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You may be wondering why there's an AE86 behind Yoshioka in this photo, rather than a red SC430. I took this photo of Yoshioka at Suzuka Circuit last year.

But check this out – I just got the most random, but funny phone call right now. It's the middle of the night right now, and for some reason, my phone was ringing. Just as I was getting up to answer it, I'm thinking, "dang, I hope it's a hot chick calling" but sigh… no such luck. On the other end of the line, I hear a "harro? harro? Oh hey… Antonio… what's up…"

HAHA! It was none other than my good friend and hachiroku homie, Toshiki Yoshioka, calling from Japan. It was funny too… because he just finished driving at D1 Practice Day at Okayama – right now all the top teams are in Okayama Japan getting ready for this weekend's big D1GP event.

Yoshioka had just gotten off the track, so he returned the missed call on his cellphone, even though at first, he didn't realize he was making an international phone call! Which was super expensive from his cell phone! LOL!

Anyway, Yoshioka told me that he was having difficulties driving his new Lexus SC430 (We still refer to it as the "Soarer" even though it's a Lexus) during practice. He continued to say, it is sooo difficult because it feels completely different than driving his hachiroku (AE86), and he's not completely used to it yet. He hopes to smooth everything out tomorrow, which is the last practice day before the big event.

He might not be used to the car yet, but he better represent, because Okayama is his home circuit! And his sponsors and family and friends will all be there watching! Shortly after, he had to cut the conversation short, because he said he had to run to the driver's meeting. OR maybe it was because he didn't want to run up his cell phone bill! haha!

At any rate, we wish good luck to our boy Yoshioka and of course our fellow Speedhunter Naoto Suenaga and the rest of Team Orange! Ganbatte!!!!!!

-Antonio Alvendia



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i actually was thinking bout him this morning. going through my clothes and found a shirt ive looking for forever. my yoshioka AE86 shirt that he signed last year. so cool ! i hope he does well with the soarer. its a whole different car than the ae86. im my opinon way to heavy but hope he gets used to the change. and that he does well at this next D1 event


Good to hear that....I wish Yoshioka san good luck ! didn't know you speak Japanese Antonio.....


Man that is so cool.


I can't wait to see Yoshi in action with the new car even though its not his super dope ae86!