News>> No Mo’ Mopar For Hubinette/nuformz

Hubinette: "Heyyy… what's up guys! So… you got an extra racing suit that fits me?"

It's been a while since people have seen me post up here on Speedhunters; I've been on a much needed vacation – traveling, relaxing, and working on other projects. Anyway, I received a shocking phone call this evening from one of the guys I do business with at Mopar. Apparently, due to unfavorable financial issues, Mopar has been forced to withdraw from their sponsorship and support of Samuel Hubinette and the Nuformz Racing team.

Honestly, I think people could have guessed that this would happen, due to all the "economic crisis" propaganda that's constantly blaring on the television and everywhere else you look. (It's always so negative, it makes me not want to watch TV nowadays.) For many companies, 2009 is a year for budget cutbacks and financial regrouping. Unfortunately, Chrysler and its performance division, Mopar are definitely included in the long, long list of companies affected by the "I might lose my job, so I'm afraid to spend money" situation that's plaguing US residents.

It's really shocking that Mopar would announce such a decision mid-season, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Either way, we at Speedhunters wish the best to Samuel, Shaun Carlson, the entire Nuformz crew, and of course, our longtime friends at Mopar. (There I go name dropping again.) If we know Samuel and the Nuformz guys like we think we do, then we're sure they'll bounce right back with new sponsors right away, as if this never happened.

For any potential sponsors interested in working with Samuel or Nuformz, contact Samuel Hubinette or Shaun at Nuformz through the websites below.

-Antonio Alvendia

Samuel Hubinette on Toxic Drift (Buy his new DVD)

Samuel Hubinette's Three Sixty Performance Driving Academy

Shaun Carlson and NUFORMZ 



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I will seriously cry if Hubinette gets on Falken. Why did before this all Hubinette acted like he was the best and no one was on his level, now that his sht is gone he mooches off other people. Go to Pro AM Sam, or better yet go back to your "stunt driving."


That's a good news !

Now he can go work for IKEA.


C'mon Alex, that's not fair...


@ Ry: Sam isn't losing any sponsorship but that of Mopar's, so he should have continued support from BFGoodrich. Lol, so don't worry like the rest of us that Team Falken will become over populated again. If he does fall out with BFG, I hope he comes back to the Yokohama family. (The tires which brought the first two FD championships, lol. ADVAN FTW.)


Oh btw, welcome back Antonio, lol.


wow, what a bad start to my day...hope these guys can make it through this, and its good to see you back Antonio


haters haters haters.

I bet Sam is a really nice guy!


what a great start to my day...


will his cars stop being so ugly looking now???


Brake-check guy. Haha! Although Sam may be a nice guy or whatever, the way he competes just plain suck.


Could we have wallpaper(s) of Hubinette in action with his car? thx : /


i have to say it .. but i am not surprised ... we need real drivers in FD and real people .. not spotlight whores .. this isnt hollywood ..


I wonder if he will come back at all. I recall seeing a video some place where Sam spoke about how he actually got paid to compete. I dont know if other drivers get paid too but at the time no1 else was getting paid to compete. Perhaps this could be an issue as well.


Lets go brake check some people when you have a V10 under the hood, thats real some real good sportsmanship. I bet he go paid to say his ridiculously cheesy catch phrase too. Hopefully he will get sponsored by Tampax or something and they'll paint his car pink.


I agree with Kevin- the way he competes sucks. If he really was a top contender he wouldn't have to drive like an A-hole. Karma.


Sam is a great guy and an awesome driver.

I really don't get why there're so many haters on here?!


Brake check this Hubinette!


wow there are some haters in hear. there are some real dick heads in the world.


I was thinking about Mopar pulling out all morning and kept thinking: maybe mopar realized how few people going to drift events would ever be shopping for a Viper?! It is pretty much a geezer ride (just like Corvettes) due to cost and appeals more to the mullet crowd then people into drifting anyway... I wouldn't be seen in one. And I'm not a hater...


@ Stuntman mike & Kuzalagloopagloop, the guy is a real d bag, i met him myself at Rnd. 2 in englishtown last year. And that "drift ya later" sh!t is really cheesy. seriously not hating just stating facts


oh darn. maybe if he was a goodboy, maybe if everyone was a kind driver behind the wheel things would be more exciting. **** THAT! every motorsport needs a nice guy and an asshole on the spectrum with everyone else somewhere in between. Who cares if he got paid, if people wanted to pay any of you to drift, youd do it, and probably get a bigger ego than his.

Has anyone else noticed Keiichi Tsuchiya's brake checking habits? which brings to point, many Japanese drivers are spotlight whores in their country as well, also including Keiichi. its nothing new and its part of the sport.

IF Sam did get a TAMPAX sponsorship than im sure he would be happy to supply all of you with the great product. Before you start hating more, you need to know im not a fan of sam, but that dont mean I gotta hate on the "badguy" of the FD series or so some would call him.


good. one less american ruining drifting.


Keiichi never drove a Viper though...


WOW! Its only a sign of the times. Samuel is one of the most skilled drivers out there, and I doubt he will have a problem landing himself with some great sponsors!


Economic crisis propaganda? Are you serious?


Wow! Surprised to see so many haters out there! Samuel is a nice guy! So is Shaun!

I personally wish them the best of luck - I think Hubinette is one of the most talented drivers in the Formula D regardless if he was driving a Viper or an S14! I wonder if more Speedhunters readers would be Hubinette fans if he drove a cool looking old school RWD Volvo? Or a SuperMade aero S14? Or a BN Sports kitted Cressida?

Is it the driver you're mad at, or the car?


I doubt he would have his same success in an S14 just like he dismissed Matt Powers, I will admit I am not a Viper fan but it would be interesting to see how Sam would do in an "underpowered car" and by that I mean not a supercharged and basically full race viper. I mean the in the LB reviews you guys even noted that although Powers had a lot of skill his car just could not compete; if the two drivers were to switch cars what would be the outcome? Is it really all about the driver in this case?


ROFL @ the haters.


@antonio a: Im mad at both the Crusty V10 Viper and Hubinette's drifting skills.

also remember when he used the Comp Coupe, That car was full of fail also. Id have a lil more respect for him if he was in a 4 banger and killing the competition, but he's not......


Hope hw joins the "Nick Hogan" team lmao:P

Hate to say it but a lot of the American drivers are "Spot Light WHORES". And I don't have to mention who they are because their reputation does that. Honestly I always liked Ryuji Miki and his FD.

Not that I don't like any of these guys but I get sick of hearing/seeing the same names over and over again...


Tsuchiya has every right to be in the spot light because he is "The Man"(and if you don't know why you probably shouldn't post anymore) . Hubinettes is famous for..... acting like an @$$ on the track...

And for pretending he's cool pretty ghey he's a pre madonna just like nick hogan!


So who HAS an underpowered car thats killing competition? JR? D-Mac? Hampshaa? Dai? Tanner?

I've NEVER met anyone that if they legitimately had the resources would not be glad to freely have

a) more power

b) a paycheck

in drifting.

Is it cool to bring a plastic spork to a gunfight and get absolutely murdered? Ae86's with no smoke struggling to push 3rd gear is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun to watch. Its like watching an amateur event where people win in stock s13's, ABSOLUTELY ENTHRALLING!!!

Did I miss something?

Goodluck to Sam and Nuformz, great team, great people.


uh, hes not an american jake. and what if we put a v10 in a nissan or a subaru, would you still complain? only if they beat your favorite driver right? drifting is very open to what type of cars are being run and driving style....lets keep it that way. trying to make this so serious like it needs more rules. Why dont we start putting weight into the winning drift cars too. thats the different....I have seen a small underpowered ae86 beat sam and his was freaking amazing! but if it happend all the time, it wouldnt be. Life isnt fair, i think thats what makes things so entertaining.


@ Mike Peters, this is just for you sir!

Seems like crap viper got owned by an AE86 with no smoke.



thats gotta suck, more so since its mid season...but the good news I take from this is...he can drive a different vehicle! that challenger is ugly as hell, and so was the charger. well, I hope at the least for this season he gets a new paint job for it.

and are a n0ob...for me, some of the most exciting drifting is in cars that you wouldnt think could fly sideways like they do. Smoke isnt everything in drifting, if you were a real fan you'd know that.


bring back the HISTORIC MK IV know, the one he (Sam) started in...Rhys started in...Tanner, Tyler, Conrad, etc...!!!

Does Jasper still have that car?


You guys!

Did you forget???

(Or maybe some Speedhunters readers haven't been around the scene long enough to know this...)

Samuel Hubinette started competing in professional drifting competitions in a zenki S14!!!!

Don't believe me? Buy a copy of this book to see the photos! (yup shameless plug)


Hi 5 for Mike Peters.

xtremeimport7, he is definitely not a noob. Mike Peters was one of the original Formula D top 16 drivers!


I think warren and xtremeimport7 are missing the point, and i'm not even going to elaborate on the extreme n00bness of xtremeimport7's "n00b callout, maybe you should know a little something about drifting.

i'm not saying ae86's are all boring, what im saying is the argument "drift cars with huge power are gay" and "drift cars with huge power winning is gay" , thats a lie. go watch jr and forsberg fight on track, then go to a local thing where two people in stock s13's or something underpowered are competitng, it simply does NOT compare.

srsly though, xtremeimport7, im not tryin to be condescending, but get a clue man.


Sorry xtreme, but you owned yourself. If YOU were a real drift fan, you'd know who Mike Peters is, regardless of his opinions or what not. How the hell do you not know of him?

If anything, I'd like to see Sam in a more down-to-roots car (his big-bodied Charger was a start, now if we could only knock a few cylinders off.)

In any case, good luck to the NuFormz team.


Antonio please. Why are you here promoting yourself? Self promotion should stay on myspace, like the other useless sh!t you find there, you know that !

As far as Hubinette.

1. He should have stick to the S14 (like MANY other drifters do). There is a reason why you see a lot of S14 out there, and not many Vipers (and don't come in saying the Viper is expensive). There are PLENTY of famous drifters that can afford a Viper if they wanted to.

2. I'm actually surprised that the team Mopar lasted this long. If you have "engineers" that put roller blades on 4000 lbs cars.......We are not at toysRus.

Glad to see 'em leaving.


When did drifting become such a serious cookie cutter coolness fad?

if you started in a s14, then had jasper come, and then had mopar come offer you factory backed support, a paycheck, and the ability to have fun drifting whenever/wherever you wanted every one of you'd jump on it.

now to put this in real perspective, if any of you had the genuine talent of sam, you wouldn't had that shot, and you wouldn't be hating on him on speedhunters. this is one of the few sites i go to thats pretty lacking in the haterade, don't ruin it with your close-minded persona of "drifting anything non-japanese with more than 4 cylinders and 300hp is gay" yall seem to be dishing out. Anyone who's talked to sam/mopar people for more than 5 minutes knows they are an awesome group, as are 99% of the formula d people, so quit hating on them so much.

im sure with support form BFG/who knows who else they'll make the rest of the season.

I personally like the viper, its something DIFFERENT than a 240....

I'm gonna go work on my 240 now, so i can go drift racing instead of posting on speedhunterblogs.


hey Mike Peters, arent you the dude with the shtty LS1 S13 drifting around an 8 figure track, OOO soo cool... Seriously take a lesson from Kuroi with his RB powered Onevia. Id bet 1k he would whoop you in a tandem at any track.

As for the "a) more power b) a paycheck" comment that is so untrue especially in the U.S. with our slow shtty "drift tracks". Dont you remember when Tengku Djan driving his 86 went against Gittin at D1 world All star '06....Djan passed the stang easily


....Mike peters. Your really dont get it. No one says you have to use a 240 i mean some people need to swtich it up. as for the "non-japanese" thing people barely even use actual cars imported from japan, FD is becoming more nascar styled and i dont want that.

SC300 anyone? Cressida? 88 Soarer Z10? Chaser JZX100? those cars could dominate everyone else if under the right driver/team.

Ryuji Mikki and Justin pawlak is the only really good drifters out there. I mean look at mikki a D1 champ in 04


people dont stick to the s14, they are stuck with it until they get a better deal. NOT many drifters can afford a viper. its not just a viper price tag, its the cost of running a season in a viper. FORMULA D crowd, who are you? you are living up to the name...crowds are never very intelegent. safety in numbers right? haters go back to youtube. not being a fan of someone is one thing, hating is just unprofessional and immature. I have never seen someone that is good at doing anything hate like this...hating is reserved for the unskilled.


Alex please. It was a joke! Obviously I don't need to promote myself on a silly thread. You think a stupid thread is going to send a ton of traffic to Amazon? I don't care, it was just a joke, calm down! Calm down with the finger pointing, accusations and negativity. Someone needs to give you a hug already. I thought a fellow Toyota guy would be cooler. Just HAVE FUN! It's just the internet!







Im coocoo for V10's nom nom nom


Mike Peters im gunna have to take your side on this.

if you dont like watching high horse powered cars drifting then watch grassroots stuff.

if you dont agree with a statement someone said then respect it jeez.

in these economic i think ALL us car guys need to stay together.

as for sam i wish you luck in getting a new car and ill be looking forward to see you in sonoma soon


lol...the No0b comment wasnt to be used the way you are taking it.

I'm going from the point in which you stated...I'll respect that your opinion, I just dont agree with it. Saying that an Ae86 is boring to watch drift is just wrong IMO/


Great stuff guys! im enjoying this.


Its a sad day for drifting. I love that team. All you people need to calm the HELL down. Drifting needs more american cars. If they lose the rest it will be like NASCAR. I just hope they stay with Mopar cars, this was the last thing Shaun needs and he just had a ICD put in him. I just hope they find someone to back them, if they don't people could lose there jobs. And not just on the team but up here in Michigan as well. That the last thing I want to see happen in my state. It just piss me off that you give american cars so much crap. Few years ago someone in Japan chop the top on a S15 and everyone loved it, someone dose it to a Challenger and everyone thinks its gay. Im not saying I hate cars from Japan but I take the Challenger and day because I love Mopars. If you hate american cars and have no faith in what we build the DON'T LIVE HERE! I know that you all will give me crap for this post ( except for Mike Peters, he kick ass when he ran with BUBBA DRIFT, my second favorite team next to MOPAR).I DON'T CARE if you guys do. Just remember if this gets worse people won't be able to pay there bills and I hope you can't sleep from the guilt because of the things you type here today. LONG LIVE MOPAR! Boosh!



This thread is worth a read. XD

keep em coming folks. XD


i guess we will never see the challenger run


f*** sam hubinette and f*** mike peters; two garbage drivers that are little crybabies when they don't get their way.

im glad sam lost his headline sponsor, that made my month, and will put a smile on my face for a long time.

F*** rhy millen too; another cheap-shot driver. I love all of the fanboys in here who really don't know anything about the sport, and miss the fact that they are dirty drivers who get to where they are brake checking, cheating and driving cars that are worth the entire fleet of cars in the fd grid..yet they still manage to get by in this political judged sport.

F*** sam, i hope no one picks him up.


Too bad soo sad...shit happens.....let's see those privateers come up in the game....


@ Antonio:

It was a joke, and I was waiting for you to see if you catch

BTW, you should gimme a a hug....haha


Mopar should consider turning the Dodge SRT-4 into a RWD (much like the Scion tC and the Subaru STi).....something




"Ae86's with no smoke struggling to push 3rd gear is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun to watch. "

Funny Mike, a lot of people complained about how slow you were even though you had a supercharged V8 that threw up a lot of "smoke".


"hi powered JDM cars swapped with V8 struggling to drift fast is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun to watch"

and that whiney supercharger sounds like crap


My dad works on movies doing the Special FX. He always tells me when the actors are there most of them are assholes to the people like him, but they are really nice to the big people such as the directors etc. Famous people such as Sam probably are very nice if you are someone your self. Personally I have met Sam at Round 6 of FD, and he was the most cocky guy I have met. When he didn't get 1st in qualifying he was all pissy back at his pit. I think also him drifting a very expensive car such as his viper makes a lot of people not like him. People want to see cars that they could have a chance of owning. Not Vipers, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis drifting.


you tell em ry


how exactly is the economic crisis "propaganda"? have you been living under a rock?


Antonio has no idea what he's talking about, ever...not to mention his photography has been awful lately. Antonio, are you using a Sony point and shoot? Your cell phone cam?


hell yeah! i'm using my iphone! i love it.


Dear Mr.Peters just to clarify things......I think most of these "HATERS" you speak of have one thing in common..........They all hate break checking a-holes! Can you chime in and defend your buddies break checking tactics? Maybe you would like to have a chat with J.R about those break checking tactics? That is if you can stop swinging from Sam's nuts long enough.


man, you guys are being such girls. anywho, I'm pretty positive that Sam will have another deal going for him in no time. Good Luck buddy :), hope it all works out. Oh and Antonio, that picture is super cute.


Like I have said before, Sam was the type of guy that thought he could do it all himself before this happened, and now he is trying to mooch off of teams, and people. I hope is new sponsor ship is Oakley, so he can wear his glasses and still hold his lame/big ego.


drift ya later!


I do not watch all of Sam Hubinette or Rhys Millen's runs but I can't recall them brake checking. I think people may misinterpret that when they see brake lights that they are brake checking. You do have to brake to slow cars down and control the line especially on transitions.

I do not mind seeing high horsepower cars drifting but hate the ones that can't stay on the throttle. I want to hear the motor scream. I was totally impressed with the Rockstar/AEM Scion TC.


i have nothing against sam. hell, if there weren't dirty drivers like him, then drifting, or any kind of racing for that matter, wouldn't be much of a challenge. but you gotta' respect Tsuchiya. he isn't recognized as The Drift King for nothing, you know.


that FormulaD Crowd guy is the biggest TOOL i have seen in a long time. "Seriously take a lesson from Kuroi with his RB powered Onevia. Id bet 1k he would whoop you in a tandem at any track." WHAT A FAG.


Are people on this board forgetting that it takes dollars and in reality massive amounts of dollars to run a full FD season. Second are we all forgetting that as a series grows and sponsorship grows so do the technology and the safety enhancements of the cars. Unlike "Japanese" drifting "American" drifting is all about the power and the torque.

Yes Sam was in a Viper and several other Mopar cars that did not meet the demographic. But part of growing a sport is broadening the demographic. If FD doesn't broaden that demographic they will disappear.

Sadly what the "fanboys" drive and what the professionals drive are no longer the same. The disparity is huge. I watched some of Ross Petty's car's being built for this year. Those are about the sickest s15 and s14 you will see. But will they compete with Tanner, Rhys, Dai, Jr or any of the other actual high power race cars with near factory support, probably not.

So good luck to Sam and the NuFormz guys your all wonderful guys and look forward to seeing you on the track.