The Boss:</br> Miura’s V2 Rocket Bunny S14
Miura Works His Magic Once Again

And there you all were complaining that the only thing Miura-san was able to do is slap over-fenders onto a bunch of different cars… Aside from the fact that his simple, yet presence-changing style has altered that way we modify cars today, for his latest project, Miura probably thought he should go out and prove that Rocket Bunny can also be a lot more than a screwed on set of over-fenders and a ducktail spoiler.


Thanks to the interwebs, the element of surprise from our lives has almost been totally extinguished. Months before we see new cars presented at motor shows we are usually bombarded with spy shots and CG images of said future models, and it isn’t too different when it comes to the aftermarket world. Not that Miura actually cares. In fact, he’s totally open about sharing his next project with the rest of the world through the countless renderings he teases via his Facebook page. So, long before it materialized in the real world, we all knew this Version 2 Rocket Bunny S14 kit was on the way. Little did I know how much better the completed conversion was going to look in person though…


A CG rendering can give you a good idea of what to expect, but when you are standing right there in front of the car – that’s the time you really understand it. So, after seeing the car unveiled the day before at the Bunny Cafe’s opening party in Yokohama (I’ve got a separate post on this coming up very soon), I made plans with Miura to swing by the following morning to quickly shoot the S14 before it returned to Kyoto.


Since we are right smack bang in the middle of the rainy season here in Japan, the weather was far from cooperative. But as soon as I saw the gray S14 sitting under the menacing dark sky, well, let’s just say it all fit in rather well.


When I’m driving around looking for spots to shoot in Yokohama I can never resist venturing into the narrow streets of China Town. So with Kenji Yamanaka – famed Japanese drifter, Formula D driver and now the man behind Bunny Cafe – at the wheel, we took the S14 out for a little drive.


On a normal day this particular intersection would be absolutely overflowing with tourists and people on the hunt for some fresh shoronpo, gyoza or nikuman (all Japanese names for Chinese food – yes, confusing!), but given the weather there was hardly anyone around.


Which meant we could get away with doing a couple of loops in the barely-silenced Silvia. And who wouldn’t want to be woken up to that sound?

The Boss Conversion In Detail

But what I really wanted to do was get away from the center of the city and drive out towards the port area of Yokohama to shoot the ‘Boss’ in a quiet location. In case you’re wondering, that’s the name Miura-san has coined for this V2 S14 Rocket Bunny kit.


Like most things that look well executed and presented, getting the S14 to accept this new aero treatment wasn’t at all straightforward. Like all the kits that Rocket Bunny produces, the Boss will ship with fitting instructions, but this time around it’s not just a little bit of fender cutting that you have to do – the whole front end of the car pretty much has to come off.


And the new front end look is the first thing that catches your eye when you come face to face with the car. My first thought was how short the nose looks, and I think this side profile view will emphasis that point.


It’s akin to one of those dogs with a squashed nose – like a Bull Dog or Pekingese. The car’s profile flows nicely, but then it suddenly cuts off in the same way you accidentally slice off a bit of your skin when trying to impress people with your vegetable-chopping skills, or lack of thereof.


It almost goes without saying that Miura has been inspired by an old ‘Cuda or a modern Dodge Challenger with this front end. The American feel of the look is then mated to an impossibly Japanese externally-mounted oil cooler like the old Works Hakosukas used to run back in the ’70s.


As I took it all in under the ever-persistent rain, Kenji and Miura patiently waited for me under their umbrellas, surprised at the fact that I was actually bothering to shoot the car in this sort of weather. I reassured them that the S14 – and its colour especially – looked badass against the overcast conditions, to which they grinned in confusion and continued to chat to one another.


So much rain falls during the warm months of June, July and August that vegetation grows like it’s running forced induction and a big shot of nitrous. But at times the overgrowth comes in handy for boxing your subject in a unique frame.


The more I looked at the S14, the more I was surprised at how damn well it all flowed – even though I couldn’t shake the feeling of looking at two different cars stitched together in Photoshop.


I can’t quite put my finger on why, but the only thing I was thinking about at this point was how much I wanted an S14 with this kit!


That of course has to be a result for Miura, and I once again tip my proverbial hat in a sign of respect because this stuff isn’t easy. Stunning people and making a statement in this game takes true talent.


Take a look at the car from the rear and it’s all Silvia. The familiar kouki light cluster and rounded-off rear end – it’s all still there.


But to freshen things up from the original Rocket Bunny 6666 Customs aero treatment for this chassis – which has been around for years – the signature fender flares had to make a showing.


The are more bulbous than what we may have seen on other cars, but in my opinion are a far better match to the previously-mentioned rounded feel of the S14 design.


There’s no cut-out rear bumper here either – the stock item remains and is joined by Rocket Bunny’s familiar multi-piece FRP diffuser.

A Familiar Rear

But it just couldn’t be 100 per cent complete without the addition of a ducktail spoiler. To me, it’s far more fitting than a bigger wing which would probably act more as an air brake than actually do anything positive for downforce.


Under those cut and over-fendered wheel arches sit a lovely set of Enkei-made, 17-inch 6666 Customs 2-piece Mesh wheels with a satin finish for the centres and a polished-look anodised lip section.


Given this Silvia’s Japanese and American influences, Miura-san’s own wheels couldn’t be a better fit for the Boss!


Of course, with the front end having been shortened quite dramatically, the bonnet isn’t nearly as long as the standard one either. If you do happen to go for this conversion an FRP hood is supplied as part of the package.


When I lifted it up I was actually a little disappointed at not finding eight cylinders sitting under there! While Miura does plan to build another car with a thumping great V8, due to time constraints this particular car runs a mildly-tuned SR20DET – which is in no way bad of course.


There’s a Tomei Expreme exhaust manifold to aid in better flow and faster spool up of the S15-spec Garrett turbo, while all piping has been replaced with aluminium sections running into a larger cored intercooler. Interestingly enough, the original CG images of the car showed the car with an externally front-mounted intercooler plumbed into place via the two round openings on each corner of the bumper, but that would have called for far more fabrication work than the deadline allowed.


So the oil cooler had to do this time around. There’s no questioning that the intercooler gets the job done – the only real drawback might be somewhat restricted airflow to its position behind the grille and bumper.


Inside, Miura has kept things pretty simple in the first Boss-converted S14 with just a few basic upgrades to make it a little more driver oriented.


So joining the white-faced dials is an Autogauge boost meter neatly housed in a steering column pod.


That sits behind a deep-cupped Rallye steering wheel with a few other must-have JDM gadgets – including a boost controller and turbo timer – positioned on each side of the instrument binnacle. Since the car rides on Tein adjustable coilovers, Miura also added an EDFC controller for on-the-fly damper adjustments.


And if the serious Bride race seat is anything to go by, this car is meant to be driven!

While we were at Bunny Cafe I thought I’d take a quick video walk around the car while Kenji and Miura discussed the Rocket Bunny kitted NSX parked in the entrance way. Bunny herself even makes a little cameo appearance, so hit play and check it out!


The final judgment however, is really up to you guys. Has Miura created something that people will like? Judging from the comments that flowed into our Instagram feed when I first uploaded a picture of the completed car, I’m pretty sure he has.


The Boss will no doubt reignite interest in one of the most popular platforms Nissan has ever created, and I have a feeling we will be seeing this kit at the center of some of the toughest S14 builds of 2015 and 2016.


Roll on SEMA Show and Tokyo Auto Salon is all I have to say! Now, I wonder who will be the first one out there to drop a V8 into a Boss’d-up Silvia. Will someone beat Miura himself to the punch?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Please, please, for all that is holy. Make an S13 version. I want it.


If Miura could round off the top of the fenders and ditch that ugly power bulge in the hood, this would be pretty close to perfect. I'd buy an s14 just to be able to run this kit.


BOSS S14 needs a boss motor no run of the mill SR will do ! V8 please.


This kit would look better on the s13 coupe because it has the body lines that match this kit. However I do love this kit and would totally get one for an s13.


so is it possible to mount it on an s13 hatch?


"I can’t quite put my finger on why, but the only thing I was thinking about at this point was how much I wanted an S14 with this kit!"

Amen to that brother Dino.


This is just artistic kit... Completely catches me as no other kit does...

Steve Hayward

Dino, I think you nailed it with the comment that it looks like two cars were Photoshopped together.  The fit and finish looks great, but honestly it still doesn't grab me (at least in photos) as a great, cohesive look.

That said, the first photo of the car framed by the green plants might still make it onto my computer as a desktop.


A very very close friend of mine is building his s14 here in my hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It has a 700hp small block Ford (at 9800ft elevation) and he is going to be running Pikes Peak for the 100th anniversary. He is buying this kit. I don't think he will have the first V8 powered per say, but first with Ford power, and a Jericho 5 spd dog box. 

 If Miura-san has any interest in Pikes Peak, please comment.


This kit looked a lot better when it did not exist


Speedhunters_Bryn LOL. Amen!


IshMel Man, I so totally agree!! :D


@reginald_reginald Power bulge might be there to accommodate 8 velocity stacks ;)


adamindet Oh it's coming!


@tom S13 would rock this style well indeed


Steve Hayward Wait for your final assessment until you see one up close! So much better in real life ...


TKimmell Badass!!


oldschoolcat It sure does!


xXxBROxXx Wait until you see one in real life


speedhunters_dino that's fine for his car, how about the production models that won't use the added space? don't think it's needed for ls-series with the standard range of intake manifolds and throttle bodies, definitely not doing anything for SR/KA/JZ etc... applications. also the sharp corners interrupt the otherwise smooth flow of the s-chassis panels and along with the crease in the fenders create a visual snag for the eyes.

also, the huge fender clearance in the front seems okay for his wheel/tire choice but i'd like the ability to run something smaller in terms of rolling diameter without having it swallowed by the gaping maw. it looks a little awkward compared to the rear even with his fitment. is that final or still being worked on? maybe leave it to the end user to trim the panel and offer different sets of flares?


i think it misses some rear end conversion... it's sooooo stock compared to the front end

Gianluca FairladyZ

It's so cool how you can revive old cars by creating new things for  them!  Really cool car! I think that even a real challenger would accept it as its little brother!


Execution: 10/10 But you lost me at the rear, it didn't have the flow.


I'd personally make do with a bumper-less rear look, to make the tail look shorter and match the front.


Do you know if this will be in the new need for speed game


@Liam Hepburn pretty sure it will


If you dont like the kit dont buy it. Its literally that simple. Im not understanding why everybody wants him to produce a version of those tailered specifically to them. Please get over yourselves haha. The kit is how he wanted it, and thats how he should sell it, whether its his personal vehicle or the production models.


Rocket Bunny or How having a S14 with an old skyline front look ?
Really good !


I think dropping a big 'ol V8 into this car would ruin it. It would mess it's roots up, and that front end just doesn't do the S14's original aggressive look justice, but other than that what an awesome car!


dck drftd I think that may be next...


jay8393 That might work too!


Gianluca FairladyZ LOL


When I read the headline and saw the picture I thought: Ford, Lamborghini, Dodge, Nissan? With 2 cylinder? My head twisted for a second! LOL


speedhunters_dino IshMel Ive got an S13 couple with an LS1 ready to rock anytime he wants to try it out on an S13. Already rocking the rocket bunny over fenders and duck tail. Just, ya know, incase he needs a test fit!!!!!


Okay Dino, you got me.  I'm an American car guy with an open mind, but I can't say I've ever seen a Japanese car and thought to myself "I WANT THAT."  Well, I want this.  It's phenomenal.  It's got serious presence and I would definitely not mind bombing around town in that!  I love the blunt nose and hood!  Love me some V8s, but please don't put a V8 in it.


Needs a Kamm tail to match that tough front end. Very nice...


It needs fender mirrors to add more nostalgic looks into it


That is the hottest thing he has built, looks much tougher than the original rocket bunny


love the style but this car shouldn't get any V8, it would make feel to much like a muscle replica.
how about an audi v10 from an s8? its the same basic engine found in the gallardo but actually better :D


there really should be a rear end conversion package for this kit, obviously the car looks great, but its just not flowing, kinda like the camaro S14 or 13


There is something about this which I really like. Love the grey
"colour" - truly badass! Unsure about the standard silvia rear though -
but while trying to get my head around what I would do to tie it in, it
dawned on me... its very reminiscent of the 1980's Camaro - especially
by "tucking" the rear bumper. So, perhaps a z28 inspired front-end is in


I what somting like this for a sc300, similar locking car, why not


someone already made this "kit" in Malaysia a few months back, but sadly he wasn't running a V8 either.


jay8393  idk, I saw it with the bumper off and didn't like it. the car is so clean as its pictured here.


Seeing these pictures and that little walk around video has surprised me!
I was really not a fan of the first CG renders, thinking it looked a little too muscle car for my personal tastes.. but seeing it all completed, as mentioned Dino, it has an awesome mix of oldschool JDM and American Muscle. 
Not enough to dig in to my pocket and slap it on my own 200sx mind, but still way cooler than expected!


Muzaffar Musa i dont think this is a genuine rocket bunny boss kit....


ZackLee Muzaffar Musa Close but probably not. I think it's a pretty good copy.


IshMel I think the squared off front end would've flowed a lot better on an s13 to be honest.


hmm, how to put this...
to use a colloquial term, that kit is a"Badman ting". If I had a thing for badges that look like the "laughing man" logo, Id be placing an order. I don't have a thing for them, and will likely never own an NSX looking at their rising prices so will instead just have to dream.....
Looking at this and then looking at the "kits" that were available when I was a Youngblood I'm very happy that Rocket bunny exist and that they are modernising an area of the hobby that desperately needed a kick up the arse. Every kit Manufacturer does an "homage" kit at some point, look at the R.E. Porsche front kits.... or the many, many, many Ferrari kits for the Mr2 (actually don't look at the Ferrari ones.... yeeeesh)


Yeah, but will it fit on my Honda?


I dont see muscle. I see datsun 140z or gc110. Or other old school datsun or toyota.


there´s too much going on in here...


hmmm don't know if I want to get a 200 with this kit or build an FD. I'm really getting torn on what I'm going to use my money on


I love the look of it. It's sweet.


9/10 are really confused about the inspiration of this build.. it's not a camaro/cuda/challenger

just sayin'


Wow great photos Dino! The dark & rainy setting is just perfect, I grabbed so many desktops from here. Great looking car, I really enjoy how much it transforms the look of the car from front/side.


Muzaffar Musa
It is Malaysian-made . :P


FunctionFirst Only if you rice it out first lol... It will work if the exhaust pipe is bigger than your head.


st165mv good idea lol never would've thought


sonyghazi FUCK YES


I'm on my way to the bank to get a loan...


Kei is drunk. He needs to go home.


TarmacTerrorist While RE Amemiya use Porsche front lights it's actually meant more as a tribute to early Mazdas, this one in paticular.


Yip, I'm definitely in lust with this kit. It has me contemplating shelving my RX project and hunting down an S14...


I do love the way the kit looks. I only think that it would be even (way) better with a "hakosuka/cuda/golf 1-ish" front splitter. That would complement the 70's look and at the same time balance things out a bit (front vs rear overhang). Other than that, fantastic!


It's the freaky love child of an Alfa GTV, and a Dodge Challenger, all mixed in with JDM goodness, and it couldn't be better. V8 swap for sure, maybe an audi 4.2 tfsi just to really finish off the theme.


Loving this car! And the inclusion of a video too!


I wasn't too impressed with the CG renderings of this car, but it looks 10x better in these photos! All it needs now is a Mopar V8, perhaps a cammed and carb'd 360


I saw the car a time ago on Tumblr, it looks perfect from every angle, as always a quality build, It's good to see S14 Silvias are still popular 20 years later. It doesn't need a V8 in my opinion.

Yeah ok, maybe a 600 HP RB26

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

As I put on the story with the render, it kinda looks like a HB Torana.
.....or a Vauxhall Viva depending on which side of the world your on.

I love Yokohama

i really like the conversion, very creative. Keep up the good work Dino!


In my mind, this is basically a kit to do what the japs were doing with the old RA28 Celica etc, US market inspired designs to the best of their ability.
Cool, and definitely will suit a V8 swap. External oil cooler - a bit lame.


@milano 100% This.


Gianluca FairladyZ  A real challenger would punch it in the face and steal its lunch money


This is 100% the only RB thing I like. The other stuff just looks dumb to me. The grey paint is a perfect color for it. If it were a louder/ brighter color, it would not look that good. It is literally the only RB thing I would want to own. What is the cost of the kit?


Brett Allen whoops!  is that a low backed lotus europa? ;)
I apologise, Sadly Mazdas are a bit foreign to me, however if I was more into classics I have always said id love a Cosmo or a Morgan plus eight as I know next to nothing about them but love the style of each of them and I would really like to get to know each of them. So thank you for correcting me.


I've liked Rocket Bunny stuff since the white s13  started popping up and he makes some great fitting aero. The is more ambitious than his previous stuff, but not as well executed in design. It looks awesome front certain angles like the front quarter shot. But can no-one see the awkward lines in other areas?
In side profile the whole car seems to be angled downward towards the front, then the front end seems to be pointing upwards. It looks like it has a broken chassis.
The rear just looks top heavy and out of proportion with such a sharp and prominent spoiler coupled with a narrow rear bar and bolt on flares rather than widebody. IMO It would look far better proportioned with a lower hanging rear bar, a smaller, smoother spoiler or full widebody panels. The "diffuser" also seems out of place on a car embracing an old school style. Mixing different car subcultures can be innovative and interesting when done well, like some Sports-VIP car. This diffuser seems like it was stuck on because it is the current style Rocket Bunny is trying to coin, not because it works with the car.  
He has taken the front lines from muscle cars which tend to run very wide, but not hang very low. To try and make that line up with a more narrow, more modern, low hanging car he has used large flat areas of front bumper. It doesn't have strong curves and aggression like muscle cars with front lips, just a large area of relatively flat fibreglass. He is running the external oil cooler to create interest in that area and disguise how such a flat design doesn't flow with the bulbous body of the s14. He would have been better off running small or no skirts and designing a front bar that doesn't hang so low. But then people would complain about having too much ground clearance and it not looking low enough. Again, worrying about current trends rather then a cohesive design. 
The flares themselves also look awkward. He's made them very wide. But then avoided making them tall like N2 flares. But that gives them a very sharp angle which, again, doesn't flow well with the natural lines of the car. This is most visible on the rear. Also looks a bit strange how the front flares end lower on at the back than the front. The opposite of track cars which inspired this look. Also the way the front flares end so squarely at the front. It looks like someone has car them short, which is a design choice that can work really well. But then the back of the rear flares curve back in, they aren't sharp and cut at all. It seems like each panel has its own inspiration, but doesn't go with the chassis or other panels.
And then there is the writing in this article. Normally Dino is great. I know this is just an average car with a weird body kit, which doesn't give him much to work with. So why is he bringing in talks about aerodynamics when talking about the spoiler? If you cared about creating downforce and lowering drag you wouldn't put a fake diffuser on a car that obviously doesn't have a flat under body. Just talk about how the ducktail is a motif shared by the vintage american and japanese racers that inspired this build.
Nice builder and nice author, but certainly not their best work.


No need for V8 power, i'm fed up with V8's and all the hype around them, keep the V8's where they should be, vettes, mustangs, challengers, chargers, big sedans like mercedes e class, 5 series bmw's, a few Audi's and supercars. Shoving a V8 on anything with wheels is the easy(lazy way) of doing big power cars, and as a matter of fact, most of them doesn't even need it to be great, powerfull and really fun cars. Most of them become almost undrivable, and to be able to drive it you spend what you saved on the engine and smash it on brakes, suspension, drivetrain and chassis mods. Just my 2 cents.
The kit is good looking, but i would prefer the original front end, people gets bored very easilly these days and creators like ken have to keep making all sorts of things to keep afloat and not be forgotten or put aside. I'm not a hatter, i'm one of the guys who gets bored easilly.


@Johnjusto Too late...


Derelict Not sure but I'm sure he'll be releasing prices through his distributers soon


joshwfifty5 It's probably mainly aimed at drifters. Drifters crash a lot, so when that big front end shunt comes along...hello Rokketto Banny!


I love Yokohama Thank you, and I sure will try !


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner Really? I don't see it, except for the round lights


EvolveWRC That will work too of course :)


Dill Pickle ...and another 10x better when it's sitting there in front of you :)


TheChickenwing100 Thanks! Vids always help


@DPer4mance I think there is a splitter, it was in the car but Miura hadn't drilled holes to fit it yet. Or maybe it was for another car lol


Brett Allen haha which RX?


@DINOSONERDY Thank you for your input there nerdy Dino


matthewyaa Thanks man. Yeah I though it worked out well despite getting soaked


speedhunters_dino The FD in my pic, slowly adding bits n pieces when I can afford them but looking at Mr Miura's latest design has me second guessing what to pour the time and effort into. Such a slick looking car, especially in that shade of grey, love it.


Perri Minot Yes there are many cars with 2 round headlights around haha


@milano Interpret it as you want


FunctionFirst The VTEC will blow it up


Muzaffar Musa Man this sort of blatant copying really bugs me


steelyknives Maybe V3....


MeesKohneVonJaski The thirstiest engine I've ever experienced. Borrowed and S6 Avant years back and it managed 2-3 Km/L around Tokyo. Shocking


sonyghazi I so agree!


putacageinit You are on to something.


ChrisMcNamee Haha good to hear! V8s are optional


I feel sorry for any S14 that receives this kit. It just doesn't look good at all. It doesn't flow(why does the front flare not go further down). And why would you want to Americanise an S14 so much with that front end?

Props for doing something different to the usual cookie cutter kits that have been coming out of their factory though.....but it's still a no from me.

I do however like the rear.


Derelict I think I read somewhere it was about $7k


@Johnjusto After watching the video's of this car moving under its own power, I can assure you a v8 rumble would match the look of this kit way better than a sr/rb/jz motor.


Brett Allen speedhunters_dino Stick with the FD....a much more timeless shape.


I would love to see one of these in Plum Crazy purple or another Mopar color. Tell Yamanaka to put his nascar motor from the s15 in this car! hahaha.


crispykrem3 hell yes.


speedhunters_dino But if this one was made first, how is it a copy?


All this thing needs is a pissed off VK56 with ITBs sticking through the roof.


It looks very good, the tail lights look actually quite U.S. as well.


speedhunters_dino was just wondering how it would look with non stretched tires...looks even better to me. :)


Spaghetti I wouldn't be selling the FD either way, instead I'd put off any further mods I have planned for it till I get my own Rocket Bunny S14 V2. Owning two 90's Japanese coupes isn't selfish is it? I'm sure I could convince the wife I need both...


Vilko nice inputs. Now I'd like to ask you a question. this is off topic however it still involves miura. what do you think of the bensopra kit he did with the nissan gtr r35? thanks in advance.


I have mixed feelings with this kit. When I saw it first on facebook with the cg renderings I totally dissed the kita. I just thought that there's no innovation just some borrowed lines from muscle cars. However when I saw the actual car the thing is really growing on me. Still props to Miura for creating this kit.


I've seen this conversion on a car that had a BRE scheme to it and it looks badass!!! This kinda makes me want an s14 just to buy this kit. 

Any word on Enkei selling those 6666 wheels? If i remember they were shown at the Sema show but i haven't heard of anything since.


In my mind the nose extends a few inches, the rear bumper is smoothed over (flat like the front) to balance the looks. The side skirts are gone (not so thick in the middle) and the front bumper is shorter.  Then slammed to the frame. 0.02

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Only the lights? :)
I see the grill style, indicator location and if this had a bumper, would look even closer.
But I do see what you mean.


crispykrem3 and a Superbird wing ;)


The more I look, the more I love.


@Johnjusto We were the same... then i drove a v8 miata. It's insane ftw. I still have to remind myself that when i see a swap though.


bluestreaksti Yep, he does what he likes!


TheRobotCow I'm pretty sure they're on sale


icobird Yeah it seems to mess with people's minds uh


JockThatCamel Now there's a cool idea! Keep it in the family ...


crispykrem3 Haha maybe in next year's FD season?


Vilko I never say that there are any aero gains with any of those parts. Come one, we all know it's for show...  "But it just couldn’t be 100 per cent complete without the addition of a ducktail spoiler. To me, it’s far more fitting than a bigger wing which would probably act more as an air brake than actually do anything positive for downforce."


My average PSD skill test-fitting the BOSS kit into S13


joshwfifty5 Gianluca FairladyZ Hellcat would eat it. Until the first corner.


speedhunters_dino FunctionFirst Would it not just piss off EVERYONE if it had an S2000 plant in it....


speedhunters_dino They are available for sale. They only appear on the Enkei Japanese website and not the Usa site. Thanks!


Dino, the shot of the car through the of your best ever. instant desktop fodder. I like the look of the kit, but thought when it was first debuted and people were crying "Challenger", I was thinking "B210" as the inspiration for the front. Either way, its a very well done conversion and I actually like the way the rear was left.


Love it. But. Prefer a version without over fenders. The "ghost" renders of the kit it looks like the front overs are an integral part, not a piece you can take off.


Omg i love it.


ADimitriRoumeliotis Yeah that would work too, for those that don't like taking angle grinders to their bodywork lol


D1RGE Thanks man! Have you seen the BRE liveried one that someone else built?


AlanChrisK Oh this would sooooo work!


TheRobotCow speedhunters_dino Wouldn't they be on salve via Rocket Bunny distributers?


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner OK granted there are similarities but it's a generic shaper form the sixties and seventies it's probably best to say that it reminds us all of a lot of different cars.


Brett Allen Spaghetti Yeah FD rocks, how about your Rocket Bunny that :)


D1RGE speedhunters_dino FunctionFirst haha I'd love something like that!


Spaghetti speedhunters_dino Miura has been teasing us with renderings for ages, someone just made it first. Is it really so hard to be original these days? Shall I comment on the wheels too? lol


IshMel speedhunters_dino Contact him!

Gianluca FairladyZ

D1RGE joshwfifty5 Gianluca FairladyZ  i think this S14 R/T would dance around the original challenger, shout "catch me if you can" and wait at the finish line for the hellcat :D


Absolutely fantastic coverage Dino! I admit that there is a lot of old muscle in that front end, hance the name Boss, but I just can't shake the idea of the unfortunatelly unborn child of Nissan and Lancia Delta! The grill and headlights look so Delta and  so good. Very refreshing car indeed!


speedhunters_dino ADimitriRoumeliotis

Yeah, that's not really the problem, for me anyway, although it will be a deterrent for some people.
There's plenty of banged up $6K s14's in Australia would be prime candidate's. 

I just think you could do a really cool street car with the boss kit, but it would be a bit of a bust with fenders like that and wheels to match.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Yup too many! Lol


AlanChrisK That's cool - I like it with the squarer lines of the S13


speedhunters_dino ChrisMcNamee  I saw you post pics of the V8 being fitted with the ITBs, very awesome!  Should make for a very well balanced ride.

Patrick Kilcoyne

@Johnjusto viper V10 twin turbo anyone??




Needs a old Skool front lip jutting out.


I love the front, then I get to the side profile and my mind is a bit confused as it looks like two different cars welded together yet somehow it oddly works in a weird way. Only think I'd do is make the front fender the same length as the rear fender as It kind of seems like the front is is a fair bit longer. Not sure I would do this to a s14 myself bit it's a nice looking piece of kit, sure to break a few necks.


6A13TTFelipe uhm Delta, interesting!


Muje It does a bit uh


Gary89 It does have one, apparently broke off the night before. You'll see it in the coverage from the Bunny Cafe opening party :)


Yeah man...the square rear flows better with the square front end compare to S14


Spaghetti It's more of an old school Datsun rather than a "Cuda or Challenger" to be honest.


I'm picturing a slightly extended hood to give it a shark look front in.


Great feature!  Do you know what the kit is made of?  fiberglass? plastic?   It would be interesting to also hear about the design process.  Does Miura design the kits and then 3D print the pieces or is it all hand sculpted?

Analogue Blacksheep

I wasn't sure at first, but that front has grown on me.
If were me, I would take out the rear diffuser and wheel arches (maybe the intercooler as well, but it is growing on me as well) for a cleaner look. Then put in an RB26, paint it white and add some bronze coloured Rays.
It's a fascinating idea nonetheless, changing the style of the car with a simple body kit. Reminds me a little of the current Daihatsu Kopen with its swap-able bodykits.


this looks soo much better than a standard ugly 14, iv already chopped the front end off my 14 hope mine turns out as good

JMax Paint Garage LLC

This would look so much better on an S13 Silvia or R32. Its boxier and the S14 rear doesn't really work (for me) with this kit.

Other than that is very cool. I lke :)


speedhunters_dino I did think long and hard about going that route, but in the end I couldn't cut up the fenders of the RX7. It's a great look and the car that finally turned me around on over fenders but I could only do it to a spare car, not my primary project 7. 
Between the V2 S14, the Speedhunters Scion FRS Challenge car and the Rocket Bunny RX7's featured on the site it feels like I'm constantly wanting to start other projects haha, such a great website for distraction and inspiration.


AlanChrisK I know its not quite up to Muiras level (lol) but I had the same thoughts a few years ago


@Rick246Bim Kaido Racer style!


Beaubot AlanChrisK LOL, wait what front end is that!?


speedhunters_dino Just something I put together back in 2009 after I put my LS1 into the S13


bluestreaksti crispykrem3 bonnet stripe? ..... Bonnet Stripe.


Beaubot Do you still have it man? Few touch-up on the front end & we're good to go...haha


speedhunters_dino Spaghetti I totally get where you're coming from, and no need to say anything about the wheels. But if you want to be the FIRST and don't want pre-production copies, don't put out renderings for "ages". I's hardly all original looks like so many other cars front ends IMO.


Novac Darius Spaghetti I don't see any Datsun at all. Many many other cars though.


JMax Paint Garage LLC You never know, he might have this style kit planned for both those cars. And the hakosuka face too of course


JoeDeVido Going for this kit?


if this was how the s16 would look, Nissan would've created another classic! But to me this shows why the s13 and s14 can never be outdone! Miura has evolved the s14 with this kit


Ez_shotta That nose ins't too dissimilar from the Nissan idx concept. So maybe Miura has evolved it, he's obviously done something more than Nissan has as they aren't even going to make that thing. Such a bad call. Nissan.....WAKE UP!


AlanChrisK Sadly no, its long since been dismantled and sold :( The new owner collected a tree with the roof


speedhunters_dino Ez_shotta Agreed the idx wouldve been badass


AlanChrisK What do you think about an s15? Fastback vs notchback perhaps


speedhunters_dino JoeDeVido i wish i could afford it i honeslt think this looks soo perfect , im buliding mine inspired by the twin headlight c10 photos


icobird Vilko The r35 kit is bold and has some strong lines. I don't love it or hate it. Like a lot of his designs its cohesive. It is pretty much race aero toned down a touch. The one piece front clip with a single large opening, the fenders that flare out at the front but cut away at the rear to reduce drag, the fins behind the tyres, the fenders that cut away behind the front tyre and have a vent up the top to lower air pressure in the wheel well, the big diffuser and wing, etc. Its all a homage time attack and high level race cars.


speedhunters_dinoVilko IMO Should have finished that sentence at "...bigger wing". Or compared it to a big wing on a stylistic level, rather than a practical. Since big wings and their downforce vs drag have nothing to do with this car. I was also a bit frustrated that you bothered to address people who dislike the over fenders trend and criticise Miura-san. Anyone worth their salt will know he has done lots more than over fenders. You don't have to cater to the lowest common denominator. 99% of people have already formed an opinion on the style before they read the first word. Directly addressing people who already dislike the build will have less of an impact than giving some insight into the different influences on the build, the motivation behind it and what decisions were made to come to the end product. Imagine if every article about any hip hop musician started with "Now some people out there say hip hop is just someone with no talent talking over the top of someone else's work and claiming it for their own, etc, etc, etc." People who don't like that style of music(car) aren't interested and open to what you have to say. And people who do like the style don't want to read that nonsense. Move forward positively and highlight what the artist (builder) has done, how they have done it, what is new, what is a staple, and maybe you can begin to open their eyes. They will probably still hate on it, but speaking directly to them won't help and just wastes everyone else's time.

To reiterate, you are one of my favorite writers on this site and this car doesn't give you much to talk about. But you should use that as an opportunity to focus on the small details and decisions of what the build IS. I'm sure you are more than capable of going into that depth. Like you spent 2 adjectives to describe the bride seat as "serious" and "race". Seats that wrap around the head like that are extremely uncommon, yet it still has a factory passanger seat. Was that intended to give it a more purposeful feel? Was it because he had it lying around? Was it to indicate this was more about getting on the track and driving hard than cruising to parking lots? It has a series 1 jdm rear bumper and series 2 tail lights, what was this car in factory form? The rear bar was cut to move the exhaust higher. To clear the diffuser, give more ground clearance or for the look? It also sits right inside the rear bumper. Does it even have a tip on the exhaust? Maybe it is a nod to race cars that have exhaust gases venting onto the diffusers? Either way it gives the rear a smoother look and shifts focus onto the diffuser and spoiler. It doesn't have mesh in the front grill. This gives clearer vision of the intercooler and reminds me more of race prep'ed cars of the 70's than their street siblings. I could go on for an hour about all the little things that got brushed over or went unmentioned in favor of talking about renderings and the internet and cafe's opening and how quiet china town was. You can still include these details, they add to the story. But rather than spending a few paragraphs talking about it just say; "Watching Kenji rumble through the unusually damp/quiet/drenched streets of china town I noticed/observed/caught a glimpse/realised/came to the conclusion (then something about the actual car)."
But at least you resisted the urge to repeat the "We all have different tastes in cars and that's why we shouldn't hate on people who slam evos, put diffusers and canards on for show, put giant flares and wheels on kei cars, put out of brand engines in cars, etc etc etc. Why can't we all just get along?" I'm sure nearly every one of the regular readers on this site are sick of hearing that. If you can't think of anything more original or interesting to say about the car you guys are featuring the car isn't worthy of full feature or you aren't interested/dedicated/skilled enough to write a compelling article about it.


My bet is it still looks better than S14...haha


speedhunters_dino This was exactly what I was interested in!  Thanks, keep up with the great articles.


Just imagine Nissan'd brought  in 2001 a S15 with a VQ35DE,  a NISMOish trim and a body like that.

That could've been an international success, and the salvation for the platform...


This is a seriously goof looking bit of kit! I like the stubby muscle car style front end and I love the reprofilled shape of the front wheel arches. I wouldn't mind seeing a rear end conversion on this too....I'm not sure how I'd do it.. I'd stay muscle car style and try and remove some of the roundness. Maybe integrate some AMC AMX style tail lights and a slightly squared off rear. Weird I know but I think it would work..


day_old_tofu surely they will. The tail now looked so oversized with that new Boss face


rally2727 day_old_tofu I'm not sure they will. Japanese tuners have been doing "face swaps" on cars for probably 2 decades now and its pretty common to leave the rear unchanged. I'd love to see a different rear clip though for sure.


Why he used Autogauge boost meter? why? please, can someone tell me why?


Autogauge: cheap Taiwan-made car gauges.


day_old_tofu You could probably just lose the rear bumper and taillioghts, then just cut out some spots for a set of Hakosuka or Kenmeri tails!


Vilko icobird very good inputs. Thanks very much for replying.


speedhunters_dino Ez_shotta I didn't wanna say it, but yeah...


This is the best kit, rocket bunny has created so far... in my opinion. I want this car sooo bad !!


I for one am 100% on board and already looking throughout the classifieds for a donor s14. Really great photos Mr Dalle Carbonare


I for one am on board and already looking through the classifieds for a donor s14. Plus really great rainy season photos Mr Dalle Carbonare. Also that's my absolute favourite colour for a car - anybody know the code?

Each to their own of course, but I think anybody who says it would look better on an s13 is sort of missing the point of this kit. S14's curves give it a timeless quality that suits the '70s vibe of the kit (especially the roofline). S13 is the opposite: totally of its time. eg:

My only reservations are around the rear bumper, I would have personally preferred to see something sort of along these lines

Also I think the contrast between the tint on the rear screen and quarter lights, and the untinted main side windows, isn't doing the car any favours - accentuates the "two cars stuck together" effect.

Nonetheless. LOVE it.


A car with a front crash…


needs a v8 to match the nose. lol


Anyone else thinking Boss 302? Put a Coyote in that car and you would habe something great!


I think he should have made that nose for the R35 GT-R instead because it matches that boxy shape better.


I think he should have made that nose for the R35 GT-R instead because it matches that boxy shape better.


JMax Paint Garage LLC It looks best on the R35, since it`s much boxier than both the cars you mentioned.


JMax Paint Garage LLC It looks best on the R35, since it`s much boxier than both the cars you mentioned.


What about the cost of the conversion? Any number on that?


Can the front end be ordered without the whol body kit? Or is this pending to?


So is it possible to have those over fenders alone? I just want to make the car wider. I love my Zenki front!


Color of this car is are Nimbus Grey_ who knows ?


the car was very good 
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"When I lifted it up I was actually a little disappointed at not finding eight cylinders sitting under there! " grade one dumba55 comment. open the hood of a bugatti veyron...."awwww shucks!! its not a hillbilly archaic low tech pushrod desert eagle carrying vee eight" is this the journo of a mag called hill billy pick up truck v8 trashes ferrari 250 gto at the lights or pick up nurburgring time homes in on porsche 962c lap record?


Looks like a 630-csi from the side (with a pushed up ass end). I should get the flares for my 77 bimmer.