Random Snap>> R35 In The Suburbs

The Tokyo Auto Salon is almost upon us. I know a lot of people are making the pilgrimage to the ‘holy land', even our own Dino is already packing his bags. I can't wait to see his coverage. Will the R35 be the car of the show?

-Jeroen Willemsen

Photo spotted on The Real JDM



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I predict TAS will be filled with the obvious R35, Evo X, and HOPEFULLY the Z34. I'm very curious to see how far tuners have come with the car.


I would love to see a wallpaper of this picture . It would be on my desktop ASAP


I can't wait to see what Ab-flug have done with their FD this year, i heard they're sprucing it up a bit, and i've always loved that car... for a design that's 18 years old the FD still looks gorgeous and i predict that there will be several awesome show cars at TAS 8)


beyond FD's i agree with WanganDreaming, the usual suspects will all be present, but hopefully there will be some nice oddballs to fit with this month's theme!


I agree that I would love a widescreen wallpaper of this pic!




Just go to the link in this post for the wallpaper


Wow, really nice atmosphere to take of a pic of the GTR. Godzilla goes to town.


Very Nice.

Please as Desktop !!!


picture's a fake!

gt-r was pasted in, look at the edges, proportion, reflections and where the car stopped.


+1 on WanganDreaming, R35s, EvoX, maybe the GRB Sti, and I can only dream of some tuner shops having gotten their hands on the CR-Z and the FT86 even though they are not out yet. Maybe some LFA in the mix too would make a nice flavor of cars.

Can't wait for the TAS coverage.


Desktop please :D


I'm really looking forward to TAS, and a desktop of this pic would be nice...


@ scdanny

Just click on the link as said.....


@JerkOff: I don't think the pic is fake. I wouldn't see why....

Anyway, aside from the plethora of boring R35, EVO X, and STi's.....that's a given...there are many other interesting cars out there though.....(my wish probably won't come true at this TAS), but I would like to see someone fitting a Accord V6 into a Honda Fit. Not a FF, but a RR.

I saw a transplant Accord V6 into a Civic here in the States a while back; why not retro-fit a mid-engine Accord V6 inside a Honda Fit? Someone does it please.


I have a feeling the Insight and Prius are going to dominate TAS this year...


wallpaper please



Actually, I didn't see it at the first look, but looks like you're right

Anyway, those edge are strange.....


wallpaper please


:O I love this pic! Dunno what it is about it, but it it's just great!

Wallpaper would be real nice!!! :D


Wangan you forgot all about the GDB 205 and GDB Sti!!


car was pasted in...stupid whoever says that.. why would it be fake..


We'll be there filming for DSPORT and MOTIVE DVDs.

Going to be another epic trip!


So if the picture is fake... how did they manage to put the reflection of the building above the gt-r in the back window? I agree with Mike Garett tho, I think that eco-racers are going to be popular at TAS this year


R35 GTR will be the big show of the event along with the EVO X.

All the top tuning garages like HKS, Top Secret, BLITZ, APex'i, etc will have something to showcase.


Make wallpaper of this picture, I love it!


jerkoff is right the picture is a fake. Look closer at the shadow beneath the rear diffuser and the border around the rear tires


that would be a lovely wallpaper


I will be headed to TAS as well! couple more days to go!!! flying off to Tokyo on wed. night




wow amazing photo its so mean !


well here's the full-size version from the Real JDM blog page:



and something's obviously fishy... the GT-R looks like it was really there, but the rear diffuser has obviously been tampered with somehow, but my question is why? it looks like the OEM piece, what purpose would there be to doing that kind of thing? i checked out the EXIF data and this shot was taken almost two whole years ago (early February 2008)...


I'm not sure what exactly *is* going on, but i'll say that it isn't a fake, it's just been meddled with slightly and i have no idea why


It's real. I took the photo. I will post up the story and links to more photos of that same car after we get back from ASM today :)



I was living in Japan at the time, it was early March 2008. I was at a store with some friends with my back towards the window. All of a sudden one of my friends (who likes cars but knows nothing about them) says "now that's a fancy car." I whip around and see the tail end of an R35 GTR. I then bolt out the door, camera in hand and chase the R35 a few blocks where luckily it was stopped at the light you see in the pic. I also snapped a couple more which you can see here:



The featured photo is indeed real. The reason why there is a strange line at the shadow is due to the editing I applied to the photo. On further insection, I would have edited it differently now, but it is what it is, and it is a real shot.