This popped up on my twitter account earlier. Autocar Magazine in the UK released a video of Nick Masons road-legal BMW powered McLaren F1 GTR around, what looks like Chobham test track in the UK. I believe an article appears in this week’s Autocar Magazine.

Despite what the video says, I don’t think ’10R’ is the most famous, by any means. I would suggest the 1995 Le Mans winning Ueno Clinic car or GTC Gulf cars would hold that ‘title’.

This car has recently had its yellow ’96 GTR’ launch livery re-applied. This was designed to announce the 1996 version of the GTR and needed to stand out on the page. I had real difficulty in coming up with a livery for the car which was already painted Red, so I asked the paint-shop at McLaren to cut me some ‘GTR’ stickers for my scale model….

…..I came back from lunch and a couple of GTR stickers were lying hap-hazard on my desk, on top of some elevation drawings. I thought that works, and that was that, onto the next project!

I do remember it was a pain for the guys to sticker though!

-Andy Blackmore



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wow - you designed that?


Questions for Andy, did you design the Gulf livery for the McLarens also? And what would be your favourite McLaren F1 GTR livery?

Nice video, I have to agree 01R (the Le Mans 95 winning car) is the most famous, to me its very special, one of my favourite racecars of all time.


Have to agree on the Ueno Clinic car, only because I own a model in that livery :)


I don't think the F1 will ever get old.


Marek - livery.

Richo - I did the 95 and 96 Gulf cars. The 97 car was done by another designer at McLaren. MY favourite livery would probably be the Lark Car in Japanese GT. It was a difficult one to get right and quite frustrating at the time. The Ueno car is important, but it wasn't rocket science designing that one LOL:) More on these later in the month.


There is only one car that fascinates me more then the McLaren F1, and that's the McLaren F1 GTR :).


I've never heard a downshift sound that good!


yup! Best downchange sound ever. Sounds like a phase plasma rifle!


Great insight and cool video even if Sutters is a little bland in his delivery.


I've heard John Hindhaugh call you a 'Graphic God' on Radio Le Mans. I now understand.


No offense Andy but that livery is, don't want to sound rude or disrespectful, awful. HKS can pull off that red and yellow on their drift machines, but F1 obviously cannot. Sorry, once again. You know what they say. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ;)

I for once, would respray that car into either papaya orange or Gulf livery.



you bring out the anorak in me.............the most important chassis?

10R would be a long way down the list.

I suppose with the Le Mans win 01R is tops but an awful car to photograph as my poor offerings show.


my personal choice would be between 12R the 1996 Gulf car and 06R the Harrods GTR, I worked with both of these wonderful machines.............the BPR of 95 and the first half of 96 would probably be my favourite time in racing.............that and the first years of the ALMS.

12R ended up in the hands of someone I know...........a year or so ago I followed it and another road F1 from Bordon to Petersfield, yes it is now street legal and still in your GTC livery...........we certainly attrcted attention, two McLarens and a 911 Carrera bowling along the lanes of Hampshire....somedays you win.

OK back to Le Mans 99



if i ever win the lotto or get rich, this and F1 is on the top of my shopping list.


How can you describe a Mclaren F1 GTR... There just isn't a superlative good enough!

In my mind it is the best Supercar ever made. That V12 revving is simply spine tingling!


OG - That wouldn’t have fulfilled the brief 13years ago. A designer needs to keep the customer happy :)


Wow, its an honor to share comment space with you guys @ Andy and John.........The gulf cars are definately the most famous GTRs, love the Harrods cars favorite part of the GTR is the 4 individual exhaust cannisters, works of art.........@OG the GTR livery is original art, can u even compare HKS drift car to anything from Mclaren.....pure Blasphemy lol


@ Andy

You're right there. Tastes were also a bit different 13 years ago.

@ 300hp 2tc

You're missing the point. I'm not comparing McLaren F1 to HKS cars. I was talking about colors.


#01R is always going to be the most famous, and IMO the best looking.

Stealthy, simple and well judged I reckon.

I always like the Blue and Silver Jacadi livery on #07R and the Orange and Black Frank Muller livery on #11R as well.

Not forgetting the Bigazzi cars either of course.

I reckon all the GTR's currently in the predictable Papaya Orange should be returned to their original liveries, leave the current colour to the LM's.


ok @OG, glad u cleared that up lol


Nick Mason from Pink Floyd is into fast cars eh. I would have never thought it. Great post.....


brian - he has a great collection including a fantastic Ferrari 250 GTO!


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