#IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER:</br> A Camaro Built To Corner

With our much anticipated V8 Swap theme just around the corner, we thought this would be a great time to roll out our next #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER first-person perspective film project submission. Our second video comes from Texan petrolhead and long-time V8 enthusiast Jeff Stroh, who filmed himself behind the wheel of his 1979 Chevrolet Camaro in a recent SCCA autocross competition. You can check out more about Jeff’s Camaro build on his personal blog listed below, but first, make sure to turn your speakers up on full and enjoy the wondrous sound of the 500hp-plus small block Chevy on song…

Thanks Jeff for sharing this fantastic video with us! Speaking of V8 goodness, we have a whole lot of it coming up over the next two days here on Speedhunters, so stay tuned for more very soon.

Video by Jeff Stroh from Oversteer Garage.

Words by Taryn Croucher
Instagram: taryncroucher
Twitter: @taryncroucher


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I love that engine note! Great sound! Awesome cornering abilities too. Very nice.


Thanks for the feature Taryn!


What the hell ?! That thing sounds like its devouring unborn children for breakfast !! O_O !!
I know that v8 rumble, and that they scream, but i didn't knew that they can sound like that ... awesome!


I wanna see engine/trans specs for this car! it needs a full feature


Here's few thought's - While I understand Taryn for featuring this car here, and the cars looks great from the inside....well, I don't quite fully understand the driver/owner of this Camaro.
If I were to own such a car, I would drifted her all day. Or drag race her. Or use it for time attack. Or grip racing.
For what we see in these video, seems to me like an overkill. Taking a go-kart thru the same corners here would be such a great joy, more fun than the Camaro.
Question - is it a true life for a Camaro fully built to drive thru some cones on a airfield at a speed of no more than 80 mph?


greenroadster Since when is a video of an autocross proof nothing else is done with the car?


greenroadster You should really check out Jeff's personal blog… it definitely explains a few things :) http://www.oversteergarage.com


One word. HECTIC! Love it.

All American Mike Peters

Now you've got to reply to all these people about why your car sounds cool with 180* headers and a 4 barrel!!


greenroadster  That's a pretty close minded way to look at auto crossing. While you may personally think that everything besides auto cross is better than autocross, some other people (you may want to sit down for this) enjoy doing different things than you. So while you may see this a s a total misuse of the car, I'm sure the owner loves auto crossing it, considering how he auto crosses it. Just because it's not what you would do with the car doesn't mean that it's stupid or whatever. So to answer your question, yes, it is a true life for a Camaro.


Cripes that thing sounds nasty! The rotating assembly and clutch sound like they weigh ounces. Can we get a feature with full spec list? All Jeff's website says is "Mild 302, 8000rpm"


For those that are curious, here's the basics on the engine:
Built by HK Racing Engines in Houston, TX
310cubic inch small block Chevy (overbore on 4in bore x 3in stroke)
~14:1 compression, leaded race gas (112 octane)
AFR heads, professionally ported
Jesel shaft mounted rockers
Solid Roller Camshaft - over .7 lift, 104 CL
Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake, ported
650cfm Holley Carb, professionally built
Schoenfeld 180 degree headers - 1 3/4" primaries
Small diameter dual-disc clutch (5 1/2" diameter)
It's a ~530HP engine with an 8,000 RPM redline.  Coupled with 5.13 rear gears, it's a very responsive package for what we use it for!

Pete the perfect pilot

Forget the v8s, bring on the rotarys. I am waiting for mad mikes Malta build, and the promised mad mike blog from his goodwood blast, where he stuck it to the wall, in the best way possible! He was the absolute star amongst stars! So bring on the rotary goodness


Pete the perfect pilot The rotary goodness you've mentioned above is on its way, hang in there! :D


Speedhunters_Bryn The first time I watched this, I subconsciously started moving around in my seat (like those motion rides at theme parks where you watch a big screen and your seat moves around) haha


Sounds great but looks like a handful!


Few things are more impressive watching the slightly larger american steel change directions on a dime while making glorious noises on a well planned autocross course. Still remember really the first I saw was an orange 72 Camaro with fender flares and a Demon carb for road racing drifing around turns and sounding nasty. Wanted to do it ever since. Then I was lucky to be surrounded by all the Trans Am legends at once 

and am now convinced I need a 67 or 72 Camaro (NOT the one in between) or at least a 68-70 fastback mustang set up for road racing in my life.

...SCCA has also shown through people who start out autocrossing are generally the faster ones once they shift to road racing/TA.


iamcollin greenroadster Agree, it's a cool sport without taking all day and having to have trailer loads of tyres etc too. That and the good it does for your driving, real driving :)


iamcollin Thank you for your reply and for all good words you have for me. And yes, I'm still thinking that it is an overkill for this car doing this. If you are better than me and your not close minded, please take a day off and try a go-cart (karting). If you do not see me point after that, I still value your opinion. Not like you.


greenroadster iamcollin The sarcasm is strong with this one. I spent 6 years of my life go-karting. It's a completely different experience go-kart auto crossing vs. car auto crossing. I value your opinion as well, I'm just pointing out that you sound like a douche.


iamcollin But I'm not. I just defend my opinion.


I know a lot of people are complaining about the excess of V8's at the moment, but how can you complain about an engine when it sounds like this. Pure ear porn and a car that looks like a lot of fun/a slight handful to drive!


greenroadster iamcollin I never said you were. I said you sounded like one.