The Hoonicorn RTR Exposed
Bad News, Mr. Block

Dear Mr. Block,

We regret to inform you of some terrible news: You’ve been replaced. That throne upon which you once sat, the one marked King of Hooning? It’s been taken and it’s your own damn fault, because you had to go off and build the Hoonicorn RTR, our new favorite Gymkhana superstar.


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And so, here we are. Gymkhana Seven: Wild In The Streets just dropped, and the world just realized that Ken Block isn’t the only hero sliding across their screens.


The Gymkhana franchise has entertained us for years with race-prepared STIs and Fiestas, and while those were plenty impressive for the time, the game just changed.


There’s no doubt Gymkhana is serious business to all involved, and surely they spend all year trying to cook up ways to outdo themselves. It can’t be easy, because every time a new film is released, it’s the greatest version yet.


That’s why Mr. Block assembled a dream team to not only think up the plot of their newest film, but also its newest star – a truly bespoke creation that’s a perfect fit for our The Creators theme. It took Hoonigan Racing Division, RTR and ASD Motorsports, plus a host of other players to conceptualize and create the Hoonicorn RTR over a secrecy-shrouded span of two years.


It was this extreme degree of secrecy that intrigued me most. Ken wanted it to be special by the time Gymkhana Seven was released, so the code name ‘Unicorn’ was used in all correspondence during the build. From there, ‘Hoonicorn’ just seemed natural.


Want to know more? Yeah, I did too. Fortunately Derek Dauncey, Team Director of Hoonigan Racing Division, was willing to fill me in on this epic build.

Where Do You Get A Hoonicorn?

Like any inspired design, the Hoonicorn RTR came with a very specific set of requirements: It had to be nimble, powerful, rotate quickly, shoot flames and cause anyone nearby to plug their ears. Oh, and obviously melt tires like a champ. While fulfilling these requirements, Hoonicorn RTR also had to look badass – which has a lot to do with the silhouette you see here. You think it’s easy to make a ’65 Mustang sit like this? Think again…


The amount of daylight showing through the front wheelwells is the first clue that this is far removed from the unibody ponycar it once was. Starting with a ’65 bodyshell, ASD Motorsports quickly scrapped the stock floors and subframe in favor of an entirely new structure. The scratch-built chassis required tons of fabrication, but don’t forget about the months of engineering that took place even before the tubing was bent and notched.


With the wheel removed, we can start to see some of the intense design and fabrication that happened at ASD; like the one-off, CNC-machined, double wishbone suspension with inboard cantilever dampers. Also notice the new location of the wheel arch, which is limited only by the top edge of the Mustang’s fender.


Taking a closer look we can see the intricately fabbed, fully adjustable mounts and the CNC’d upper arms, made of 6061 aluminum billets. This isn’t the only set either – there are spares of everything in case something gets wadded up. It’s much easier to just cut two while the program is loaded into the CNC, after all.


While they were engineering a chassis from scratch, the boys at RTR and ASD had one more huge requirement to satisfy, and that was to make the front tires smoke too. Yes, if you haven’t already noticed, Hoonicorn is AWD.


It’s really no surprise if you’ve followed Ken Block’s career driving AWD rally cars, but on the other hand it’s quite shocking to realize that you’re looking at a 1965 Mustang that can send all four tires desperately clawing for grip across any surface.


So, while packaging an extra ST03 diff in the front, ASD also had to plan around a modified Sadev SC90-24 offroad transmission. There’s also the special hydraulic handbrake which not only locks the rear wheels, but simultaneously cuts power to them by disengaging the center differential.


The transmission tunnel is easily removable, because replacing the Quarter Master 7.25-inch triple-plate clutch is a daily chore when you’re filming a Gymkhana video. To make the task quicker and easier, a custom two-piece bellhousing was machined by ASD so the clutch can be changed in 90 minutes (or less). The clutch also serves as the ‘fuse’ in the driveline, so if something gets shocked it’s a consumable clutch disc rather than the transmission or an axle shaft that’s difficult to source or replace.

Design With A Purpose

It’s important to realize that this car was built with a very specific intention. There would be only one driver, Ken Block, and it would be used primarily for the production of Gymkhana Seven. To fit Ken inside and still keep a low roofline, the floorpan was rebuilt 2.5-inch lower and the tires stuffed way up into the bodywork.


While moving upward, the tires were also shoved out. Way out. This required a set of bespoke, carbon fiber bolt-on flares, with a cutaway look reminiscent of a World Rally Car that slept with a late-model stock car. The true benefit though is that tire smoke can be released at will, thanks to the massive amounts of exposed tread. The Pirelli Trofeo Rs are a Ken Block special too, with deeper sipes and a custom compound that makes extra puffs per revolution. He even gets his name printed on each one.


The team showed up with around 20 of the three-piece fifteen52 R40 wheels, tires already mounted, for a day of filming. With a film crew on standby, time is of the essence. Destroyed tires are thrown in a pile so filming can commence as quickly as possible.


Looking through these photos you’ll spot things like mounts, microphones and GoPros stuck all over the car. It doesn’t stop with attaching a few cameras though, and after seven Gymkhana films the team has learned to build a car that plays nice with movie production. Tricks like a removable windshield and quick-release doors allow the film crew access that would never happen with an ordinary car.


Ken’s previous Gymkhana cars were always good at shooting flames, being turbocharged and all. This was a theatrical feature that they wanted to retain in the latest film, so the tune was altered to dump lots of fuel on decel, sending fiery bursts out the unmuffled tail pipes.


I only bring this up because the engine of choice is far removed from the pressurized four cylinders we’ve seen in the past.


With the involvement of RTR, you’d better believe this Mustang was going to have a big V8 engine. Ford Racing provided a 410 cubic inch Roush Yates V8 that makes 845hp and 720lb/ft, au natural. It’s quite similar to the powerplant in Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s drift car, in fact.


The eight Kinsler ITBs are the same ones ASD had used and abused to great success in the RTR drift car since 2012. The tried and true combo is fed by a hand-fabbed sheetmetal hood scoop that looks like it was plucked from a vintage ’60s dragster. This is the kind of stylistic mash-up that makes a Speedhunters get all tingly.


So what if it obstructs his view out the windshield? Ken planned on being sideways the whole time anyways. The hood scoop was actually a feature that was decided upon very early in development, and I would argue that it is the one piece that absolutely defines the visual identity of Hoonicorn.


The Ford Mustang just turned 50 years old, which means we’ve had five decades to tune, modify and build them to suit our tastes. So why do so many of them look the same? Why so many Eleanor and Shelby clones?


Why did it take this long for someone to look at the iconic pony and visualize something as wild as Hoonicorn RTR? I suppose it’s because guys like Ken Block only come along every so often.


There’s just one problem Mr. Block. This time the car’s outdone you.

Keith Charvonia
Instagram: SpeedhuntersKeith

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

Cutting Room Floor


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Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Newest favorite car. Period. Thanks Keith and Larry, just awesome.


My first thought watching the video was, "those look like fifteen52s!" This car is amazing in all ways. Fan-flippin-tastic


I agree. For once I was more excited to see the car more than I was seeing Ken Block drifting speedily around moving tractors.


Great stuff again Larry!  Wheels are 3-piece R40's though :)


That engine though, sweet Jesus that thing is beast! 
grew up around Chevy and Mopar from young but Ford gets my vote on this lil number.


both the coolest and goofiest mustange i think i've ever seen. nice build, but juvenile paint/decal....... it's become a cartoon/video import. congrats?


Out of curiosity, Mr. Chen, exactly how many images did you capture?


I just added some bonus images for you guys. Please make sure to check out presentation mode.


next time a rotary?


next time a rotary?


silveradotx couple thousand :D

It was a 5 days of shooting, 12-15 hour days each, plus half a day when they were testing.


Larry Chen silveradotx I was guessing around that number. I saw the number at the end of one of the image descriptions and figured you had to go guns-blazing for 5 days. 

Any chance you might go back to some of the sites and document them as daily life has resumed in the wake of all the tire slaying?


Larry Chen Great! But am I missing something..? I see "only" 27 photos, even in Presentation mode. Shouldn't there be a "Bonus Images" page?


silveradotx That is a great idea for a story, but many of the sites are restricted areas. Like in between the highways, and the hollywood sign.


hushypushy Should be 57, maybe you need to clear your cache.


Larry Chen I see them now! Fantastic desktop pic folder got a bit fatter today :)


Larry Chen silveradotx True. I did think of that, too. I'm thinking more like shots of Randy's Donuts, Chinatown, or have a camera ready and drive by spots on some of the streets. Glad you like the idea, though.


Any info on what this thing weigh's in at?
Also what is the oil hose/feeder christmas tree contraption on the front of the motor?


This car is epic. I am not even a Mustang fan, up till this point in my life I have NEVER wanted to own a Mustang. The universe has a funny way of responding when you use the word "never". There is so much more I want to know about this car. I need every last detail!!


Really think they should have added a horn to the mustang badge to make it a true hoonicorn XP


chrisMmarino that drivetrain


fenner403 :)


Are there any pictures of the rear suspension set up? and maybe some closer ones of the front?


I gotta get me a "donuts" switch!!!


I wouldve reallyyyyy liked to have seen underneath it, like on the DW86. Like you said, the AWD is what makes it so interesting


What is it geared to? I'm guessing, due to the purpose, and the fact it's using a rally raid transmission, it tops out about 120mph or so?


Total beast. Love everything about it.


Lukey_J The brown / black thing with all the hoses? Multi stage oil pump for dry sump scavenge and feed.


The bug catcher on this will only ever be a Mad Max Interceptor one!


the hood scoop is the only thing I don't like about this car, I think itbs should be shown off.


@teddybeaver I believe I read earlier about 150


chrisMmarino I want to see the Film LA faces planning this and depositing the check.


NothingFilms you do have friendly infrastructure to pull off things like this. Check out the SF one for contrast.


AdamHenry Vaughn Gittin Jr will be writing a build story or two, so we will be able to show more of what's beneath the skin there.

Gianluca FairladyZ

beautyful engineered!


This doesn't seem quite as rugged as Block's rally derived Impreza or Fiesta, but my god what a build: and what a sound!
Would really like to see some views from underneath: curious to see how they have managed to shoehorn both a V8 and the AWD drivetrain into the front end!


NOT a ford fan but this is....acceptable.


Wow, that looks amazing. I actually prefer it without all the stickers though. Didn't Andy Blackmore do this?


Wow, that looks amazing. I actually prefer it without all the stickers though. Didn't Andy Blackmore do this?


Wow, that looks amazing. I actually prefer it without all the stickers though. Didn't Andy Blackmore do this?


"Destroyed tires are thrown in a pile so filming can commence as quickly as possible."

Larry your pictures are fantastic, but perhaps stop adding crap filler text and add more pictures :)


@Beany I wrote that. What's the problem exactly?


KeithCharvonia It's corny as hell


I want to like this car so much.
The craftsmanship and power is amazing.
But it is pretty terrible looking.

Also more isn't always more, this gymkhana tried way too hard.


@DINOSONERDY KeithCharvonia Exactly.  

It's not as though they are going to neatly stack them and I highly doubt the disposal of tires process is going to impede on the filming schedule.  I also highly doubt the cameraman is also the tire disposal person, but I may be wrong...


@DINOSONERDY I kinda agree. If this car was built to be more show then go, I would be pretty unhappy with how it looks. Truth be told it's a highly functional go fast machine so some allowances have to be made. I def believe it would be so much cooler if it didn't have all the stickers and graphics, but someone had to pay for it so....


I want to see Vaughn Gittin Jr in the RTR-X vs Ken Block in the Hoonicorn - that would be beautiful. ....


No press release not article mentioned the weight of the car… So anyone got any official information?


This is the most amazing most ugliest car I have ever laid eyes on.


jonceballos You probably wouldn't notice the looks if you were driving it balls-out.


I agree with you Keith, 100% on why these Mustang clones out there with the same stuff and wheels.  I am a Mustang owner (96mustang cobra) and the most of the stang community whip you when you add something different to them.  It's time for a change boys and different unique styles please.


I so dig this car.  It's a lot better than what I thought it would be. I watched the video was like "that's just badass."  It isn't a perfect build but still one heck of car.  Keith you did an upstanding job!


Brilliant post.


Nice read


jonceballos Most ugliest? Try again


jonceballos I totally agree, great build, childish paint/look.


TheWojtek 3000 pounds is mentioned in the Chris Harris video


KeithCharvonia AdamHenry id tape a dollar onto the windshield leave the keys in it and hope it's gone in the morning


It's Sadev's SP03 differentials! Not ST03.


I had this idea 15 years ago, but didn't have the money or know-how to accomplish the feat.
I wanted to build an AWD 1966 Mustang with a twin turbo 289.


As stated before,id still tape a dollar to the windshield ,leave the keys in it and hope its gone in the A.M.


This is my dream car. Those of you who are saying this is ugly, its not about the looks. This car is built to scare the fuck out of you and everyone around you. I have owned 6 highly modified mustangs in the past. I think the next project is to find another lx coupe and see if I cant transplant this Hoonicorn driveline setup with the 5.0 cammer or 5.2L flat plane crank motor into it.