The Ultimate Supercharged Icon?

As we spend some time this week celebrating the joy of the supercharger, I thought it would be fitting to have a little discussion about some of the greatest factory-produced supercharged cars. There have been some really great ones too – from affordable hatchbacks and sportscars to fully-fledged supercars. But which is the greatest?

Let’s have a chat and find out…


First up, a few examples just to get the mind thinking. The Volkswagen Corrado G60 is car that’s certainly worthy of consideration, and its blown four cylinder makes it a good representative of the affordable end of the supercharged spectrum.


Japan hasn’t produced a huge number of blown cars, but the 4AG-ZE engine that powered the supercharged AW11 MR-2 was a fine way to add some extra grunt to what was already a great sportscar. It might the choice of the JDM loyalist.


Of course, if you want to go high-end there have been a number of great supercharged cars produced by Mercedes-Benz over the years, including the radical SLR McLaren from the mid-2000s with its blown 5.4-liter V8.


Or is America the king of the supercharger? Cars like the Ford GT and more recently the Challenger and Charger Hellcat are great arguments for the USA in this fight.

So what say you? What do you consider to be the greatest factory supercharged car of all time? Let us know in the comments section below…

Mike Garrett
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I love the way the SLR McLaren's exhaust system flanks the engine and exist the car's bodywork just behind the front wheel wells.

Much more efficient packaging than routing pipes through the whole length of the car.


This guy knows what's up!!!


Ice Age Never seen that engine shot before, lovely stuff!


I vote for the 2013 shelby gt500 the sound is menacing and always puts a smile on my face.


delta s4


e55 AMG, ZR1


Love my twin charge Skoda Fabia vRS Combi. 132kw factory stock from a 1.4! If turbo's meet the grade, nothing says go or has as much room to play as a Saab Turbo either. I'm


Bentley 4.5 liter


Saab 99 Turbo.


03-04 Mustang Cobra


Speedhunters_Bryn Ice Age Thanks. I've got a better one. It really is a work of art.


What about the 1929-1931 Bentley 4 1/2 litre, aka 'Blower' Bentley... ?


Do you understand what supercharging is a 99 is turbo as tital suggests


I'm digging the votes for the Bentley 'Blower' but will throw in the Mercedes SSK with a roots supercharger as an alternative...


Supercharged=Jaguar ...
this what comes to mind now


thetastelingers And all years of the contemporary GT500.  The Terminator really set the domestic pony car world on fire though.


toyota previa


If you need to leave a big-block Corvette in the dust, Studebaker Lark R2 or Golden Hawk.


AW11 All the way!


Honestly, I'd have to nominate the ZR1, they're still destroying cars 2-3 times it's price, and it's still number 12 on the Nordschliefe, despite being 8 years old.


mnchk1987 YES!!! BLOWER BENTLEY!!


Dom's Charger


PratchayaMoonthongsong I AGREE 1000000000%


"The only car that could pass a Duesenberg was another Duesenberg—and that was with the first owner's consent."


jayd86 But if it was a turbo icon we looked for a saab is perhaps one of the most iconic cars there is.


thetastelingers Finally bought mine about 3 years ago after saving a lot of pennies.  It was everything I hoped for an more.  Really fantastic cars.


It's already been suggested, but worth another nomination.  '03-'04 Cobra all day long.


The VW G-Lader is kinda legendary.. Polo G40, Corrado G60


Another vote for the '03-'04 Cobras and any supercharged Shelby.


Corvette ZR1 and the 03-04 Cobra


Jaguar xjr "Awfully sorry dear do you mind settling the bill while I warm up the jaaaag"


Lancia 037 Stradale


The Mercedes-Benz w125. 5.6 liter straight 8 making 595.


MINI Cooper S in the affordable scale


Saturn ION Redline


Mercedes C32 AMG


Ice Age Speedhunters_Bryn trick intake!


Lotus exige s! Wait, cts v. No, the ultimate icon would have a gigantic sc poking through the hood and you don't get that oem :(


I think from my perspective, the Lancia Beta VX (Volumex) coupe was one of my first exposures to factory supercharged cars, I guess growing up in a family where Italian vehicles held such reverence was the reasoning for that! But I'll always hold a special place for those!




The 2005 ford GT,I'm a die hard ford guy and the 2005 Ford GT will be the best ford until the 2017 Ford GT comes out


ChadGerrish 320hp? in 1935? Impressive! And a beautiful car!


The Toyota Previa is the greatest factory supercharged car of all time! It got all the kids to school in time for first period.


The toyota previa(SC'ed models). Bear with me, I am being dead serious here. All of these cars listed above, and that people have been listing are cars that you most likely will rarely get to see, and even if you do, the chance of owning a clean example of one is either far to expensive, or far too rare. The Previa has all of the great makings of a successful sports car, but in a utilitarian mini van package. It's MR, supercharged, and there are plenty of upgrades that can be done it it without breaking the bank.


Bentley 4 1/2 Litre. AKA Blower Bentley.


The '03-'04 Terminator Mustang? Not sure how that managed to get left out. It was a bit ahead of its time, as silly as it sounds to say that about a mustang.


The 2003- 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra. Power for the masses!!


No Chrysler love????
Hennessy 300!

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Falcon FG-X XR8
335kw with 351kw on overboost. Which is an understated figure due to the fact that a brand new one with less than 2000km on it took a dyno run and pumped 360kw ATW......yikes.
Room for the family and those looks all with the last GT's trick R-Spec suspension bits and massive Brembos.
And the kicker?
$53k drive away in Aus.
Same money gets you in a WRX STI or a Golf R.
Humana Humana Humana!!!!


Aston Martin thought one supercharger wasnt enough,so they introduced then 'twincharged'  550hp V8 Vantage(virage) Pushing alsmost 2000kg(4000ish pounds) of awesomeness at speeds over of 300kmh(190ish mph)
*note the picture shows the improved limited lemans edition ending the production of  the v8 with a bang!


Lancia 037 Stradale all the way... It also had a turbo and was in fact the first car to be both supercharged and turbocharged!


Koenigsegg CCXR


I dont believe that there is a clear winner here. Most of these cars dont compete against eachother because each car is in a different car category. The SLR was and is a very cool and technical masterpiece. It hasnt been out long enough and doesnt have much motorsport history to leave a lasting impression. The Lancia 037 is all rallying. Its an oddball car that was built purely for racing and the road for homologation purposes but it didnt do as well as it should have in the rallying scene. The Ford GT is an good choice however because it was inspired by the legendary Ford GT40 and a huge following. But the car is more expensive now than some SLRs on the market and it hasnt been raced in many series other than FIA GT1. The Dodge Charger/Challenger Hellcat are way too new to leave a legacy of greatness even though it is really cool and has a huge following. The old cobra mustangs are a good, affordable choice for a supercharged car but they arent that nice of cars and dont have that much of a lasting impression. There are many others that I could be missing but those are the ones that come to mind.


Jbrady43 you're mixing it up between the 037 and the Delta S4, The rally 037 was supercharged only, the Delta S4 had the twincharged engine. There was a Montecarlo Turbo for Group 5 racing that looked a lot like the 037.


@Difinity WAT


TheRace I thought Koenigseggs are using turbocharger instead of supercharger


The CCXR is a twin supercharged V8, it is an older model. The Agera and newer Koenigseggs are twin turbo charged.


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