The Road To Gatebil Rudskogen

You know that tingly feeling you got as a kid the day before you traveled somewhere special? For the first time in ages, that sensation came back to me, hours before departing for Norway. And for good reason.

Having experienced the insane fun at Gatebil Mantorp a few weeks ago, I was super-excited to spend an extended weekend at the biggest event on Gatebil’s summer calendar – Rudskogen.


The plan was to leave work on Wednesday and meet up with my friend Samuel who was also headed to Norway for the event. After filling up my GT86 and playing baggage Tetris in the trunk (which is surprisingly roomy), I set my way for the 200km drive from Stockholm to Linköping.


I stayed overnight in Linköping at Samuel’s place, before linking up with another friend, Linus. If you follow Gatebil on social media, you might know that Samuel and Linus have been producing the event series’ videos for the past year or so. At 6:00am sharp on Thursday morning, it was time to hit the road in Samuel’s BMW E36.

Just how much luggage do three guys need for a weekend? Apparently a lot.


Driving through the Swedish countryside in the rain is fun, but it’s so much better when you’re convoying with a modified 944. Stephanie Falk also met up with us in Linköping, and I managed to snag a rolling picture of the Porsche before the rain started to pour down hard. From there on out, I just enjoyed the road trip.


For myself (and probably most of people), a fast food pitstop is almost mandatory. We stopped at Töckfors Handelspark, which is just a few kilometers from the Sweden-Norway border, and roughly 90km from Norway’s capital, Oslo, for some unhealthy food, extra snacks and fuel. Thankfully at this point, the rain disappeared and the sun peeked through as we were about to head off.


After crossing the border and hearing how the Swedish radio faded and the Norwegian language took over, my excitement for Rudskogen grew more. The road to the venue is absolutely breathtaking with wide-open nature, thick forests and twisty roads. Together they’re the perfect recipe for a fun drive, and even in Samuel’s E46 we had a blast.


After driving for about 40 minutes, we arrived at Rudskogen.


At the booth, we all picked up our yellow wristbands; I was now member of the Gatebil media team for the weekend. Then we made our way to probably the best media room I’ve ever been in. Not because of the actual building, but because of where it’s located. Yes, this is also where Samuel, Linus and I would be camping for the weekend.


As you can see, we didn’t even need to leave the room to catch the action. Just outside the window was the start point of the famed Breisladden competition, which I will cover off in another post. This was also our alarm clock every day when the driving started at 8:00am. Who doesn’t want to be woken up by screaming wastegates and exhausts, and screeching tires?


As soon as we were all set up, we wasted little time heading out to catch the action. I cannot wait to show you what Gatebil Rudskogen 2022 had to offer, because this event blew my mind. Stay tuned for a bunch of stories from Norway’s biggest automotive festival.

Alen Haseta
Instagram: hazetaa



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Mario Christou

Dude it's so good seeing Gatebil content again on SH. Looks epic already, I need to make the trip out.


You should definitely come next year!


Wetting my trousers in anticipation! I (and sure many others) have dearly missed this action.


I hope it's not your only pair!


Can't wait for Gatebil!!


Can't wait to go back!!


I did miss this years gatebil rudskogen but i will come back and i look forward for the photos.

For newcomers I recomend the shortcut from were you park and pay and to the pit beside the first corner, what google maps dont show is that it is a bit of elevation and when you are tired on the way back to the car it is not a amusing hike up the hill.


Try with a 12kg bag on your back for 4 days straight! Safe to say I don't need to exercise for a week


I went to Rudskogen in 2014 for Gatebil. Being German, this event blew my mind. The crazy Scandinavians, the crazy engine swaps and the driving was just too good. The combination of that with the breathtaking landscape and the hot summer weekend was just perfect. Meeting Dino and Alok at the Speedhunters booth was a highlight for me, too. :) I´d love to come back one day.


I wish I was into the whole photography thing back then. Looks wild even in todays standards. Does Germany have any events like this?

You are welcome back anyday!


Haha I can imagine. Back then it felt even wilder, because we were some sort of prepared what to expect there. When we arrived, we realized, we weren´t prepared at all for whats happening there.

Germany doesn´t have events like this, because Germans hate fun. :D Noise regulations and race tracks who don´t want to ruin their surface/surroundings are the limiting factors here. So if you wanna experience REALLY cool driving event, you just can go abroad. :)


At least you got the Ring!