We all know drifting was born on the tight touge, or mountain passes, of Japan. Its rise in popularity and evolution into a professional form of motorsport has moved drifting away from the dangerous roads and onto the safe confines of race circuits, where it can be enjoyed by the fans and covered by the media. But imagine if you were to combine the high level of pro drift cars and drivers with the challenging mountain roads that helped spawn the sport. Well that is precisely what the Polish Drift Federation did for the fourth round of their Championship, holding the event on the mountain roads of Karpacz. Needless to say the coverage is pretty crazy. Hit play and enjoy some wild drifting!

Thanks to Dragos Mihai of Drift.ro for the link to the video.

DMP Website

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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that course is hardcore


Crazy drift on crazy Karkonosze track:)


the best qualifying run, full score, and just to show how the course looked like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QNi_ttIDrs


great idea, props to this guys for pushing foward, hope this idea can be incorporated in other drift championships


Ordinary scene for the Japanese....


"Nothing should happen, but if something does happen just put the camera between your legs." Nice.

I'm normally not so keen on drifting because its too slow and and short and isn't really racing; more like automotive ballet. It most definitely IS motorsport however, and just like athletes of ballet the cars are built and tuned to a ridiculously high level, and the drivers are extremely skilled. This may be one of the better drift vids I've seen in a while. The quality is good and the course is actually dynamic and interesting, not a boring parking lot or like 3 corners of a race track, The participant vehicles seemed decently diverse as well. And the soundtrack was good good GOOD! Well done lads, well done!


this is pretty epic !!! love it


the "music" made this video almost unwatchable


This is drifting!

This is how it's supposed to be.


I'm sure the event was exciting, but the video is terrible. Personally, I would like to see an entire run from a roof or dash cam, to get an idea of the course layout. And to each his own and all that, but the "music" chosen for the soundtrack is horrible. People listen to that? By choice? At least tell me they download it for free and not pay good money for that noise. I've had nightmares that were more pleasant.

Wait... when did I turn into my dad?


that s called drifting


I think I shat myself.

Nucking futs.


ok I WANT THIS TRACK FOR NFS SHIFT 3 (no idea how the next is called ) ^^


This would never happen stateside... too bad because of insurance and lawyers etc.

Also, how is this judged? Wouldn't it be hard to see the competitors throughout the "track" due to the roads? Awesome idea though.




nice !!!! I need to start driving in Poland


amazing video... please can anyone tell me the name of song that is playing here?


FormulaD/BDC/D1NZ/D1Aus. and even D1..... take note!:P cool video and such an awesome looking road/track!


Congratulations for polish drifters and organizer !!!

This is essence of drift :)

Trela is crazy man !!!


Congratulations for polish drifters and organizer !!!

This is essence of drift :)

Trela is crazy man !!!


damn. some of the spectators r effed if a car goes off course.

other than that the course looks super dope


Holy crap.

It's been a long time since I've seen a drifting video as cool as this one. Normally they bore me.

I'd love to see more events like this taking place.


just awesome... anybody know´s the song?


some day. GMR FORMULA D


Poland, doing it right.


Hello guys. This movie was made in such a manner as to describe the atmosphere our team witnessed at the event. Absolute madness! Crazy! You would be screaming: WHOAAA at each pass and you were always thinking about the japanese when seeing theese guys run. About the judging, each corner had it;s own camera that would send image to the judge's tent onto a big screen, and they would judge by watching those images. The judges are very experienced with JDM Allstarsa, and none of the drivers had any complaints to make. The music is a bit "risky" if you would call it, it's a different approach, but the screaming best describes our feelings left after the event. If you have any other questions I will glady answer them.


Awesome, awesome, awesome!


OMG health and safety guy must have been on holiday that day


This is what is going to make drifting a better motorsports.. The added technicality and danger is what would make this sport more enjoyable. Compared to Formula D, where they take a couple of biased judges overlooking 3 turns and point score their usually flawless runs... thats utterly BORING. The danger added in a mountain road gets the people off their seats!! The crowd running for their lives, the cars that can be wreck, the pressure to the drivers... thats a real mans motorsport, where heros are born. We dont need to add regulation to keep things fair, to keep children and women safe.. wth this is a mans sports, were here to race and we understand the dangers of smoking.. Wheres the THRILL!!? This could potentially bring in a bigger crowd and could bring in much more teams into the motorsports and even manufacturers. Much of this i am relating to the good old Group B rally days


hey you dont know where i can download it?

and the name of the song! amazing


Don't worry, the dubstep pro is here to save the day. As a couple have asked "What is the song". Well, I was listening to it when I started the video, then I muted my music, the video had the same song and it took me a minute to figure that out. But the snog is "Died this way" by Skrillex. It's a lady gaga remix. has a bit of Born This Way sampling in the song.


Lady Gaga - Born this way, by no one but SKRILLEX. This is the song homies.


Good visuals, CRAZY idea, but that shitty ass brostep ruined it for me.


The dubstep pro? Lol, pretentious cunt...


That stuff gives me goosebumps, possibly the most hardcore driving I've ever seen


That stuff gives me goosebumps, possibly the most hardcore driving I've ever seen


Is this on youtube, i need to download this!


Absolutely amzing driving and course. Great to see Poland hitting it big! Shame about the inclusion of the Skrillex...


I think that's the best video from Karpacz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LggxxXdYok , 3:00 blew my mind!