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Few people would have bet Audi could win the 2010 Le Mans after qualifying earlier this week, let alone finish 1-2-3 for a third time! A great race and fantastic experience here in France. With just 75 minutes to go, the final Peugeot blew up. You have to feel sorry for the French team after almost 24 hours. They were in tears.

Provisional results are:-

LMP1 (and overall)

1. Audi R15 plus TDI (Bernhard, Dumas, Rockenfeller)

2. Audi R15 plus TDI (Lotterer, Faessler, Treluyer)

3. Audi R15 plus TDI (Capello, Kristensen, McNish)


1. Strakka HPD ARX-01 (Watts, Leventis, Kane)


1. Larbre Saleen S7 (Gardel, Berville, Canal)


1. Felbermayr Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (Lieb, Lietz, Henzler)

I'm off back to Vancouver in the morning and back to the family. Reflections and more Le Mans posts, later in the week.


Speedhunters 2010 Le Mans Coverage



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Fantastic coverage Andy! Really really great.


Damn it.


Nissan banners?

Predicting anything?

Fantastic race, this year.


That's the point of endurance racing. Surprised Peugeot failed that way. Maybe the French got sloppy with their success, "somesing zee Germans vould nayver doo".


wow. audi wins again. they deserve it. sorry to see the corvettes lost in LMP2. nice to see rockenfeller get a win after the wheel fell off his car (literally) a few years ago.


wow. audi wins again. they deserve it. sorry to see the corvettes lost in LMP2. nice to see rockenfeller get a win after the wheel fell off his car (literally) a few years ago.


Epic failure by Peugeot. They stacked the deck to win and didn't even come away with a podium finish. It's going to be interesting how they proceed.


Andy, I would comment on every update thanking you for the great coverage but perhaps its fitting for a major thank you at the end of the race, thanks for the updates throughout the night. Was actually racing audi vs peugeot at le mans on forza 3 all night.



Makes me proud to be an Audi owner, but none the less not many people understand how much really goes into these 24 hour races. Win, lose, DNF doesn't matter, to get there, and participate is a miracle and an amazing experience, hats off to every team in this.


Peugeot got what they deserved. Dirty racing and pompous attitude from Davidson made me cheer for Audi even more. I feel more sympathy for the Corvette camp then Peugeot. In the end, great job Audi!


Thanks for all of the effort Andy, we all really appreciate it. Speed TV and Forza just isn't enough hahahah


Andy, your life is awesome.


That;s ENDURANCE racing for ya!!


I think its a shame for peugeot as if there engines hadnt failed Audi wouldnt have got that result but at the end of the day THATS HOW LE MANS WORKS AND THE BEST CAR WINS LE MANS!! and last year it was peugeot and this year it wasnt Well done to all the teams!!



Goo Audi!!


I'm just so pissed! Being french I was hoping for peugeot to keep the lead but again, Audi....


Davidson and the Pugeut....rookie, unprofessional, risky and should-have-been-penalized move ended Corvette's chances at their 50-year anniversary. Thanks, A-hole. "I did not touch the corvette".....would love to see this guy sat down and explained to by each and every corvette owner looking for that podium, just how much it would have meant. Congrats to the Audi's I guess. Bitter fruit.


Just found out about your site last week! Awesome site that covers all the motorsports I want to see and I found it just in time for the Lemans. Thanks a lot for the great coverage. Endurance racing at its best.


Nice audi took back here title!! plus all 3 podium position !! that a hard hit for peugeot ...


siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. sucks to be Peugeot, but they got their revenge last year. victory went with the best team, i was watching the standings all night and it was amazing to see the progress up the ladder that the number 7 car was making! they should have won it again!


Thank you very much for the awesome coverage. Showing that Speedhunters is about more than just trendy car culture.


Hats off to you Andy, EXCELLENT COVERAGE!! EPIC FAIL by Peugeot!! With all the dirty tactics and arrogance!! What a fiasco with the Safety Cars!! Davidson is a tool! Ending Corvettes challenge with his risky behavior! It would have been interesting to see if an Audi driver had done the same, the penalties that would have been handed out.


sweet coverage!

sucks for the french guys though. :P


How about that stupid fast rebuild on the GT1 C6.R vette's rear end? Under 1/2 hour to get it back on the track, after tagging the wall backwards with speed around the porsche turn. Insane amount of props to the team for that one. That car was fuuuuuu up.


Good to see that the S7R is still amazing ten years after the first one raced.


no no no !

peugeot should win ! i am sad


audi tdi rocks


Thanks all :)

Who knows if Peugeot would have lasted if they hadn't pushed so hard in the last 1/3rd. They will be back. It seems odd to have so many failures given the testing they have had (more than almost anyone else). They have had at least one suspension pickup fail before, maybe two. I cant remember.

I havent seen the Davidson incident yet, so I can't pass comment, but I saw the Corvette and there were no scuff marks. Davidson isn't that experienced, he raced the Lola Aston Martin last year ... I think he lost a few (manly N.A.) friend with his interview on Radio Le Mans, but he's always been quite arrogant and ballsy - nice guys dont win, unless your name is Allan or Tom Kristensen. He did say he had done that move plenty of times in the race and spoken to the stewards about it who didnt have a problem - again I havent seen the move yet. One thing is for sure, Davidson is no tool.

Also, I didnt see any dirty tactics or arrogance with Peugeot this year, Maybe in the past, but with Olivier at the top, its a changed team.....just Audi did amazingly better and remembered it is a 24 hour Endurance race and not a Sprint event.

btw - GT2 winning Porsche and second place Ferrari result seems to be provisional - Stall test issue possibly


Any wallpapers of the BMW Art Car on track??