86 Day: Readers’ Rides From Around The World

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘community’ as such: “A unified body of individuals: such as a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.”

In a world where information is instantly available in the palm of your hands and we have cars that can drive themselves, most people would say an analogue vehicle has no place. Despite that, a subset of car enthusiasts soldier on, keeping cars which are nearing 40 years old not only running, but modifying and using them in anger. Rarely is this carried out in solidarity; the advent of the internet has allowed AE86 owners from just down the road and as far away as the other side of the world to keep in touch and truly embody the definition of community.

A little over a week ago, we published a call to arms; for AE86 owners everywhere to submit photos of their cars along with some basic information to celebrate 86 Day (8/6) 2022 and show just how widespread a following they have. The response was overwhelming to say the least.

Some owners provided a lot of information on their cars which was great, and we’ve included a few of those details where possible. I also thought it important to have Instagram handles listed as well, to allow both owners and enthusiasts the ability to follow and network with each other. Unfortunately, we also had quite a few submissions which for one reason or another did not meet the post specification guidelines, so that might explain why a car hasn’t been featured.

If you like this kind of post, let us know in the comments below. What other days that are unofficially celebrated for other manufacturers and models should we feature in the further? For now though, kick back and enjoy a plethora of AE86s from all over the planet…

Chaydon Ford
Instagram: chaycore


Owner: Michael Tz
Location: London, UK
Instagram: rustbucketsincorporated

Juan-20201214_132725_resized (1)

Owner: Juan Colón
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Highlights: Original engine with 347,000mi (558,000km)

Owner: Mikey Bringetto
Location: Madera, California, USA
Instagram: ae86mikey
Highlights: Owned for 12 years; built for autocross and time attack racing; 1UZ-FE V8 engine swap; KW Competition suspension

Photographer: T REV


Owner: Hans Sjökvist
Location: Switzerland


Owner: Dmitriy, AKA Dimanit
Location: Moscow, Russia

Photographer: Andrey Dmitriev, VVCD Media


Owner: Eduard
Location: Costa Rica
Instagram: carlosvillegasrojas


Owner: Stefan Boyne
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Instagram: stefd3s
Highlights: Turbocharged Honda K-series engine; Millennium Jade paint

1-Jacob-Durbin-1998CAM_2021_11_15_21_11_12_FN (1)

Owner: Jacob Durbin
Location: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Instagram: dacobjurbin


Owner: Colin Frost
Location: Anaheim, California, USA
Instagram: cfrost


Owner: Luke Byfield
Location: Plymouth, UK
Instagram: lukebyfield97


Owner: John Yim
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Instagram: ghoztt86
Highlights: Two of three Corollas owned; black coupe is built for drift with a Nissan SR20DET making 400hp; red hatch was a Bring A Trailer acquisition with stock 4A-GE


Owner: Ayesh Bandara
Location:  Sri Lanka
Instagram: ayesh.bandara
Highlights: 4A-GE 20V Blacktop conversion


Owner: Brad Renard
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Highlights: Set up for drifting; a previous owner fitted a Ford 302 V8, transmission and 8.8-inch rear-end which wasn’t initially ideal for Brad, but he’s come to love it; didn’t love the hood scoop so that’s since been removed


Owner: Ralphy Perez
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Instagram: slide.sexy
Highlights: 3S-GE BEAMS Blacktop engine conversion; J160 6-speed gearbox; drift-spec suspension; Weds Albin Fins and RS Watanabe wheels

Photographer: Raf, spanishenglish

Owner: Tito Melendez
Location: Michigan, USA
Instagram: boring_touring
Highlights: 4A-GZE supercharged engine; wide-body

Photographer: Maggie Warchol, maggiewarchol

Owner: Miguel Varella-Cid
Location: Tokyo, Japan (Car based in London, UK)
Instagram: neweraimports.cars
Highlights: Owned since 2004; full N2-spec 4A-GE engine producing 200hp at 9,000rpm; built by Techno Pro Spirit (Japan)


Owner: Cross Kirchmeier
Location: Arlington, Texas, USA
Instagram: swicked75
Highlights: Red hatch is a factory-spec GT-S; two coupes both feature 1UZ-FE V8 conversions


Owner: Vincent 
Location: El Monte, California, USA
Instagram: fujiwara.tofu.cafe
Highlights: Shop vehicle for Fujiwara Tofu Cafe; Initial D replica; 4A-GE 20V Silvertop engine

Photographer: MR2MIVIN, mr2mivin


Owner: Hasibur Khan
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Instagram: hasibur_driftriot


Owner: Joachim Corneliussen
Location: Fredrikstad, Norway
Instagram: joachimcorneliussen


Owner: Joseph Connolly
Location: Ireland
Instagram: connollyjoseph_jc

Stevie BrutonIMG_20210726_093904_128

Owner: Stevie Bruton
Location: UK
Instagram: nakatooshi
Highlights: 4A-GE 20V Blacktop engine

Joseph Lee2

Owner: Joseph Lee
Location: UK
Instagram: jkmlee5635
Highlights: Purchased from Japan auction house one month ago and currently awaiting shipping to the UK; modified 4A-GE 20V Blacktop engine; RAYS Volk Racing TE37 wheels

Josh Garwood

Owner: Josh Garwood
Location: Norwich, UK
Instagram: JoshGarwood86
Highlights: Previously built up as a drift car in Japan; stripped restored and modified to an OEM+ style in the UK; 4A-GE Big Port engine with HKS cams and ITBs

Owner: Oliver Valenghi
Location: UK
Highlights: Just completed a full underside nut and bolt restoration; bodywork and mechanical work to come

James Anglim20210627_150809

Owner: James Anglim
Location: Ireland
Instagram: ae86_1984
Highlights: Rebuilt 4A-GE 20V Blacktop engine; Goodline front bumper; RS Watanabe wheels


Owner: Landin Williams
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Instagram: squeeze.86
Highlights: Known as the Squeeze AE86 designed by Factory 83; 3S-GE BEAMS engine conversion with Panic Made parts; simple setup for reliability

Photographer: Colton Blackmore, sixspeedsoul

Jesse Garojesse5

Owner: Jesse Garo
Location: Hawaii, USA
instagram: petroleum_jesse
Highlights: Jesse’s 4th AE86; JDM Levin converted to Trueno; bodywork restoration to be started soon

Owner: Paras Tumber
Location: California, USA
Highlights: Owned for 10 years; set up for street and occasional track day use; soon to be restored

Lim Wai Hong2_Full Restore 2022
Lim Wai Hong1_Mr Hachi 2019

Owner: Lim Wai Hong
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Instagram: hayashi86
Highlights: Currently undergoing a full restoration and converting from kouki to zenki spec

Toby Coomber Shiro AE86 3

Owner: Toby Coomber 
Location: East Sussex, UK
Instagram: shiro_ae86

Rob Rayment4
Rob Rayment1

Owner: Rob Rayment
Location: Tønsberg, Norway
Instagram: vestfoldracer
Highlights: Purchased the car one month ago; previously in storage for over 10 years and originally from Denmark; one of less than 30 AE86s in Norway; currently being rebuilt for summer 2023

Anthony MattazaroDSC_0075

Owner: Anthony Mattazaro
Location: Georgia, USA

Peter DiazAA5C8B06-30CC-4D5B-AC02-2436F9A3E971

Owner: Peter Diaz
Location: New Jersey, USA
Instagram: elfatherae86
Highlights: Owned since 2000; 4A-GE 20V Blacktop engine


Owner: Chris Holt
West Yorkshire, UK.
Highlights: Imported mostly stock from Japan four years ago; now running numerous period late-’90s JDM tuning parts

Owner: Kole Grove
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Instagram: straypath86
Highlights: Imported from Japan over four years ago; modified 4A-GE 20V Blacktop engine; TRD 2-way LSD; extensive suspension upgrades; 14×9-inch Work Equip 01 wheels

Steven SotoIMG_9166
Steven SotoIMG_5475

Owner: Steven Soto
Location: Costa Rica
Instagram: steve_ae86
Highlights: Purchased in 2017 with incomplete 4A-GE 20V Silvertop engine conversion and green paint; completely restored since


Owner: Angus Hamilton
Location: Southland, New Zealand
Highlights: Originally purchased by Angus’s late father for his mother brand new in 1984; odometer: 380,000km (236,000mi); engine was rebuilt 15,000km ago and upgraded with MRP headers and a custom exhaust, otherwise stock

Scott Henderson (1)

Owner: Scott Henderson
Location: Sydney, Australia
Instagram: scottdh_


Owner: Petr Tybl
Location: Czech Republic
Instagram: malejyetti
Highlights: Honda F20C (AP1 S2000) engine conversion

Wesley Ong

Owner: Wesley Ong
Location: Fremont, California, USA

John LyDSC00592

Owner: John Ly
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Instagram: mstoving
Highlights: Owned for 12 years; was John’s first and only car until a few months ago when he inherited a Mazda RX-2; odometer: 380,000mi (611,000km); used for daily commute, track days and drift events


Owner: Banpei
Location: Netherlands
Instagram: banpei_net

Andrew SisavathIMG_8737

Owner: Andrew Sisavath
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Instagram: hachiroku_tofu
Highlights: Initial D replica; ADM Corolla Levin and converted to JDM Trueno; 4A-GE 20V Silvertop engine


Owner: CronoArms
Location: Mesa, Arizona, USA
Highlights: Honda F20C (AP1 S2000) engine and transmission; carbon fiber hood, front fenders and headlight covers; Wilwood big brake kit; Enkei Compe wheels; used for weekend drives and occasional track duty

Jonathan RenovalesIMG_2798-2

Owner: Jonathan Renovales
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Instagram: johnpr21

Adam CookeIMG_9809

Owner: Adam Cooke
Location: UK
Instagram: kukki_86

Patrick DoughertyPatrick-1010

Owner: Patrick Dougherty
Location: South Lake Tahoe, California, USA
Instagram: notjusttoast
Highlights: Purchased in 2017 in tired mechanical condition; highly modified 3S-GE BEAMS swap (third engine) with ITBs and dry sump; set up for drift; soon to be fitted with full Run Free aero and repainted

Owner: Nikki Hayes
Location: Ireland
Instagram: nikkiroku
Highlights: 4A-GE 20V engine; full-spec race car that is road legal and driven

Pavlos Dimitropoulos

Owner: Pavlos Dimitropoulos
Location: Australia
Highlights: Car was once used in a Japanese TV commercial for Toyota (uploaded to YouTube with different soundtrack)

Photographer: Zac Allen, zac_allenph

Rob DanielsAE86 Rear
Rob DanielsAE86 Main

Owner: Robert Daniels
Location: Sydney, Australia
Instagram: robdae86
Highlights: Car was previously built and owned by Bill Sherwood of Billzilla fame; 3S-GE BEAMS engine with ITBs; J160 6-speed gearbox; T-series rear end, Work Meister 15×8-inch wheels

Alex Dadson20220304_163756
Alex Dadson20211126_100404

Owner: Alex Dadson
Location: Tasmania, Australia.
Instagram: ad_hachiroku
Highlights: Previously 4A-GE turbo now Honda F20C (AP1 S2000) with Precision 6466 turbo; MoTeC M1 engine management system; Honda 6-speed gearbox; Hilux differential; Third Strike Fabrications 4-link; RAYS Volk Racing TE37V wheels; latest build by Kane at KC Kustom Engineering

Hans ten HoeveHTH 05

Owner: Hans ten Hoeve
Location: Gouda, Netherlands
Highlights: Car is originally from Switzerland; original 4A-GE with 280,000km (174,000mi); Group A exhaust manifold; Recaro seats; RS Watanabe wheels; used by Hans and his sons for classic car road rallies

Andy LinehanIMG_3312
Andy LinehanIMG_3311

Owner: Andy Linehan
Location: Manchester, UK
Instagram: its_eddy_pal
Highlights: Purchased first AE86 (silver Levin) in 2012; imported this car (red/black Trueno GT Apex) from Japan in 2017; soon to receive a full bodywork restoration; lightly tuned for road use; third car (red/black Levin with Honda F20C engine) was won in a raffle in 2021 but sold to fund house purchase


Owner: Riki June 
Location: Washington, USA
Highlights: 3S-GE BEAMS engine swap, Run Free aero, setup for occasional track duty

Sasaki Jun 01

Sasaki Jun
Location: Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
Instagram: jtaro86

Andre CasasolaIMG_8578

Owner: Andre Casasola
Location: California, USA
Instagram: drekwondo

Csaba VétekIMG_3081

Owner: Csaba Vétek
Location: Hungary

Steve WattsIMG_0207

Owner: Steve Watts
Cornwall, UK
Instagram: stevtec

Zac MathisIMG_4760

Owner: Zachary Mathis
Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Instagram: mtlemmon86
Highlights: Owned since 2010; odometer: 300,000mi (482,000km) 220,000mi by Zachary; 7A-GE high-compression engine build; T3 suspension and brakes; period TRD steering wheel; used for mountain drives, autocross and road racing

Photographer: Colton Blackmore, sixspeedsoul

Brandon Ko_DSC2378
Brandon Ko_DSC2401

Owner: Brandon Ko
Location: Bay Area, California, USA
Instagram: brandon_ko98

Marco GarciaSH4

Owner: Marco Garcia
Location: Clearwater, Florida, USA
Instagram: teqdigest
Highlights: Known as the Latteroku; owned for 17 years; various build but currently undergoing a 1UZ-FE V8 swap with W58 gearbox and Celica Supra rear axle; OEM Levin front and rear bumpers, Origin Lab front and rear over-fenders and Restore Japan carbon fiber hood, Centerline Convo Pro wheels; Marco is dedicating this build to his friend Steven Schelmety, who passed away three years ago, at which time he was taking on this project at his shop

Mo Zeed 22170E238B704CDC98D6962D9DCFC2BE

Owners: Mohamad & Imran Zeed
Location: Victoria, Australia
Instagram: elusive_drive
Highlights: Owned by brothers Mohamad and Imran for 10 years; originally a stock ADM AE86 with 4A-C, now 4A-GE 20V, Run Free body kit; 15-inch Work Meister CR01 wheels


Owner: Roan Luiks
Location: Netherlands

Owner: Robert May
Location: Gloucestershire, UK
Instagram: boob86
Highlight: Owned for 19 years; currently setup for circuit racing

Martin Fleming002

Owner: Martin Fleming 
Location: Kidderminster, UK
Instagram: stichy82
Highlights: 4A-GE 20V engine, 2-way LSD; Wilwood brakes, 15×9-inch/15×9.5-inch RAYS Volk Racing TE37V wheels; currently set up for drift

Misawa Noritaka 03

Owner: Misawa Noritaka
Location: Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan

Robbie Durant20201130_111732
Robbie DurantARCH8277

Owner: Robbie Durant
Location: West Midlands, UK
Instagram: robbie.durant
Highlights: Originally purchased as a shell, now known as the RD86; features a mix of Japanese parts including Honda F20C (AP1 S2000) engine, gearbox and Nissan S14 front crossmember and independent rear suspension; MoTeC electronics and custom wiring; multi-point roll cage; road legal but built for circuit racing, sprints, hill climbs and tarmac rally

Jordan EvansDSC_5310 2

Owner: Jordan Evans
Location: Australia
Instagram: jordylevins
Highlights: Full AE86 driveline converted 85; KAAZ 1.5-way LSD, 14×7-inch SSR Longchamps wheels, Recaro SR3 seats; daily driver

Fukui Naoki 01
Fukui Naoki 05

Owner: Fukui Naoki
Location: Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan
Instagram: naozo_86
Highlights: Owned for 27 years and originally white;  4A-GE 20V Silvertop engine swap was completed 23 years ago when still very uncommon; 4A-GE 20V Blacktop engine swap completed 13 years ago

Sylvain LAE86 Levin Sylvain

Owner: Sylvain L
Location: France



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i like that kind of post, how about a VW Golf (Mk I or II ) one, or Ford escort, or Mx-5,etc


Thank you Speedhunters!! Appreciate it ^^


Love it! Thank you for including mine!


Great post, nice to see worldwide examples , any material on GTI-R RNN14 would be great to see.
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The 86 love is real! We definitely need more of Readers' Rides! I think it's great for the Speedhunters community!


Speedhunters should host it's own "instagram" since IG is now just a bad tiktok imitator and creators are either doing video or are gone. I really miss just, wait for it .... pictures of cars. :(


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