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Is it just me, or is the van and wagon dress up movement in Japan getting bigger and bigger? These photos were taken by Minkara member "L175 MOVE" at the JapanCup wagon & van meeting held last month in Miyagi Prefecture. The event was hosted by T-Selection and J-Line, two companies that specialize in dress up parts and tuning for various van and wagon models. Around 260 cars were present at the show, and they ranged from tiny kei cars to full size vans like the Nissan Elgrand and Toyota Alphard.

I never fail to be amazed by the attention to detail that the builders of these cars have. They will stop at nothing to achieve the perfect stance and fit the most aggressive wheels as possible. They also apply a wide range of custom body colors that stand in great contrast to the colors found on the standard models. In my view, this is pretty much Japan's domestic version of the fixed up SUV's and pickup trucks seen in the states.

I plan on getting out to some of these events myself later this year, but for now you can enjoy some of L175 MOVE's photos from the Miyagi event.

Even though the Japan market Honda Odyssey (right side) has been on sale for several years old now, I still think it's the best looking van on the road. A lot cooler than the bulky Odyssey that's on sale in the US. Even in stock form, the JDM Odysseys look great, and they look even better when modified.

T-Selection's Toyota Estima demo car alongside a CE1 model Accord Wagon. Looks like the fenders on the Accord have been arched to better accommodate the massive wheels and ground-hugging ride height.

This Suzuki Wagon R sitting on BBS wheels is one of J-Line's demo cars.

Not sure about the wheel choice on this Honda Life, but the rest of the car looks cool.

Kei parade.

The JDM version of a blinged out Escalade. I noticed that the the trend of painting the wheel lips to match the body has been growing in Japan recently.

JDM Odyssey next to an Accord Wagon that has been fitted with an Odyssey headlight conversion.

Check out L175 MOVE's Minkara for more photos.

Minkara: Event Photos by L175 MOVE

-Mike Garrett



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I'd rock the Odyssey, with different wheels and ride height. Everything else looks cornball in the face of the already mildly established euro wagon market.

Followed the link and was astounded to not at least see a Subaru Legacy wagon done up. Weak showing!


From what I have seen, there's plenty of love for the Legacy wagon, they just happen to be more associated with the traditional street/track tuning scene. I can't recall too many "dress up" style Legacies off the top of my head.


Love these J Wagons. Dissapointed with the lack of Nissan Cubes though, wah!


I've seen this van craze for awhile in the J Mags. I'm not sure it would go well here in the states. But I sure would rock this for my wife and 3 girls! A yellow one fo sho....Ok the girls say PINK...damn!

Hey! Didn't RJ's mom fix one up and drag it back in the days?? IDRC Palmdale


Yeah RJ's mom had a Odyssey, it had a gold/yellow paintjob. But that has got to be ten years ago LOL!!!


Ed Bergenholtz has a tuned Mazda 5. Vanning will build up here in the US eventually. We have a couple members with Previas and Odys. The best one so far has to be Ron from Team Supastar. RJ's mom's gold ody is still badass


I love my JDM import Honda S-MX Lowdown, I only bought it as a tempory 'cool daily driver' until I sorted a new drift car out, but the more I see posts like this, the more I'm thinking of keeping it and getting some air suspension to go with its nice wheels and optional aero :)


Yes it was yellow...I think i have some of the old pics still!


The Van/Wagon movement has been going on strong for way more than 10 years. It took long to get recognized in the states where only a few understood what was happening. (id. RJ & his mom) Remember Wagonist? Most of these cars photo'd are repaints of older vans with updates to wheels and themes..


The Estima (previa) is the sexiest vehicle ever made. I have one now, but intend to add another to my collection in the future. The vannin' movement is deffinitely picking up steam in the states, but I hope it doesnt blow up. Becaus ethen it'll be too expensive for me to hang, even more expensive than parts are for vans here.


My favorite van/wagon's from Japan are the 2003 Toyota Estima and a 2004 Honda Odessy. They are just plain sex on wheels.


i love my odyssey low dowd air shak


i love my odyssey low down hydrolic car


i love my odyssey low down hydrolic car


i love my odyssey low down hydrolic car


i love my odyssey low down hydrolic car