Random Snap>> Dentsport 240rs Maxi E2

Maybe some of you guys will recognize this car. It used to be white and it had green wheels. The car was build and campaigned by Dentsport out of Boston. In 2006 and 2007 the car won the GT Live Red Line Time Attack event running in the rear wheel drive unlimited class. Dentsport is trying to do the same this year. The event will be held this weekend on the 3rd till the 5th of October. I wish them good luck.

The car has had some extensive custom work and it's an ongoing project. This week they are busy in making the whole bottom of the car as flat as possible and they are also working on a new diffuser. I will be making a car feature  for a more in depth look after the event.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Dentsport, Redline Time Attack



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I've always followed the build thread on zilvia. Probaly one of the raddest 240's ever built. So much incredible fab work.

the build thread: http://zilvia.net/f/chat/190780-dsg-240rs-updates-still-ways-go.html


This car is definitely inspirational.


Jeroen I don't know if Rod "suggested" you to post it, or you decided....lol

Anyway, it was about time someone would give some spot light to those folks at Dentsport. Their skill is superlative ! Props to Bill and Alex !


That thing probably RIPS around the track.


this is a perfect example to show the difference between a fast Japan car and a fast USA car.



look at the cuts on those tires :O


Brian, this car weight sub 2000 lbs. 1917lbs to be exact. It has something like 550 hp.

This car beat the ASM Yokohama at Virginia Speedway two years ago (not the ASM that competed at Tsukuba though). Nevertheless, ASM makes outstanding products.

This goes to show to those die-hard JDM fanboy that the Japanese market is not the only one capable of building awesome car.

Bill and Alex are geniouses. Browse their site, and you'll see why.


The guys at Dentsport are awesome. They are the only ones that I trust with my GTR. So much fab work has been done on that 240. You can see Ron's car behind the Maxi. ej207 with a tomei stoker kit. Thing is nasty as well.



Bill knows how to weld titanium like no others....:)


maybe they have beaten the asm yokohama but rememeber that this version of the set of asm demo car is still street legal and dont have alot of rad stuff like their full time attack car or the 240 have so i wouldnt compare those two car.



Just a quick update on our trip to GT Live.

We arrived at the track area early-EARLY this morning at 5am. Got a few hours of shuteye before heading to the track at 9am. Me and Bill went out and had a shakedown session for my RASpec Impreza and the 240RS Maxi. Both cars did well and we're excited for tomorrow. Check the site for photos and more details.




Good point snoro.

In that case, if ASM really wanted to dominated the competition, they should have brought the real deal car instead. In which case we would compare apples and apples.


I can't wait for this feature! I loved reading about this car a while back in Sport Compact Car (I think) as I really admire their modification philosophy.

Gotta love the pure-race-car-no-BS builds!