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For the final instalment for NFS-EDC round 5 its a look behind the scenes at the goings on in and around the Santapod paddock. New to the NFS-EDC  collective is Martin Ffrench driving the revamped  Dragon Performance RX7, basically the same car he ran in JDM Allstars Newcastle but looking totally different in the new pink and black livery.

The British summer time made waiting for the drivers briefing a miserable affair.

After another engine failure in his R32 Gary Hughes was in a Borrowed AE86, great to see a Corolla in the EDC field again even if it did look a little out of place in the Skyline owners club pit.

Time wasn't really a issue at Santapod so the crowd had the chance to see all the drivers lined up before the main event.

..Other than the drivers briefing its very rare to get a shot of all the drivers in the same place at the same time, it really added to the atmosphere of the event to see every body lined up…

..and be interviewed for the crowd.

Declan Hicks patently waits for his turn to be interviewed.

Commentary Judging and speed recording handled by Maz and James Grimsey.

Something you don't see every day, NFS-EDC front man Andy Barnes drifting. for a guy who normally drives in straight lines he did a pretty good job testing the track.

Practice over and time to find out who you have been drawn against, Paul Cheshire finding out that he has the unenviable task of facing round 4 winner Mark Luney in his first heat.

A bit of a strange sight in the NFS-EDC paddock but i'm bit of a sucker for American muscle cars so i thought it was worth a snap or two.

Newly fitted and with the cooling gremlins sorted out the 2JZ of Phil morrisons s15 poking its way back into the cockpit.

After a terrible night up at Teesside motorpark that ended up costing me a Nikon body and 70-200 lens i'm not a big fan of the rain, so most of my lunch hour was spent dodging between pits trying to keep dry..still, i can think of worse places to hide out that the SVA pit.

How many tires does it take to run a NFS-EDC event? quite a few by the looks of the tire truck.

NFS-EDC round 5 was the last opportunity to try out for a licence, as usual Maz was on hand to walk the potential competitors round the track telling them exactly what he would be looking for.

We are into the summer break now so the final round is not until October 11th but with the championship still able to go four ways the Snetterton final will prove to be unmissable, i will of course be there to bring you all the action.

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-Ross I'Anson



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Awesome pics Ross.

Running the event without Time Attack (not that TA is a bad thing) was so much better, time to really get excited about the cars and drivers!


haha nice 67 nova, i got one too


Nice pics Ross, I notice AB has a head-set on to receive basic drift instruction, and also to direct him which way the course goes.