#iamthespeedhunter: The Aston Martin Theme

With a brand as prestigious and respected as Aston Martin, it’s no surprise that their cars have been the focus of a lot of your attention. I’d probably go as far as saying that this has been visually the strongest response we have had for a special theme on #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to get lazy and take an average picture of a great looking car, but when you put the effort in, you’re always rewarded with something special…

(Above) Choosing the lead image caused me massive grief for this week as honestly, there were so many potentials. However, Martin Persson won out with this spectacular profile shot with superb lighting and colour grading.

This is a tricker shot than it looks, as exposing for the car sat in the shade without blowing out the areas that lie in sunshine is a balancing act.

It’s quite an iconic view of the Silverstone Circuit, and with considered depth of field control , Steve has done well to capture the two Astons as they head towards Brooklands.

Strong processing on this one, but the milky blacks work with the overall treatment of what is a solid panning shot.

This one is all about the symmetry and Sam also pointed out that the badge is the last thing added to an Aston Martin, once it has passed all inspections.

This is a really beautiful abstract shot by Roger. When you drop your shutter speed into previously uncharted territories, beautiful things often happen.

I love this top down view of what would otherwise be a standard pit stop shot. Always seek that different perspective.

A circular polarising filter has been deployed here to minimise reflections and glare along the top of the car’s body. It’s a beautiful image, helped by choosing the perfect time of day to shoot.

Erhardt nailed this dark panning shot under extreme weather conditions at this year’s N24. This is about as hard as motorsport photography gets: low light, poor weather and extremely quick cars.

By presumably combining exposures, Drew was able to capture all the information he needed to create this eye-catching composition.

One of the standout images from this theme’s submission was this studio shot by Darren Chang. A large overhead soft box creates those smooth lines on the car.

Another who braved the elements at the N24 was rewarded for his efforts.

By taking advantage of another photographer’s flashgun, Bert has captured a perfect moment in time.

A portrait orientation shows us this Aston’s run through the Wippermann section of the Nordschleife.

Last but of course not least is some fine depth of field control giving a perfect view of those famous clocks.

That’s it for this theme. We still have the people theme to reveal but have decided to keep it open for another week or so, as the submissions are still coming in for it. Thank you everyone for your time sending us in your work, we appreciate it.

Paddy McGrath
Twitter: @PaddyMcGrathSH
Instagram: speedhunters_paddy



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