuken's ER34 and Yashio Factory's S15 (I'm an Oka-chan fan!)


AP Boss Silvia! or Yashio Factory Silvia! Hmm, I like them all. Where's Haruyama's C35 Laurel? That was a vurry cool Nissan, you shouldn't have missed it.


All I'm going to say is; Long live Oka-chan and pink Yashio Factory monster s15s!




Oh who doesn't love that pink Yashio Factory S15. Definitely its going to be Oka-chan.....


Ex aequo on the top is the bee*r r324 adn oka chan personnal s15 and after its the the 34 sedan of Nomuken.

reason why:

r324: it look even better than a real r34 and it cost alot less and its so beautiful see this thing drift and throw some 3 feet long flame from the exhaust.

oka chan s15:he drive it to time attack and put shame to some highly tuned r34 while okz chan himself drive it and then just change suspension setting and he use it personnaly to go to d1gp and you can dislike this.

nomuken 34 sedan:no explanation needed.


boss or yashio, i could go either way =p


Kawabata's 180SX will be my number 1 choice, since I've seen him in action right here in Malaysia a couple months ago and he was fast and the car was superb. 600ps, Gallery GP Sports SR22, GP Sport G-Sonic Widebodykit, Gravity Gullflame rims, Nardi Deepcorn Steering, Recaro bucket seats with Willian harness, whats not to love?

Oh ya, Oka Chan's SR21+NOS S15, Kuroi's 1JZ/RB26 Onevia, Nomuken's ER34, and Tezuka's Bee*R Skyline will be my other choice.


GP Sports 180SX or Koguchi. I'm leaning towards the gp sports :)

Nomuken is always a favorite tho!


They are trying to make some of the cars look like freaking JGTC cars with those ridiculous body kits.

They make the cars look silly in IMO espeacially when they are just drifting. My favorite out of all of these has to be Koguchi's 180SX, it's clean, and has good style.


nomukens gts-t


KOGUCHI..........not a fan of the yellow on red either but, this car is and will always be an icon!


All hail the Emperor, Koguchi,


Nomuken ...