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Last week I mistakenly pointed out that the Ziptied All Star Bash 4 was to be held on June 21st and 22nd at Willow Springs. I was wrong and it is actually being held THIS weekend. That means you still have a chance to go and check it out! This photo was also taken at last summer's event. The red S13 belongs to Aaron of the SoCal drift team Pink Godzira and it is one of the coolest S13's anywhere. Look at that ride height! Since this photo the car has been made over extensively and is now even better. The blue S14 is Brian's car that I featured here a while back. To see tons of cool stuff like this make sure you get out to WSIR this weekend. If you can't make it we will have coverage right here on Speedhunters.

-Mike Garrett



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I find it amusing how you guys (Speedhunter writers) tell us (the readers)....whose car is that (generally the first name and not the last name).....and to whom they's funny.

Not that I care or a way because those names.......Aaron and Brian don't ring any bell. No offense Mike....I'm just messing with

I guess I should compliment Aaron and Brian, whoever they

On a serious note, I do like how those drift cars look.....banged up and what not.


@Alex: They do that in order to sound special and part of the in-group, thus placing you and I (the reader) into the "out" group.

Of course, for those of us in the "in" group, the red car belongs to the almighty Aaron Suarez, known to us commnoners as "douchesan" and other variants.


Hrm...didn't know adding the last names would make a difference. These guys aren't pros anyway.


Mike: what do you mean by "Look at that ride height"? The car looks very nice, but it's not low or anything.


they arent world famous names, but those in the drift scene even here in Chicago, know them and their cars, so maybe you should not comment unless you have something productive to say.


practically tucking rear wheel isn't low enough for ya?



i heard those guys are assholes.

i crashed my car this weekedn. it was bitchin.


brian, it WAS bitchin. i got a photo to prove! haha stay tuned! im still DLing all my memory cards!


I hope you took pics of the stickers... I started taking them off already!

time to think about the new car!


Lovin' the cars man. MOOOAR pics! haha


Running huge wheels and even bigger body kits doesn't make you low :S


Felixxx: If you have 22-inch wheels, your wheel will be tucked in. That's not how you measure how low your car is. You measure the distance between the bottom of door mirror and the ground OR if you have stock steel fenders, you can measure the distance between the top of arch and the ground.

casper: Exactly. That's my point. The car looks sick though! I love it.


The Team Need for Speed UK-Ireland Drift Tour is now ready to be filed into the memory banks. But before


The Team Need for Speed UK-Ireland Drift Tour is now ready to be filed into the memory banks. But before