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As I write this, it's super late at night; we're all tired and sunburnt from yet another long day at the racetrack, shooting images and video of Formula D New Jersey, at Englishtown Raceway. I'm sitting in the lobby of our hotel in New Jersey, using the hotel's wireless internet to upload photos to the site, while the rest of the Formula D people – staff, drivers, judges, etc are all sitting around with me, watching the LA Lakers play the Boston Celtics. Since I don't really care about sports that don't involve cars, I'm sitting here updating photos to Speedhunters.

Above is a photo of Calvin Wan drifting through the left-hand uphill crest. I think this particular corner is real cool, because it's at the end of a super long curve, where all the cars need to initiate drift early and hold their drift for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time, up this crest, then decelerate heavily without losing momentum. Some cars were even falling off the other side of the hill! I was thinking of posting some pics of the guys who fell off the hill, but I didn't wanna embarrass anyone, hehe… there's still 2 days left in this event, and I don't want to get yelled at in the pits or anything! LOL

Samuel Hubinette was obviously running pretty consistently at this event, holding his drift continuously throughout the whole course – most drivers weren't able to achieve this! Props to Samuel, he is definitely proving his driving skill to everyone. No wonder he was crowned the first champion of the Formula D Series.

Chris Forsberg was also rocking super consistent runs, with big smoke throughout the whole course! I expect big things out of Forsberg at this event! I like his new wheels too! Much better looking than the black wheels he used to have – now you can see the detail in his wheels as he passes you! Good job Chris.

Joon Maeng is definitely one of the nicest guys in the Formula D series; he is always smiling! However, I don't think he was smiling at the end of the day today, when he blew the engine of his zenki S14. I hope the Peak Performance team are able to get his car back together in time to drive the event on Saturday.

Okay, that's enough from me, time for me to go upstairs and knock the hell out! We need to wake up early tomorrow to get to the track! Hopefully we don't get lost this time – we always seem to have the worst luck driving in New Jersey. It's hard to see road signs at night because of inadequate lighting, and you can't really turn right at most of the intersections! It is soooo confusing driving here; I think the civil engineers who designed this place should definitely be fired! Damnnnnn…

-Antonio Alvendia

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Nice pics Antonio.

So, Forsberg switched from SSR Professor to Volk CE28N ?....actually, I might be wrong but I don't think they're CE28N's.....they look more like the SSR Type F....am I right?


I don't think they are ce's. Cool Im gonna be there tomorrow to watch!


I'm stoked for the event. Hopefully Forsberg rocks it with some flare! Good stuff Antonio!



can't wait until tomorrow!!


Eddies s14 looks better with Hanook paint... Hope he gets a new engine back in. How has the Z33 been doing?


Thanks for the compliments guys!

Alex: I think they're SSR Type Fs, I'll check tomorrow to make sure... I've been busy, so I've only seen them while they were spinning! I do know that the Type Fs are alot lighter than the SSR Professors, even tho Professors look dope!

Craig: I agree, Eddie's S14 DOES look better with Hankook paint. They somehow got the SR fixed today temporarily, but the valvetrain was trippin, and Joon said it sounded and felt weird all day. They had to deck the head apparently in order to get the car together for today, but it's having problems again, so they're looking for an SR in NJ right now I think. I think I overheard them saying they need to swap it.

The Z33 driven by Robbie Nishida.... it looks soooooo sick! (Not necessarily the way it looks - I hate the bignose aero kit, but the way Robbie is DRIVING it.) Robbie is doing VERY well from the way it looks! The first day, he was having problems because he was getting too aggressive, and entering the first turn too fast... the momentum carried him off the track, and the car slipped down the hill a couple times! LOL!! It looked so funny! But gladly nothing bad happened to the car, or to Robbie... he calmed his entry down a little bit, and ever since he did that, he's been rocking it super hard...!!! Very very very dope photos of Robbie rocking it with big smoke all day... I'll post later, we're all super hungry and covered with tire particles and smoke and sunscreen... need to take a shower, and meet our friends for dinner, talk to you guys later! Peacccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....!


Antonio.....If i could just be in your shoes for one event....words could not describe my excitement.


Yes !!!! Bingo ! I should have bet $$$ on it.....lol

Anyway, I don't know why SSR decided to make the 15 and 16 monoblock, and the 17-18-19 two pieces...that's strange....

Anyway, looking forward to see more footage Antonio...


Why is it that when i move away from the east coast they start having drift events? Hardly any drifting goes on in michigan and then during the NOPI drift weekend in Ohio, I was in Montreal at the grand prix.

How about some Formula D in Detroit or there abouts?


FD in Detroit? Dang, I dunno if the Detroit donks, boxes and bubbles, and domestic muscle enthusiasts are ready for Formula D...


The only drifting done in Detroit happens between December and March, I'll even come to your house and put on a show if you'd like. Although this clown Antonio tells me that ripping the E-Brake in the snow in a FWD Passat on Belle Isle and 8-lane wide Detroit roads doesn't constitute as drifting. But what does he know about drifting anyways? Hahaha


Yeah...what does Antonio know bout drifting,......


The Formula D New Jersey event was this weekend, as most of you already know. New Jersey was real hot


Hey Antonio! It was nice talking to you this past weekend in Englishtown Raceway! It was a fun weekend! Kerry and Jeff did an amazing job getting the car ready to go for the next day! The SR felt so powerful on Saturday. Thank you very much for the awesome picture! I appreciate your support! Have a good week! See you in Las Vegas Motor Speedway!


Here are some of our favorite photos and outtakes from the Formula D competition rounds at New Jersey's


Hey Joon!

Yeah man, nice chillin with you this past weekend! Let's go get some Korean food in Vegas! If we're still alive after the 110+ degree heat!


Most fans and spectators at drift events don't get to see the behind the scenes drama unfolding in


By now most of you have seen the automotive action photos I shot at the Formula D New Jersey event. However