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Just got back from the 2009 Hyper Meeting in Tsukuba and what a day packed full of action it was. For now a little preview will have to do as I'm dead tired, sunburnt and sleep deprived! 

The Subaru and Mitsubishi guys were all out in full force embracing the latest generation Impreza and Lancer Evolution.

Action on track was almost non-stop, with some new and old demo cars battling it out.

Plenty of exhibitions were put on to keep the crowds entertained with some very interesting cars.

The turn out was phenomenal with hundreds of people walking around the packed paddock checking out the machinery on display.

Older generation cars were of course not forgotten like the Mature Impreza STi above 

And the Garage HRS demo car sporting some really cool graphics.

With the economy in its current state the guys at Rev Speed Magazine, organizers of the event, pushed tuners to bring slightly more affordable, smaller cars like this Suzuki Swift.

No event would be complete without out a drift demo put on by the guys from Team Orange. The 2009 Hyper Meeting as ever is one of the biggest events of the year and as a result I have an obscene amount of pictures to sort through. Stay tuned for a more in depth look at the action and machines on display. Off to bed now! 

Dino Dalle Carbonare



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The scene crowded with car instead of ppl making me feel much more excited..

Looking forward to "in depth"!


Mmmmmm - Hyper Meeting - the best Japanese automotive culture has to offer for my personal taste!

Can't wait for more awesome coverage on this, thanks Dino!


Awesome! I just love anything related to cars, Japan, drifting and anything in between:D Especially drifting:D But I can't keep on wondering how are motorsports and vehicle cultures going to survive these hard times and soon enough, the lack of oil. The fuel that feeds our passion for engines and what not? Will Top Secret ever build a BioDiesel Supra or GTR? I know that sounds blasfemous, but what options are there really? Can we have proper drifting without oil?


^^^Bio ethanol and methanol are viable alternatives to petrol and work just as well^^^


Dino, as always excellent master pieces.. This is a teaser man, Can't wait to see more!!!


good stuff dino. hope u put up the fastest evo x and new subi in the next feature. i wanna know who's pushing those 2 cars to the limit.


would love to see tons of the original runduce and varis imprezas. :)


nice pics Dino..more needed....