Car Feature>> Chris Forsberg’s Formula D 370z

As a photographer, I find myself drawn to cars that look great when captured in still photographs. This is apparent in any motorsport discipline I find myself photographing –be it ALMS, FIA GT, Land Speed Racing, or pro drifting. In Formula D, I have a personal list of cars I find myself shooting all the time as they look great on and off camera. Chris Forsberg’s NOS Energy Drink Nissan 370Z is one of those cars.

The original 370Z’s body was upgraded to a complete Nismo 370Z body kit. It improves the look of the car ten fold.

The hood, doors, trunk, wing, and front fenders are all from Seibon and are made of carbon fiber.

The stock headlamps were replaced with a whole new HID projector system with LED accents from VLEDs. What this car needs now is a set of underglow for the upcoming Las Vegas and Irwindale night events….

One of the most important components to any drift car is its suspension. And for this very 370Z, they opted for a set of DG5 coilovers. Kevin Wells, from LS Auto, also did quite a bit of custom suspension work for the car. This custom work gave them more than 50 degrees of steering angle and was accomplished with custom front spindles.

I thought it was rather clever how the wing mirrors were attached to the car. Who would’ve thought to mount them directly onto the A pillar?

Just next to to the wing mirrors is the activation for the fire suppression system that is mandatory on all Formula D cars.

Chris’ wheels of choice? SSR Type Fs. The fronts are 18×8.5 +30, wrapped with 245/35/18 Hankook RS3s, and the rears are 18×9.5 +12 wrapped with 285/35/18.

These SSRs aren’t for hard parking. They’ve seen a lot of action in their short life span.

As with all top tier Formula D cars at this point, Forsberg’s 370Z is powered by V8. There’s no bowtie or blue oval to be found here! Instead, the team has stayed true to the Nissan brand and went with a VK56 Titan from a Nissan Titan, using BigStuff3 fuel injection, which was provided to them by Nissan Motorsports USA.

When you attend an FD event and stop by the NOS/CFR rig, you’re more than likely to see the engine as it is now with the giant filter on top of it.

What you normally don’t see are these 8 beautifully polished trumpets underneath.

These individual throttle bodies gives the 590 WHP Titan motor the instant throttle response that is required to stay competitive.

The interior is business as usual for any race car. All the factory creature comforts have been expelled for the sake of weight savings.

In the professional drifting scene, the cars have lost the need for a speedometer. What is more important than a speedometer is an RPM gauge. Forsberg’s car features a giant RPM gauge from Autometer.

As most cars are going for the 4 speed dog box transmissions these days, Forsberg and his team instead went with a straight cut Quaife 60G sequential 6 speed. The 60G’s shifter came out of the transmission tunnel a bit further ahead than the stock shift location. So the team crafted up this shift linkage system so teh car retains its original shift position.

Even the e-brake handle was hand made!

Every little boy dreams of one day piloting some sort of vehicle with a bunch of buttons to press. Chris Forsberg is living that dream with his 370Z.

Nothing but the best for this car –Recaro bucket seats!

Of the top tier Formula D cars we’ve looked at, like Ryan Tuerck’s Chevy Camaro, Chris Forsberg’s 370Z is by far the most tame of builds yet it remains competitive. And he has proven its competitiveness with his 2nd place finish at Formula D Seattle and now sitting in 3rd place on the driver’s Championship.

We’re excited to see just how Chris and his 370Z will perform for the rest of the season. Only two rounds left!




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Beautiful, really beautiful. JDM FTW!


Underglow neon in VEGAS! *two thumbs up*


@Gvk i wouldn't call the VK56 JDM lol.. made in america, developed for the american market, not featured in any road car in japan, etc. props to forsberg for keeping it nissan for his whole FD career tho


I love the fact that Forsberg uses Nissan V8's! At least he's keeping it in the Nissan family! Super nice guy as well, glad to see someone that's so down to earth and doing well for themselves.


Great car, great engine!


Whats with the brakes?? Why the down grade to double piston calipers??

Cool car all the same.


Gvk, Almost everything is USDM on this car.




Wow! I wasn't expecting the stock small brakes and handbrake.


Spectacular! And not an LS engine in sight!


I love the nissan V8 conversion


Quaife 60G sequential 6 speed = so much WIN!!!!


Move that main power switch before something bad happens


needs more lowww!!!


What happened to brakes? I cant see any... :O


not to nit-pic but who welded the side plate on the e-brake? thats bush league


The Z has it's stock brakes because drift cars scrub most of their speed off going sideways. They don't need large aftermarket brakes. Most of the aftermarket brakes you see on drift cars are not even have veins but is a solid and thin to save weight.


love it.... can you post the high res! or email them to me lol


Whats with the brakes?? Why the down grade to double piston calipers??

Cool car all the same.


yeah, totally nothing about NISSAN is JDM at all? WTF kooks? Its still a NISSAN, not a F'n chevy donk


You guys should to more car features of Formula D vehicles!

Theses features are great!


Two thums up! Simple, effective, and great engine choice.

23 JDM is a Japanese motor that WAS NEVER SOLD IN JAPAN??? It's an AMERICAN MOTOR. Wooooow you guys really drink the JDM kool-aid!


I have the utmost respect for Forsberg because he uses a NISSAN ENGINE IN HIS NISSAN CAR. As well as Tuerck who uses a Chevy engine in his Chevy car. Thanks for keeping it real and original guys, you are my heroes (of the pro's, at least)


something about those first few shots is kind of photographically awesome. i don't know if it's tilt-shifted somehow or its just the perspective, but it looks like a toy car.


I'm going against the grain and will say I cdont like this livery. I like the car, but the sponsors really ruined the lines of the car with the paint. It makes the car look like its raised on stilts, especially with the 35 tires and racecar fender gap but that black and blue make it look like it gaps to the hood. LOL at everyone correcting the JDM fanboi. Nissan V8=Ford V8=Chevy V8=TOYOTA V8..... its ALL a V8 motor swap into a freakin racecar!! Purity went out the window when the money hit the table and where its sourced from matters like lips on a chicken.


Beautiful car, but why V8.... Almost every Formula Drift car has V8 engine +500Hp, that is boring!! And their sound is almost equal, no difference. Japanese engines are cool, especially JZ (Toyota), RB and SR(Nissan) engines.

Try drifting in 120Hp AE86!


Im not at all a stance junkie but c'mon. You dont have to make it look really cool but dont make it look like crap.


LOL at everyone commenting about the engine. It's a top tier Formula D car. One would think that everyone would stop complaining about V8s after last season, but I guess not. Also, does anyone read the comments before they comment? About 3 or 4 people were like, "OMFGZ it's USDM, not JDM!!!11!1!!" I love the car, and the only suggestion I have for Chris and his team (if they ever read this) that they move the power switch or else they'll have another incident like they had in Seattle.


furthest thing from "JAY DEE EM"




RPM gauge? You mean a tachometer?


The only good thing is the engine. Formula Drift still sucks balls.

And LOL at the guys who say JDM for everything. G0ddamn JDM Cavaliers.


Actually I read it yesterday but I had some thoughts about
it and today I wanted to read it again because it is very well written.


to the people asking about the breaks.....the vk56 probably has an engine powered break booster/assist implementation since its used on armadas/titans for their brake/abs systems.....seeing as how its DOHC design i doubt they use that "pulley" for that break system on a drift car......let alone a booster/master cylinder for larger breaks/system (not that a professional drift car needs it). SO IMO 1 less pulley on the engine as well as room in engine bay from not having a booster for larger caliper/pistons. IMO esp for a high throttle response custom fuel injection ITB vk56 that electrically powered brake motor/booster/mastercylinder is probably removed from the vk56. Seems logical when you think about it.