McLaren released this very un-McLaren animation in the build-up to last weekend’s British Grand Prix – it’s the first in a series which will be aired over the coming weeks on Sky Sports in the UK. One three-minute episode will be shown for each of the remaining races this year, with a full series planned for 2013.

Like the opening episode, you could race two of the statements from McLaren’s press release against each other. Group Chairman Ron Dennis said that “Tooned is the result of extensive market research carried out by McLaren, which John Allert, our Group Brand Director, and I then analysed carefully together”, followed by, “This is something refreshing, designed to make people smile at all age groups. I hope there aren’t too many people that get cynical about it. This is about changing the face of McLaren and putting the lighter side of McLaren that’s not usually perceived.”

Let’s hope the lighter side wins… But who will win between Jenson and Lewis?

Jonathan Moore



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Nice to see McLaren have managed to develop a sense of humour, lets face it, they haven't developed much else this season...
Joke :)


haha this is more funny that i thought...coming from mclaren!!


The Rockets on the Mclaren race car were 100% Jeremy Clarkson's idea.

Nicholas Rodriguez

Looks a lot like Dreamworks' animation style. Does anyone know if Framestone has any relation to them?


I really enjoyed this. It is weird to see F1 show such a comedic side, but I like it. F1 can become a little boring now and then.. I think that goes for circuit racing in general hahaha


So instead of making the car worth racing, they did this? COME ON.


 @geedeethree More fans=more merch sales=more money to develop the cars.  I'm sure a lot of the design work and probably even a good amount of the animation (if not all of it) was done in house by designers, 3D sculpters, and animators from the road car division.  In the end it may not have taken a ton of funds to do, and it's likely a nice departure for a lot of the work force, allowing them to relax and come back fresh and inspired and ready to make winning cars again.


C'mon they seem to have developed a damn quick golf cart!


The agency that created this is pure money. Framestore's client list is off the charts. The paragraph doesn't mention them but the creators, Chris Waitt and Henry Trotter, did a fantastic job in creating this little diamond. Sort of reminds me of "Despicable me" or "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". Great way to get kids hooked early too :)


neat!  cool to see firms getting creative with marketing
2 drivers in the top 10, in an already crazy season?  they aren't where they want to be I'm sure, but they are in the hunt


lol i luv this<3..... i want more!