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I was just going through my massive photo archive, and thought yall might like to check out this photo of this kouki (after minor change) Lexus LS430 (UCF31). As you can tell by staring at the photo, it's a kouki model UCF31, with a Fabulous aero kit and Weds Kranze wheels wrapped with Falken FK-452 tires. The LS also has Air Runner suspension, so he can drive the streets of Southern Cali with that low and aggressive Fabulous aero kit! It was built up by a shop in Southern California called GT Pro quite a long time ago – I took this photo in October of 2005.

I'd say this guy had his car done up ahead of the curve – almost 3 years ago! What do you guys think?

-Antonio Alvendia

GT Pro

Falken Tires



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I need wallpaper size


I mean if it was given to me I might drive it....MIGHT...hahaha.


Great shot with the tail lights streaking by, and yes I'd definately say he was ahead of the curve. Here's something I've wondered about for a while, what's the proper pronounciation of "kouki"?


great question ekhatch! "kouki" is pronounced "COKE-E" =)


When is Antonios LS gonna come out!


When gas prices get cheaper! I'm not trying to push my big black Lexus with V8 right now homie! You wanna rock it? LOL


Cool long exposure shot.


Fantastic shot and great car. The LS430 is the only one I'd like to own.


sheeet, ill take your LS


I fell ya Antonio! V8!...Im still taking the bus. check it out!


LOL you're actually taking the bus to the office now?! Damn bro that's crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Is it the short yellow bus? hahahaha


Im gonna flag that as inappropriate. ; )


Thanks Antonio, yes this was my vision for this industry, however the VIP scene has not grown as I had hoped for, but we did and continue to try and find ways to expose more people to this style. We're building another black LS430 right now, this time with JP parts for a company called Motevo that is going in their booth for this years SEMA. If you guys can come check it out! We are also launching a new product to protect your paint WITHOUT the use of applied film, if anyone is going to SEMA check our booth out 11775 or the new site launching the day after SEMA.