Random Snap>> Super Gt Hunter & Hunted

Not sure if you fellow Speedhunters have seen this image before, but it's one of my favourites. 

After many laps of trying, Andre Lotterer is about to make his move stick on rival Richard Lyons at Round 2 of last year's SUPER GT at Suzuka. In identical cars (save for team preparation), it is fascinating to see the lengths to which these pilots will go to get past. Obviously Lyons is no slouch, and was never going to make it easy for the 2006 (and current) GT500 champ. Lap after lap they circulated in perfect unison, each knowing the limits of the other's car certainly, and their identical tyres… 

It took about five or six laps like this before Lotterer finally got past, and kicking up that wall of dust to announce his coming through was an added bonus. Clean, unrelenting aggressive driving – does it get any better?

 – Len Clarke 



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Did they both come out the other side of the corner facing in the right direction? Lotterer should watch some BTCC for inspiration: nudge up the ass at the start of the braking zone and nip up the inside when the car in front misses its turn in. Maximum yield, minimum effort! Unless you have morals, of course...


Nope...It doesn't get any better.


Man if I had the time and money I would literally live at the limit like this...


I can't wait to recreate that in Gran Turismo 5!


damnn, cool insight on this gt race