The Rally Side Of Race Retro

Stoneleigh Park in the UK Midlands is usually known for its contributions to the agriculture and farming industry. Dozens of businesses invested in both current and future of farming are scattered throughout the estate. But for one weekend a year, bovine and seeds are replaced by anti-lag, oversteer and vendors displaying their finest motorsport wares.

The event’s called Race Retro.

20220225 Race Retro 002
20220225 Race Retro 023

Race Retro follows the trend of events returning after a pandemic-driven hiatus.

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A lot has changed in that time; companies are slowly recovering from a difficult few years and as such Race Retro 2023 was noticeably smaller than pre-Covid times. Despite that, there was still plenty to see, both inside and out, static and in action.

The Show
20220225 Race Retro 193

Although I’m going to focus mostly on the rally side of Race Retro in this post, the event covers the full motorsport gamut. That includes amazing cars like this Alfa Romeo 33 circuit racer – a factory works machine no less, but one that never saw any action in period. It has since been upgraded with a 2.0L engine, sequential gearbox and a host of carbon fibre parts. Making around 240hp and weighing little over 700kg means it can hold its own when racing against V8 Supercars in the Classic Touring Car series.

I’ve got a dedicated spotlight on the ex-David Leslie BTCC Nissan Primera parked alongside coming up.

20220225 Race Retro 194

The Tolman Motorsport Lotus Sunbeam is no less impressive than when it was featured a few years ago on Speedhunters.

20220225 Race Retro 198
20220225 Race Retro 202
20220225 Race Retro 004

Keeping with the Lotus theme for a moment, the 76 on display featured some radical new upgrades over its predecessor, the Lotus 72. Most visually noticeable is the double rear wing, but this car also featured an electronic clutch operated by buttons on the shifter, along with an additional brake pedal, allowing the drivers to either left or right-foot brake without fouling the steering column. Sadly, the 76 was plagued with issues and ultimately scrapped, with Lotus reverting back to the 72 design.

20220225 Race Retro 173
20220225 Race Retro 175
20220225 Race Retro 178
20220225 Race Retro 182

Silverstone Auctions put a huge variety of cars under the hammer over the weekend. There was something for pretty much any taste, be it one of four right-hand drive Alpina B3 GT3s, a 1,250hp MkIV Supra, or one of seven Lotus Elans. Records were broken when a Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 expected to fetch around £130,000 (US$154,000) sold for an eye-watering £590,500 (US$698,000)!

The Rally Stage
20220225 Race Retro 102
20220225 Race Retro 157

Race Retro is a relatively small show compared to Autosport International or the NEC Classic, but it has one feature that those others don’t: a live rally stage. Stoneleigh Park’s numerous through roads allow for a relatively large area to be sectioned off for this aspect of the event. While having no elevation change and predominantly 90-degree corners, the organisers still managed to make a challenging course that provided plenty of sideways action for spectators.

20220225 Race Retro 159

Large, strategically positioned hay bales formed chicanes and barriers, and dirt was added to some of the paved corners.

20220225 Race Retro 110
20220225 Race Retro 146
20220225 Race Retro 150

The pace of the newer R5 rally cars was staggering. Coming out of a tight bend, just how much speed they manage to pile on before braking hard for the next corner was almost like a bungee cord being pulled under tension and then released. Far more composed than the older cars, it was almost surgical how the vehicle movements were directly linked to the driver’s inputs.

20220225 Race Retro 105

Many of the cars were in gravel trim, which offered far more theatre as they pitched and dived through the corners.

20220225 Race Retro 167
20220225 Race Retro 080

Rallying, as with any form of motorsport, is hugely expensive, and that’s before you factor in the high rate of wear and tear on components and the increased risk of damage over circuit racing. Parts for older cars are becoming increasingly hard to find too. But despite all that, seeing a paddock full of privateers showed that rallying is still alive and well in the UK.

I was a real fan of the Suzuki works rally program and the Junior World Rally Championship back in the day, so getting to see the JWRC Ignis up close was a treat. I’ve saved this one for a separate spotlight too.

20220225 Race Retro 127

The Ford Racing Puma also competed in the JWRC with varying degrees of success. The rally and road-going versions looked very similar, with the widened bodywork retained for the production Puma. Reviews still proclaim this to be one of the best handing front-wheel drive cars ever produced.

20220225 Race Retro 168

Seldom do you get to see just how much suspension travel a purpose-built rally car has, with only mere glimpses afforded as they fly past over jumps. Here we get a look at how radically altered from stock these cars are, with huge long travel dampers mounted at a dramatic angle to cope with the rigours of rallying.

20220225 Race Retro 045
20220225 Race Retro 142
20220225 Race Retro 166
20220225 Race Retro 087

The Group B era of rallying is something that sadly most of us have only ever seen through grainy YouTube videos, but thankfully a dedicated few owners still use these cars in anger. While we won’t see the crowds parting like the Red Sea as Group B cars progress through a special stage anymore, the sense of occasion is unmatched. The coughing and spluttering at low revs as they make their way to the stage is replaced by a cacophony of induction noise, brake squeal and wastegate chatter, accompanied by healthy flame out the exhaust on overrun.

20220225 Race Retro 033
20220225 Race Retro 090
20220225 Race Retro 050
20220225 Race Retro 128

Group A and subsequently Group N however is where my main interest lies, as they are the most relatable (and attainable) type of cars. The whole ‘race on Sunday, sell on Monday’ ethos continues today.

20220225 Race Retro 137
20220225 Race Retro 063
20220225 Race Retro 042

Going back even further, the Group 4 cars and others of the era in attendance at Race Retro were sideways – a lot. While most of these cars have been built with eligibility for historic events in mind, a few Escorts have had all the modern technology thrown at them. When coupled with a committed driver, they often give the 4WD turbocharged R5 cars a run for their money in competitive events.

20220225 Race Retro 082
20220225 Race Retro 018

So ultimately where does Race Retro sit amongst the automotive events in the UK? If you’re looking for a show full of the latest motorsport products in the industry or polished show cars you’d likely come away disappointed. Want a day’s worth of cars racing at a circuit? Again, there are likely other events that may fit the bill better. What Race Retro does however manage to do, is fall perfectly within the epicentre of a motoring Venn diagram; you’ll see a bit of everything, and that isn’t a bad thing at all.

Chaydon Ford
Instagram: chaycore

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Before the rally section of the article, there was a widebody red jaguar xjs and I really can't figure out which car it is. Was it factory, a Koenig special, a Lister car or something else entirely? I need to know


This is the Jaguar XJR-S V12 “Monaco” by the team at PBB Design based out of Bristol in England. It’s believed that just 12 of them were made – today they remain a rare and highly desirable version of the high-performance XJS.


The Subaru Legacy got me tingly

ashley mcbride

Awesome coverage. Keep.em coming.


The suspension travel in image 69 is ridiculous (even knowing that the car has a gravel rally setup).


I saw that 205 Evo 2 at RallyRACC 2021 and went on fire at the end of the last stage


I hope Group B cars continue to get thrown around for years to come- I still have to see them in action in the flesh!


What's that blue coupe behind the 190sl in pic 32? Nice.


Se extraña la cobertura del rally México


That 205 Turbo 16 reminds me of my 206GTi which I owned while living in the middle east. Lightweight, very agile and even though it only had 137 bhp and 192 Nm of torque, on twisty roads EVO VII could not shake me loose. The key to its torquey, quick acceleration was its weight (about 2320 lbs, or 1050 kg). Peugeot is an expert in making lightweight mass produced cars such as the 208 GTi, 308 GTi etc.


The 205 Turbo 16 made me love Rally, and my 205 taught me to drive.
I am so happy to see someone still using their 205 as intended!


The ignis sport is one of the most under-appreciated gems in the uk. There a cracking the little car. But the one in the picture the super s1600
is just something else; around 200bhp and based of the 5 door ignis chasis instead.