Nascar Power: The Rs-r Formula D Asia 86

When faced with the need to stand out, a true challenge in any forms of motorsports, it’s pretty safe to say that RS-R have taken the correct path. With a need to replace their successful, yet ageing JZA80 Supra, for this year’s Formula D Asia championship, they ended up doing things a little differently. It was decided early on that the ZN6 would be the perfect choice for this whole new project…

…but the true dilemma came when they began brainstorming ideas for the powertrain. What RS-R and Flatwell have achieved with the 2JZ is nothing short of impressive, building upon the straight-six’s capabilities and reliability extremely well, extracting superb levels of performance that kept them competitive in the various drift series they entered their Supra in. However, while the “2J” would have been a great choice, it would also have been – how can we put it – predictable. So, what did they do? They took the complete opposite path and in the process challenged both themselves as well as their drivers. The result is the car you see here, well a 95% finished interpretation of it at least. So if you focus beyond the “in-progress” looks your will find what has to be the most complex drift-oriented Toyota 86 anyone has so far created…

…boasting a TRD NASCAR V8 swap. Now for all you Formula D fans out there, seeing V8 transplants must be pretty normal but you need to understand how uncommon this is in Japan. This is the first time RS-R have attempted anything like this and the result is simply mouthwateringly impressive.

Plus, seeing those TRD head covers in a Toyota chassis, well it just looks so right doesn’t it! The V8 motor was sourced from the US and originally came from Ed Pink Racing Engines (EPRE) in California.

EPRE converted it to fuel injection by welding in eight injector ports on the existing inlet manifold, fed by a pair of Wilson Manifolds fuel rails.

An LS-series electric throttle was then added along with the top mounted 90-degree elbow, the whole assembly along with Blitz mesh filter sticking right through the hood, something that will become the car’s most recognizable feature, especially after Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto completes the hood scoop that will cover it all. But more on that later on.

Ignition is handled again by a direct coil system borrowed from an LS engine, replacing the distributor that was run originally.

The engine already came with billet aluminum anchor points, so what Flatwell had to do (the shop that was commissioned to build the 86) is machine some mounts and position the whole unit properly in the vast engine bay. And I say vast because there is plenty of clearance all around the engine, one of the benefits of designing a car around a boxer motor. The 86 really is made for swaps!

The stainless steel headers have individual temperature sensors for each cylinder, one of the many parameters that are logged via the Motec engine management system. In this way the best possible performance can be extracted safely from the engine at all rpm, as the ECU continuously monitors and adapts to even the smallest variation of temperature, A/F ratio and knock. This allows both drivers of the car, Manabu Orido and Fredric Aasbø to make full use of the close to 750 HP the motor churns out without many concerns. This is precisely why RS-R went for this set-up, the NASCAR engine offering the best of everything – ample power and torque, simplicity and reliability. All they had to do it drop it into the compact ZN6 chassis and set it all up for its new dorisha duty!

Lubrication is dry-sump of course but for best weight distribution the oil tank, as you will see further down, is located in the trunk and feeds the scavenger pumps up front via very long and very large diameter braided lines. Big engine big everything else – including the truck sized Fram oil filter.

We were invited to check out the car’s first shakedown test in Suzuka Twin the other week, where both Orido and Fredric worked hard with the team to iron out little problems and get everything working properly. You will be finding out all about that from Fredric’s own blog soon, but needless to say it was impressive seeing the RS-R guys at work once again, fine tuning an all new machine and make it perform so damn well in such short time! But enough of that, let’s get back to the car itself! As you have probably already noticed the exterior of the 86 has been pumped up with a full 6666 Customs Rocket Bunny aero, the same that is used on Fredric’s own car back in Norway. Kei Miura will be adding some custom touches like the hood scoop and a custom rear diffuser section, but the most important additions to the car itself –  from a performance point of view – were the front and rear overfenders. These allow the Enkei wheels to be pushed right out to increase front & rear track and give tons of space for aggressive negative camber, as well as toe and caster adjustments.

Behind the front RP03 hides a Project µ brake upgrade with big 6-pot calipers and 2-piece slotted discs, 4-pots at the back Also take a look at the spacers that have been added to further increase track and play around with geometry on the test day.

To appreciate the car you have to look beyond its unfinished, multi-colored exterior. The stock red doors are to be replaced with lightweight dry carbon items to slash a good 20+ kg from the body and the whole car will be painted white before the trademark RS-R graphics are applied.

There isn’t much bumper left, everything has been cut away to expose the underpinnings of the custom rear treatment. The tubular section is there to hold the custom cooling set up in place…

…as well as to offer an anchor point for the megaphone titanium exhaust. Actually it shouldn’t even be called an exhaust but a screamer pipe, from where thunder is released when Fredric or Orido give the slightest prod to the throttle. Never has anyone heard a V8 scream like this in Japan, that’s for sure!

Sending drive to the rear wheels is a Winters Performance quick change rear end that not only allows tons of adjustability for the various tracks in the Formula D Asia series, but great reliability…

…when pulling these sort of full-throttle-in-fourth-gear epic drift moves! The rest of the driveline is finished off with a Hollinger sequential transmission…

…further helping to annihilate lots of sets of Yokohama Advan Neova rubber!

Undo the two rear latches and the top quick release pins and the featherweight carbon trunk lid is easily lifted off the car…

…revealing this work of art. It may look extremely complex in there but the need to balance the weight efficiently in the car dictated the need to shift components into the trunk.

The big tank is for the dry-sump lubrication and on top of holding 12 liters of top of the line synthetic oil, it’s also fitted with a warmer to get the oil up to temperature before it’s circulated into the engine.  The rest of the piping you see feeds the two L-shaped radiators that have been beautifully…

…positioned on each corner of the trunk area… Along with the engine’s water pump…

…an additional two electric pumps are added to help flow the coolant the extra distance.

It’s all topped off with this overflow tank.

To further help shave weight off the rear glass has been replaced with a lightweight lexan sheet while the roof has been hacked off and a dry carbon one fitted in its place. The attention to detail truly is mind boggling.

This rough cover placed over the lateral rear windows is a piece custom made by Nakawatase-san, Kei Miura’s newest employee and known for his crazy military themed Volklinger S14 Silvia. Once cut out it will help channel even more air towards the rear radiators and give another bespoke touch to the car’s exterior.

Open the soon to be replaced stock doors…

…and your first sight is the highly bolstered Bride racing seat, where Fredric and Orido will do their thing.

This Nardi steering wheel is what Orido used during the test days, with Fredric preferring a deeper cupped Tanida item for a more “rally-style” driving position.

All engine parameters are displayed via the Motec SDL3 digital display dash unit…

…and if you peek behind the semi-stripped stock dash you can just about see the Motec M800 unit, the brains of the car.

I thought this was a neat way to take care of the switch panel, rather than lining up a bunch of old style toggle switches on the center console everything is cleanly  arranged in this easy to understand switch panel. The buttons are even rubberized so that you don’t slip while pressing them while wearing race gloves.

With Fredric being quite a bit taller than Orido, an adjustable pedal box was a must so that, just like in the Supra, both drivers can be easily accommodated.

One of the most important commands in a drift car is of course the handbrake (or e-brake/side-brake depending on what sort of English you speak). The level actuates the Wilwood hydraulic pump that instantly locks the rear wheels to initiate drifts or help the driver prolong them.

The rear section of the cabin is where the fuel system is laid out along with the aluminum water lines…

…and the beefy braided oil lines.

RS-R and Flatwell knew their new Formula D Asia car had to be special, but after spending some time looking over the 86 in detail at Suzuka Twin, not to mention observing two days of testing, we can safely say they have really outdone themselves in every way.

We were lucky enough to get some images minutes ago from the RS-R guys showing the almost completed look of the 86. The team were back out for one last test session in Okayama yesterday…

…with Orido, fine tuning the suspension set up before the car is sent off on its 9-month voyage around Asia. Needless to say we can’t wait to see Fredric rip up the track in Melbourne next month at the first round of the 2013 FDA season!


Engine & driveline: 2006-spec 5.7 L TRD NASCAR V8, custom engine mounts, Ed Pink Racing Engines fuel injection conversion, Ed Pink Racing Engines direct coil ignition conversion, Ed Pink Racing Engines electronic throttle conversions, Blitz mesh filter, custom dry sump system with rear mounted tank, custom rar mounted twin L-shaped radiators, twin electric water pumps, custom fuel system, Motec M800 ECU, Hollinger sequential transmission, Winters Performance quick-change rear end

Suspenson & Brakes: RS-R adjustable front & rear dampers, wide selection of springs, custom front subframe, custom front lower arms and tie rods, Project µ 6-pot front calipers, Project µ 4-pot rear calipers, Project µ 2-piece slotted rotors front and rear

Wheels & Tires: Enkei PF01 9.5Jx18, Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 235/40R18 (front), 265/35R18 rear

Exterior: 6666 Customs Rocket Bunny full aero, custom Rocket Bunny side intakes, carbon fiber doors, carbon fiber trunk, carbon fiber hood, custom Rocket Bunny rear diffuser & hood scoop, carbon rood, lexan rear glass

Interior: Fully spot welded and reinforced chassis, custom weld-in roll cage, Bride racing bucket seat, Taktata MPH-341 racing harnesses, Nardi steering wheel (Orido), Tanida steering wheels (Fredric), race switch panel, Motec SDL3 dash display, Flatwell adjustable pedal box, billet ARC handbrake lever & Willwood hydraulic pump

RS-R Japan


Formula D Asia

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Any luck of finding videos of this beast?


Any luck of finding videos of this beast?


Any luck of finding videos of this beast?


Any videos of this beast?




Very impressive build!  Though Fram oil filter?  I've not been impressed by their quality...interested to know why they went that way.
Anyway, the last few photos show what might be the best looking ZN6 I've seen...just needs that hood scoop and some kind of part to cover/vent the holes on the front where they took out the stock fog lights/turn signals or whatever that is.  
This car wears that camber very well, and much better than if it had been a completely slammed show car or something.  This is what a functional car looks like and it looks awesome.


In the last photo, the side air intakes look like little cat ears.


In the last photo, the side air intakes look like little ears.


The best feature and build in this genre I've seen in ages. Congratulations Speedhunters, its hard in this day & age to say "keep up the good work" like this but... it makes it all worthwhile to see gems like this at least a few times a year.


shits bad ass i love it, is that opening behind the rear window the main inlet to the radiators? or are the two side rear window panels the only inlet to supply all the air?


The car seems to be well built, props on that......whether the V8 is common or not in Japan, it's safe to say that we started to witness a lack of thinking-outside-the-box in motor swaps.
There are always the same motors swaps. LS's, 2JZ, seems some people are trying to compensate for lack of manhood or something.
I understand that drifting is all show and entertainment.....but this to me is just boring.
Now, while the Rocket Bunny is a cool looking bodykit, they have been literally shoveled down our throat. We need some change!


 Agreed, but atleast its a yota engine this time..


That side profile! Awesome!


I'm tired of drift cars. Speedhunters exagerates drift. As i said before, drift is a class B movie in motorsports.
Drift should have stayed in the mountains of Japan.
In case someone cares, theres WRC, F1, Touring Cars in it's various guises, theres GT racing, etc, etc...
But in speedhunters for every time theres a cover story about one of these variants of motorsport, there triple the stories about drift.
It's getting boring to check speedhunters every day, because there allways bragging about drift or anything else related.
As i said, it's BORING! And theres far more better things in japanese motorsport then drift.
Took it out of my chest.


@Johnjusto While you fully entitled to your preference of other disciplines of Motorsport, calling drift B grade is an insult to all the top drivers out there and the skills which they possess.


@JDMizedWell, if it works, why use something else thats never been used before, where you have to develop parts to make it work?
I agree that these swaps are very common. Not in Japan, but everywhere else. They might have looked at other engines, but you just cannot deny how easy this develops power, and the engines reliability. You cant compete in Drift if you have to overhaul the engine between each run.


I'm not a fan of V8 swaps at all. This one is quite interesting, though. This is shaping up to be one of my favorite ZN6 builds.


that's pretty cool


Very nice, I can't wait to see this monster in competition. Dino you bring the best content. Thank You.


@varilight Well, you missed my point. I think that for example Orido or Tsuchyia are great racing drivers, same as everibody else on the drift circus, but the fact that there are great drivers competing doesn't mean the sport is good.
Watching a drift event is like watching an action movie full of explosions and great action scenes, but no good story to tell in the end.
All i meant is that coverage of drift on Speedhunters is exagerated, and not enough of the other categories.
Thank you Speedhunters for everything else.


@DanielPihlAndersen Any idea how expensive are parts for a genuine NASCAR crate motor? It ain't cheap, I tell you that. And since they spent money into MoTec electronics, they could have source a lesser bulky engine.....


@varilight  @Johnjusto Same can be said for London bus drivers. But no one is bitching for them.


Looks awesome in the last photo


"best of everything – ample power and torque, simplicity and reliability."All the simplicity was taken out when they completely changed to motor to be Fuel injected and put coils on it from the LS motors.


@TheCajunGaijin Well yes, and no. The "simplicity" part is more a comparison to say the turbocharged and nitrous injected 2J that they were using in the Supra. The move from carb to EFI is more of a necessity come on! What year is this again...


@LegacyCT Thanks man!


@Autolegend  @varilight Admittedly we used to focus a lot on drift but not any more, look at how we have spread out over the last year. Don't you think so?


@speedhunters_dino I can accept that.  I'm a huge 1J fan though.I did like working on my carburetors.  Sometimes distributors not so much.  But when you have to chase down firing problems because there is a crack in a coil pack somewhere from heat.  That sucks.I will agree this car is awesome no doubt, the technological wonder going on inside is quite amazing.  I'm sure there are so many people working on it and it will be run over time and again before the drift runs that it won't have any time to break anything.


@JDMized  @DanielPihlAndersen Give me one engine that not only delivers the same performance and reliability but has as much "wow factor" as this TRD unit.


@zamm333 Yes it's the main inlet for air


@micke_j Thank you! It took a lot of time and work to get this done and there is still more coming from Fredric's blog so check that out next week!


@ToyotaSupraMan LOL, little ears that suck in air


@TheCrudMan I think it came with the engine package.


@izzy_ortiz Yes one coming up soon...


Toyota HQ:
"Genterrmen, we have doneu the impossibruu. We haveu built a GT86 that isa capaburr ofa crimbing a sright hill!!"


@speedhunters_dino  @Autolegend  @varilight  Some people just can't enjoy a good post. If your so desperate for Motorsports in which you consider "A Class." There are Many websites out there, ie: covers everything in which you just ranted about. Speed hunters tries to bring you news in motorsports through their lens (eyes) and cover some things that would never get covered at all. If you don't like drifting that is fine but do not come and rant on someones posting saying they don't cover enough of certain motorsport. Just don't click.


the men behind this kind of bonkers fabrication and ideology are my idols. Can't wait until I'm capable of this stuff. For now I'll just figure out a stock 2j swap


NASCAR V8 swap?! Insane! From a personal experience, those engines are nothing to sneeze at. Impressed that they built a chassis to take that power and tune it for drifting.


this babe needs some itb's


Awesome car and thanks for the coverage.The switch panel is made by RaceGrade. The Motec community has been pushing them recently b/c of ease of integration with the PDM system.


you're stupid go away


@Johnjusto we are pulling back on drift coverage this year :)


@JDMized @DanielPihlAndersen
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this actually weighs less than most four cylinders, as the LS series is. It would AT LEAST be lighter than an iron block 2J and all it's accompanying turbo gear. I'll agree with V8s and Rocket Bunny getting boring though. At least this V8 is a little different, and TRD to boot.


can't wait to see this car in FD Asia!


Toyota competition drift machine powered by a NASCAR V8? Kinda like Tanner's old NASCAR V8-powered TC... except the GT86 looks a lot nicer.


While it is built to a high quality, the more I look at it the car looks like a homebuilt contraption.
Air filter through the bonnet, oddly shaped scoops on the boot and side windows, cut away rear bumper and no rear camber.
Don't get me wrong it is built to a high level, it just looks a bit rushed.


@RodChong  @Johnjusto I check this page for drift news Everyday. Thanks for telling me im wasting my time.This was the only site where i could get up to date drift news and coverage from the whole world. now im lucky to get a fix of something from europe once a week if that. The grassroots stuff i loved is pretty much non existant. Only drift car features are of pro machines with v8s. But No ADGP, no formula d, no d1gp, no drift muscle, no MSC, no grassroots track days like ASB, matsuri or any of that jazz. I miss it and i want it back.

Check out the site, watch the video and donate! Save Danny George's season!
Do eeet!


@EthanGuzzi @Johnjusto
We will still cherry pick a variety of grass roots events from around the world. But the balance has already been shifted.


@JDMized Very impressive. But it's sort of already been done hasn't it? I mean not utilizing this particular billet block but the Cosworth EJ26 in Hibino's DrooP/AVO 86 in D1 last year was a pretty extreme interpretation of an EJ. Formula D USA will also have one ZC6 this year with a fully built EJxx


@PrincetonWong Awesome, thanks for the info, I really liked it


I did ask them why not for for ITBs as that's the first thing that popped into my ming. They did say it would bring more power but they don't need more power far too complex. Keep it simple!


@Johnjusto I Love the variety here, on any given day the first few pages will have features on drift, drag, rally, street cars, model cars, hot rods, tracks etc. The variety IMO is the best thing about this place.


Sorry, not feeling it.... for me this is 'just another' V8 swapped car. These conversion are taking all soul what's left of the initial idea of drifting out of it. Drifting used to be a group of person upgrading their standard cars and improve drinving skillz. Now it's just another money making machine with high budget cars nobody can relate to any more.
They killed Rallying in thesame way.... Get back to your roots plz


aaaaand it's ruined.....


@Neal I completely agree with you Neal.
For the longest time drifting had been about honing the skill up the mountain, away from public eyes.....
Now it's just a world wide business where everyone wants their cut and recognition.


lame v8 swap but i will give points for keeping it toyota at least.


same thing happened to import drag racing too hopefully drifting doest end up like pro import drags did.


@speedhunters_dino The "sort of already done" doesn't count.
Greddy swapped a EJ26 Cosworth long block in Ken Gushi's 86, and so did Hibino.
Bullet blocks albeit expensive are available to the public, unlike NASCAR engines.
I can go on and on about how a EJ engine was designed to keep the center of gravity low while making great power, whereas the TRD V8 is bulky and tall, screwing up weight distribution.
The point here is that these days everyone wants to swap in a V8 for more power.
Orido did that to his black 86, and just recently another UK based tuning shop swapped in a IS-F engine in their 86......
4 bangers these days are a things of the past?


So they Americanized Japan's new pride..... Doesn' seem right and it isn't going to sound right. D1 SL is the best drift venue today,keep it primarily stock,limit motor swaps and see how great the driver's skills are


i expected 90% of these comments to be like "THAT INTAKE ISNT GONNA WORK, I AM AN AERODYNAMIC AND I KNOW EVERYTHING" so it surprises me that most of them are actually fairly sensible complaints about putting V8s in goddamn everything


what type of transmission was used on this swap?


Effef hawt


@paulvang96 Hollinger


should've kept it in true 'merican with a double pumper or dominator and a dizzy


This thing is a monster!

Sneaky Squirrel

To be really original they should have used an RV8K.....


@RodChong  @EthanGuzzi  @Johnjusto  Google is a powerful tool, try using it sometime. MSC has their own website and if you use Google it will automatically translate. covers formula D asia, Formula D and has alot of drifting news. Hell if you use Facebook and like a bunch of drifting pages the news pops right up on your feed. 2013 and people still can't use Google. Speed Hunters does enough for bringing you coverage that you normally wouldn't get anywhere else. Stop complaining. If speed hunters never existed what would you be doing now?


Where's the tacky SpeedHunters sticker you alway slap on all the cars you shoot?


That podfilter looks atrocious. Kinda sick of seeing swaps in all forms. I'd like to see someone make the standard engine competitive atleast once!


Why do you say that? The air-filter through the bonnet will be covered by an air scoop that is currently being made by TRA Kyoto. The other scoops are there to help cool the rads, cut away rear bumper will be finished off with a TRA Kyoto finned diffuser. If it looks rushed it's because it isn't quite completed yet ;)


@TylerS13 I hear what you are saying, but rest assured grassroots drifting is still very much alive - you just have to look elsewhere. How can you even begin to think that pro level teams aren't going to continue to evolve?


@Fernando M Care to elaborate?


@180sxmaniac Ehm...I disagree on the sound comment - it sounds insane! Orido's V8 86 wasn't criticized as much, yet like the RS-R car it follows the same recipe of a Toyota engine in an 86 chassis.


@ComJive LOL


@paulvang96 No offence but there are strange little white wiggly characters under each picture...wonder what they are... ;)


What language is that? lol


@otar ...and it sounds like one too!


@Dawsaurus HKS have done that in D1...except it isn't competitive. Teams need to build cars that win, or are in with a chance of doing so...


@speedhunters_dino Dino, I'm gonna say this:
Tsuchiya and Inada left D1 Grand Prix because of bureaucracy and internal conflicts with people involved in the events.
Now their Drift Muscle series is much more welcomed and low key.


All that work beautiful work... All ruined with a fram oil filter.
The car looks awesome!! But get a better filter.


@speedhunters_dino Yeah I understand that, it sucks but. Everyones in such a rush to go over the top they take the original essence out of the sport. Ahwel! There's always grassroots events which are much more interesting.


@speedhunters_dino I do appreciate they kept it Toyota with a TRD engine though. Thank hell it wasn't an LS!


Anyone want a Nascar V8 in Australia check out Riverside Racing Parts - Liams the bloke who owns/built that insane tube frame, SR20DE, wide body Hyundai Excel on RPF01s (you need to feature that car!). Pretty sure he's probably got some Hollingers laying around too hehe


I'm pretty sure that came with the engine package. These not that good then?


@Dawsaurus That's what I thought too!


Double barrel Holley and Distributor Im guessing.


@JDMized  @speedhunters_dino are you saying you would like to see more Drift Muscle events covered?


Oh sweet! The bonnet scoop will look good. It'd be interesting to see how the V8 fitted if the firewall was moved back a couple inches. Unsure if the rules allow that tho.
Yea I realised that about the rear scoops. They look different to what others use NACA ducts and the like.
It will be interesting to see how it goes.


@Meanace Thanks for the translation haha


@speedhunters_dino He be speakin' 'Murican.


Why are we not seeing EJ turbo engines in these cars. A v8 conversion just ruins it IMO, but then again so does the same boring over fender kit.
Hopefully in the coming years we will see some tastefully modded examples...or maybe not, maybe the hey day of tastefully modded cars is coming to an end.


@speedhunters_dino There's an old wives tail about the "orange can of death" by internet hand wringers and google experts about the fram street filters having "cardboard" endcaps vs stamped metal. Some of these guys have never been through the pits where you'll see engines that cost more than my house being filtered by fram "HP" filters.


@speedhunters_dino There's an old wives tail about the "orange can of death" by internet hand wringers and google experts about the fram street filters having "cardboard" endcaps vs stamped metal. Some of these guys have never been through the pits where you'll see engines that cost more than my house being filtered by fram "HP" filters.


We went from people b*tching about too many 240sx and sr20s too bitching about too many v8s and not enough originality. There are still a ton of grass root drifting events left around the world. One word "Google". Dino you need to educate some of these people more about why drifting has come to the point it is at now and that the origins it started from still exist. Don't these people come on here and ruin a good post and saying you don't do enough of this or you do too much of that.


Don't "let" these people**


@speedhunters_dino  @Meanace  ubiquitous v8 carbs (holley 4150 and 4500) that are found on pretty much every road race, circle track, and drag strip v8 engine.  lots of drag set-ups involving fuel injection use the 4500 design as a throttle body


this ARC handbrake assembly is a piece of art!
Does anybody now if this is a one-off item or also sold to the public?


this ARC handbrake assembly is a piece of art!
Does anybody know if this is a one-off item or also sold to the public?


@MattClarke who the hell are you? SChassis dominate drift
events for obvious reasons. Maybe if Toyota and Subie wake up and price that 86
At its true price 19k we would see a new drift favorite but until then your gonna see
the Silvia @ 180sx dominate drifting


@Phishy  @Johnjusto This is not a specifically drift-related comment but, it does seem like SH is getting gradually more mainstream, which is disappointing to me personally. And a bit surprising given that in the reader polls, the loudest cry seems to always be for more variety and more grassroots coverage... Granted there is always google and faecesbook etc, but for me the beauty of SH is/was that it covered such an enormous range of different car cultures, and often quite obscure corners of car culture, from all different parts of the world... ALL IN ONE PLACE. Like, you never knew what was going to get posted next, and that was very exciting. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that some of that has been lost along with the (admirable) expansion of the site. Baby & bathwater? I don't know, just my 10p worth. Still love you guys...


I think the days of "Hard Parking Brand Whores" are coming to an end. People are starting to see the beauty inherent in function.  This is a pedigreed racing engine with JATO like torque, instant throttle response, and a power to weight ratio of a nuclear weapon but yeah.... PURSHROD V8S RUIN THE PURITY OF MAH ASPHALT FIGURE SKATING!


jeez they sure need a wider front bumper lol.looks horrible from the front.not a fan at all.. 1000's of builds, this one is aesthetically p*ss poor, especially for a professional drift car!


If Mike Tyson were a car, he'd be this car. Hood throttle body = facial tattoo and it looks like (and probably sounds like) it's ready to bite your ear off and eat your babies.


@speedhunters_dino  @TylerS13 Mr D C, by "look elsewhere" are you saying we should be looking for other websites for our daily variety mix car culture fix? Because that would be very dissappointing :(


@speedhunters_dino  @JDMized Yes please.


@milkplus pretty much sounds just like that lol


As far as a cool car, yeah, it's quite ok. But as far as making me want to purchase an FRS/GT86/BRZ, absolutely zero interest gained. I understand swapping the 20 year old KA out of the 240sx for a different motor, but I do not want to see a BRAND NEW CAR getting it's motor pulled, I want to see the OE motor pushed to the limit first. Also, I am tired of that body kit already, someone has to be making a less aggressive looking piece by now. I hate Mondays.


@speedhunters_dino To elaborate my positive POV, features like these would not be possible unless the beat writer/photographer understood what really makes this such a piece of machinery. Kudos.
Sadly, even your elaborate work does not reach some here it seems to get clear about how this is truly not just "another JDM car ruined by a LS-swap".
It sickens me to see most comments above where you have to educate people with absolutely no humility to their lack of knowledge. Glad I saw Rod post something about cutting back on general Drift coverage, feels pretty pointless as we already have 50 000 self proclaimed experts in the drifting-scene. Lets just agree its better to leave them on their own Island where it will all end in a "lord of the flies" manor.
Let Speedhunters and guys like yourself dedicate time on the big dogs, for people who appreciate engineering and general quality of press.
In the instance of fake lifestylers, the only win win scenario would be to get some builds with lot of hear and soul into them at grassroots-level. But again, you would just be serving stuff for people who chew it a few times and spit it out unless its perfectly cooked.
Rant over, by god if 2013 wont be my year of a big paradigmshift in trying to appeal to these new generation "internetz experts" and just stick to reading about and doing stuff closely related for purists... Again: Keep up the good work and dont let trolls decieve you to seek for the shortterm "Like" or whatever currency they live by...
/Micke @ Superior.


Reserving judgement on its aesthetics until the body/paint is complete, I'm sure Mr. Miura will do an excellent job on it.Would love to see some video or sound clips of this thing, really interested to hear what it sounds like with that blast tube.


Man all these post and so many haters... This car is a work of art in the function department, Japan never sees these kind of builds Im glad RSR is branching out and trying new things. If  it runs and sounds half as good as Tanners TC Ill be stoked. Hope it makes its way stateside.


I couldn't agree more.


@DeleriousZ the body/paint is complete if you havent seen the finished product see dino's fb page or google it, and the front still looks the same...crazy to have a NASCAR powered gt86 competing in japan, but damn i still think that front is uuuugly.


@r0taryh3ad I believe it is one-off piece, but ASD (Autosport Dynamics) Motorsports makes a similar one:


@speedhunters_dino No, I'm saying that people that have been in the business longer than you and I combined (Daijiro Inada and Keiichi Tsuchiya) realized that the drift craze in Japan got out of hands. And tried (successfully) to bring drifting back to its roots.
a 1000hp engines these days is standard in drift events around the world. I venture to say, "where's the e-brake initiation? the flicking of the steering wheel?" With a car that makes 1000hp, 1000 for God sake!!" Those guy just mash the gas and roost their tires, forget about the e-brake.
The new generation of drifters are a different pedigree from the old school ones.
I think the true spirit of drifting lays on people that honed their skill with under-power tin can (the AE86) and truly know how to drive those cars to the max. You CAN have an exciting event when the field is level and the drivers MAKE the difference.
What happened to Kazuhiro Ueo, or Kazama Yasuyuki and many others? They won a bunch and left the sport.


@IshMel Yup. all the haters got an opinion on this PROFESSIONAL DRIFT CAR (not a street car! Built to WIN!!) yet not a single one of any of these posters are A) a team owner that makes the $$ decision, B) a DRIVER of these cars. or C) competing in ANY professional drift series.
That means every single one of these people's opinions don't matter and aren't worth the pixels they are printed with. This car will be a  competitive monster, and THATS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS HERE.


@180sxmaniac  @MattClarke  uhh if you read, i have no problem with 1 or 100 S chassis's in drifting the complaint was made about people treating everything like a fad. Read.


@Aaron48  @DeleriousZ Last 2 pix?


@FunctionFirst lol gotta learn me some of that




Not having a go at v8s and especially not having a go at a NASCAR v8, but I just think it would be cool to see a well worked boxer engine in a competition 86.
In regards to 'Hard Parking Brand Whores' not quite sure why that's relevant here.


@Aaron48  @DeleriousZ it won't be competing in japan, it's for fromula d asia


@180sx0  @milkplus there are more pro builds with boxers than there are with v8's, and try to remember this is a professional drift car, there are "tastefully" modded examples doing the rounds of the stancefag sites, maybe try looking there


yo u obliviously have never tryed to work a boxer motor they do not make big power and they go bang alot faster than a proper piston motor  and that v8 even in factory form will still out perform and subaru motor out to day weather its got a turbo or not.they have swaped to a v8 for its low end power so he can use more hand brake and less clutch.and i garantee that it will be alot more reliable wiv less maintance required after each drift day


@IshMel  dude soo true i can see why they took out the shitty boxer to i mean why have a toybaru when u can have a v8  tyre shreder stamped wiv TRD


@D1RGE EXE  @IshMel i bet most of the haters dont even no the first thing about how to drift a car i mean kickin it out around a roundabout or as u turn in or out of a street and shit these guys hit the corner in a straight line at 200k+ then turn and control the slide is drifting if u are sideways before the corner it counts if its halfway threw the corner its a slide..


@777  @180sx0  @milkplus you have a point but the reliabilty wiv a v8 even an old carby 308 will still be more reliable than a poxi piston slapping across the motor.and keep in mind a v8 is alot easier to mod in your back yard and have it reliable than any other layout


no my freind a 1uz lexus would of been more original to keep it with strong highly modifiable engine that wont be poping head gaskets and pistons out the side like the rv8k are known for


@speedhunters_dino um real car talk my freind.but if u are to keep a dizzy and carbi u lose atleast 50% of the trottle response that is required to battle that close


@Meanace  @speedhunters_dino he means double pumper as in a twin fuel pump set up lol and dominator is a carby brand from the early 70s use in most motor sport engines of their day


@LesBruce @IshMel I think people would take you a lot more seriously if you opted to use proper grammar and spelling.


@speedhunters_dino  @paulvang96 what are you talking about ?


@milkplus  @speedhunters_dino I dont know about these MASSIVE filters, but there is no myth about fram filters being awful. I have personally seen these filters throwing filter debris into the engine. I have taken one apart and seen the cardboard endcap for myself.  Again, I have no idea about this type of fram filter, but the common street ones are garbage.


@r0taryh3ad  I doubt ARC Brazing made this. I think whoever made the pedal box also did this. they both have the same design traits.


thank you very much for the hint, they are also currently on sale... just ordered one for my FD :) If it's good enough for mad mike, it's more then good enough for me ;) I've owned 2 K-Sport/D2 handbrakes and they are a piece of s***... I've bended both handles and the brake cylinder mounting box several times... ;)


intresting, If you look at the e-brake handle, there is the ARC logo on it... *confused*


so, finally, I've found it! :)
You were right! It's not from ARC ;)
The handbrake assembly and the pedal box are both from a company called Perpetually TONNKA, a company based in Malaysia...
the don't have a website but a facebook fanpage... I think I have to get in touch with this guys looks like a real good quality product :)


update 2... funny thing... this is their website:
the website title says "ARC Engineerings & Trading" ;) mystery solved I think :)


@777 @milkplus
Sorry my friend, unlike you I don't frequent fag sites....I'd just be happy to see a couple of modded stock examples...


@LesBruce @777 @milkplus
I am not disputing the advantages or disadvantages of one engine or another, I'm just surprised there are not more 'boxer engines' examples. As I said just an observation and I'm not here to get into silly arguments about personal preferences.


More pro builds with boxers than V8's...I find that hard to believe. What exactly makes this build 'professional'?
I don't frequent fag sites, maybe you can provide some insight.....


@MattClarke  @RodChong The point being is even with all of these liked fb pages there are events i find about months after they happen... and even then there is stuff all coverage. Usually you will get Forum junk that might have a whisper of the event in question. If i even find out about the events.


@MattClarke  @RodChong The point being is even with all of these liked fb pages there are events i find about months after they happen... and even then there is stuff all coverage. Usually you will get Forum junk that might have a whisper of the event in question. If i even find out about the events.


@LesBruce did you go to school?


@LesBruce  @Meanace  @speedhunters_dino double pumper is just slang and actually refers to the dual fuel inlets and dual float bowls on a four barrel v8 carb.  one float bowl and fuel inlet for 2 barrels.  in this day and age, it seems that old school terms take on new meanings or forms.  think NOS...  no one EVER called it "naws".  it was always just N.O.S.  god, i love fast and the furious


No desktop of the almost done 86? I'll need a desktop of it in completed state. :D
This 86 is just crazy!


@LesBruce That really has nothing to do with what I said as I never said it wouldn't be competitive. I'm sorry I don't like it for personal reasons, I'm sure it will be fast though.


@D1RGE EXE  @IshMel So unless you are also, "A) a team owner that makes the $$ decision, B) a DRIVER of these cars. or C) competing in ANY professional drift series.", your opinion doesn't mean anything either, correct? So you are as worthless as the pixels you are 'displayed' on as well.


@milkplus  @speedhunters_dino Just because the Fram filter is in a race car, does not mean it should be in your car. How many times do they rebuild their motor in a year? How many times do you rebuild yours? How much does Fram pay them to run their filter? -probably a few engines worth.
The "Google experts" actually did lots of legwork on oil filters and much of their results are easy to find online. That being said, I am not entirely familiar with the HP series but here is what most people who dislike Fram refer too:


Jeez I knew there would be some haters but come on lol. Its a competition car with a proven engine package in it. I'm not a big v8 fan but a Toyota NASCAR engine in an 86 is bad ass. And does anyone know what switch panel that is?


Motec switch panel!


Great write-up on a tremendous effort! The spirit of the '86 is pretty exciting. Can't wait to get my own (BRZ or FR-S) and start tinkering!




@IshMel yup!


@IshMel yup!


@IshMel yup!


ToyotaPR Cheers for the namecheck! I won't mention the fact we tweeted virtually the same footage (slightly shorter) back in mid-Feb... ;-)


ToyotaPR Cheers for the namecheck! I won't mention the fact we tweeted virtually the same footage (slightly shorter) back in mid-Feb... ;-)


ToyotaPR Cheers for the namecheck! I won't mention the fact we tweeted virtually the same footage (slightly shorter) back in mid-Feb... ;-)


Petrolhead's dream, Scott... ToyotaPR SPEEDHUNTERS banzaimag :)


Petrolhead's dream, Scott... ToyotaPR SPEEDHUNTERS banzaimag :)


Petrolhead's dream, Scott... ToyotaPR SPEEDHUNTERS banzaimag :)


banzaimag You did mention it, but I think you got away with it. ;-)


banzaimag You did mention it, but I think you got away with it. ;-)


banzaimag You did mention it, but I think you got away with it. ;-)


ToyotaPR Phew.... It's getting some great reaction, isn't it? Have you seen the old skool equivalent in the UK:


ToyotaPR Phew.... It's getting some great reaction, isn't it? Have you seen the old skool equivalent in the UK:


ToyotaPR Phew.... It's getting some great reaction, isn't it? Have you seen the old skool equivalent in the UK:


ToyotaPR Hope they have checked the valve springs! :-)


ToyotaPR Hope they have checked the valve springs! :-)


ToyotaPR Hope they have checked the valve springs! :-)


ToyotaPR And a longer vid of the NASCAR V8-engined GT86 with interviews (and subtitles!):


ToyotaPR And a longer vid of the NASCAR V8-engined GT86 with interviews (and subtitles!):


ToyotaPR And a longer vid of the NASCAR V8-engined GT86 with interviews (and subtitles!):


this 86 is just a great feat of engineering! 1 of a kind.


mecukss savējo no servisa izdzini?


HooniganSaulo I saw the stats on it the other day. Pretty sick


@FredricAasbo Oh I see, so its CAN bussed to the ecu for reduced wiring and what not.


Cor_So_Nasty redonkulous!!! You going to limerock?


HooniganSaulo I wish I was :/ but I am working that day. Are you?


Cor_So_Nasty same here working. Hows the Project FC going!


HooniganSaulo just needs an ecu system and it's all set to drive again. Lol. But project 240 is all set and done... for now lol


Cor_So_Nasty very nice! This summer should be pretty sweet!


Very interesting build, definitely something different. That TRD motor looks the tits in that bay... I hope they will lower the rear though... Looks a bit weird from the front 3/4 angle.


@r0taryh3ad The handbrake is sold by Era-1. See the link


damn this be cray


@Legon The most expensive sound system of whomever's watching this will not do that engine sound justice. I think everyone should hear a NASCAR V8/ DART big block  at full song, ideally amongst other big angry engines. Everyone at that track drivers included were probably thinking "THIS! This is how things should sound...all the times."

@the hate on one thing you may as well hate on every little advancement in drifting until you've stripped it all back to the mountain passes of Kyushu or elsewhere. You like your revised suspension geometry jewels on your 180sx? Wings? Cages for safety, turbo or jaydee mm engine swaps? I bet ya do. I'll also bet most of you motherf*&#ers didn't start out in those mountain passes. Likely an empty Costco parking lot. You don't hear the Japanese bitching about Aasbo coming from Norway.  We may not even be talking about drifting if those OG togue drifters didn't try to push the envelope. I've been a drift fan since '97 and I understand it can hurt when someone takes your special, secret little thing, shares it with everyone, changes it...

The beauty of a performance car is how well it can perform its given task, and obviously Speedhunters is about celebrating the craftsmanship in the individual journeys to that end. This car is a tool for showmanship (like all drifting)-the sound, the smoke, the angle and it does that job very well.