A Group S-Inspired Turbo Škoda

When I see a modified retro Škoda, I just can’t pass up the opportunity to meet the owner and find out more about the car.

A couple of years ago I featured a wild ’88 136 GL, but this time I’ve gone more old school and, in a way, more traditional, albeit with some modern touches. Let me introduce you to this Škoda 120 GL, owned and built by Lasse Sivunen in Finland.


Lasse inherited the car from his grandfather when he turned 18 and got his driving license. He’s now in his 40s, so the Škoda has been with him for a very long time. As a mechanic, Lasse works on cars on a daily basis. In his spare time, he works on the 120 GLS.

Over his quarter-century of ownership, Lasse has modified and re-modified the Škoda several times over.


If you know Škodas, you’d have likely picked up on the theme – a homage to the Škoda 130 LR/B Evolution Group S rally car prototype. Of course, the 130 LR/B Evo never saw any competition because Group S fizzled before it even started, but its predecessor, the Group B-spec 130 LR, did. That car was famed for its 911-like handling characteristics, which despite the modest 135hp produced from its 1,290cc engine made it a competitive rally car in its day.


In original spec, the 1,174cc engine in Lasse’s 120 GLS output a rather uninspiring 54hp, but that’s long gone now having been replaced with a modified 1,289cc unit from a Škoda Favorit. Those modifications include a ported and polished head, a custom intake manifold and, most importantly, a Garrett T25 turbocharger on a custom exhaust manifold. There’s also an intercooler and fuel injectors from an Audi TT, and a custom stainless steel exhaust system.


With the new engine setup in play, on the dyno the little Škoda showed a modest 129hp/205Nm at the wheels, but Lasse mentioned this was with a fuel injector fault which he’s still chasing. The true numbers are probably a little higher then, but regardless, even with the figures it’s made the car is pretty lively given its 900kg (1,985lb) weight.

Around the driveline and chassis are number of other upgrades. The gearbox, driveshaft and rear suspension all came from a Škoda 130, while Czech rally store SpeedPro set Lasse up with new shocks and stiffer springs. The custom aluminum fuel tank was made by another Czech company – Tym Motorsport – and sits at the front of the car for better weight distribution.


Outside, the 120 GLS has a purposeful new look thanks a replica 130 LR/B Evolution body kit that adds wider fenders front and rear – the latter being molded to the body – a deep front air dam, aero mirrors and a large one-piece boot/spoiler with an integrated engine oil cooler.

Adding to this is Audi Ibis White paint and some retro vinyl graphics, plus 16×9-inch Keskin KT wheels sprayed Škoda Minz Green at all four corners.


The green is carried through to the interior, where everything metal, including the full roll cage, has been painted the same color. Lasse also added Sparco Sprint seats, an OMP steering wheel, new gauges and carbon fiber door panels.


I wasn’t surprised to hear that Lasse isn’t finished with his 130 LR/B Evo-inspired Škoda 120 GLS just yet. Once he gets on top of the injector issue, there are few more light modifications planned before he’ll be happy. For the time being at least anyway…

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka

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boxy, funky (bonus for the bonnet), not common, clean, well stanced. No reason to not like this creation.




it may be "slow" but considering the donor engine produced 70hp with fuel injection in it's stock form, being able to produce almost twice the power with a turbocharger is probably good enough as is.


you're totaly right but i skipped this point since it still has a mechanical hicup.


acknowledged. Good boint.


Man this is the Skoda of my dreams
I don't know why but I want this so badly!


Alright I'm gonna be real here, no filter, so be prepared.
The car needs more power, and I would give him up to 2K to put into the car if he could get it to at least 230 horsepower.
Let me be clear, I love the build, but it needs some boogie juice. Hell, even with the turbo it's making less power than a NA VW.
That's pure sad in my book. Especially when the body (and literally EVERYthing else here) looks so damn good.

Embracing Irrelevance

I'm very old, so not only am I scared of everything, I know more about everything than you do. Sorry not sorry. I'm just telling it like it is!!! No car will ever live up to my impossibly high expectations. No matter how much I say I like the car, I will always complain about it. I cannot possibly just appreciate things for how they are and allow people to enjoy things that make them happy. I cant help it. I know more than you do and I tell it like it is!!! gobbless

Kevin Reynolds

Lol, this has sparked some interesting comments! Love the build but yeah have to agree that the hp is crazy small even with a turbo. Love the look though and the overall build. Better than what I have so I'm not complaining...haha! It made me do some research on these cars and their racing history. Great write up!


cool build! with everyone nagging about the hp numbers not sure if they noticed the low weight and the balance of said weight that the owner did to make it handle better. you don't always have to have huge hp numbers to have a fun car. with that said i'm sure it's plenty fast downhill with a good tail wind. :)
keep posting these fun builds!


They are possibly the same guys who complain about the Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ's lack of power.


I genuinely like this. The whole build is rather period correct, so it doesn't have to chase huge horsepower figures that most people here say it needs. Lol!


I love this, the car looks awesome! And I don’t see you need mega power to enjoy it. Low powered cars can be great fun to drive - the challenge of carrying speed makes for great entertainment, and the feel of achievement is more than just sticking your foot on the accelerator.


Man this is the Skoda of my dreams
I don't know why but I want this so badly! please do come follow our site yeadhu369.epizy.com !!!