The SpeedHooked Meet: Back At It In Finland

You may have heard of SpeedHooked (SPD HKD), a pitstop facility in Porvoo, Finland run by auto enthusiasts Roni Collin and Toni Salminen. I’ve showcased this place on Speedhunters a couple of times in the past, and it was awesome to be back for a meet recently.

Throughout the pandemic, some events have gone on in Finland, but restrictions kept many people at home. So these events never felt like they did in pre-Covid times. But as restrictions lift, this is starting to change. If I needed any proof of that, the first SPD HKD meet of 2022 – promoted under the ‘Back At It’ slogan – was it.


Leading up to the event, social media channels were abuzz. People were bringing out cars from the far reaches of Finland, many making their first road trip in two years. I, along with a couple of mates, jumped on the first ferry of the morning from Estonia, arriving early to shoot a few cars before the event kicked off.


Every time I heard an incoming car, I got excited, but after a couple of hours the floodgates really opened and these individual exhaust notes gave way to a full-on cacophony. The organizers had the task of picking the creme of the crop to park in a designated area next to the SPD HKD garage, something tough at the best of times, let alone when so many amazing cars were trying to get into the venue.


I quickly stopped counting the number of familiar faces and fist-bumps exchanged (shaking hands is still uncomfortable to many here), but I did keep tabs on the number of cars that I’ve featured on Speedhunters before – nine.


For me, the best part of any car show is seeing how projects have progressed over the years. This restored Opel Kadett, which I spotlighted in 2020, looked the same at first glance, but on closer inspection it has new side skirts, an added splitter, modified bumpers and an Air Lift Performance suspension kit. The owner probably rattled off at least a dozen more changes too.


There were numerous standouts for me, including a bonkers Ford Escort, Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type R wearing carbon-Kevlar overalls, and a rather rare rear-engined Škoda. But my absolute favorite was a track-spec Suzuki Samurai with a rotary engine. I will be bringing you a closer look at all these builds in the very near future.


When the rain started the spectator numbers did thin a little, but that just made it easier to grab a clean photo, so I wasn’t complaining.


The meet didn’t have a theme and everybody was welcome, which for me is the best scenario as I love a bit of everything. A hot rod next to a stanced Miata doesn’t irritate me in the slightest; it’s how it should be when everyone and all automotive tastes are respected.

Take a look at the general visitor area too – Finland truly has so many car lovers.


The main takeaway from SPD HKD for me was this: Long dark winters in Northern Europe can make you feel a little depressed, but as soon as you lift yourself up and spend a day with like-minded people, you instantly feel better. “It’s good to be back,” Roni and many of his friends were chanting throughout the event, and I couldn’t agree with them more.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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Hey Vladimir! It was awesome to meet you! I enjoyed the article aswell. Great job man!

Vladimir Ljadov

Was nice meeting you too!


That Cayenne in image 12 was the top for me in this coverage for a very simple reason i've never seen a relatively high end SUV (taking into consideration it's "cheap" now) built, at least visually, for "proper use". And the color choice suits the scheme.

Ian MacDonald

I've seen videos of 1st gen Cayennes doing some fairly impressive off roading. Nothing extreme of course, but definitely the kind of stuff that a high end SUV would never see as part of it's normal lifespan. It seems that both that and its sister car, the Touareg, were very well engineered cars.

I don't normally like SUVs, but those two skip that barrier in my mind.

Vladimir Ljadov

it is a dope Cayenne, no question!


Hallo! Thanks for the amazing article! Would you happen to have any more pictures or details on the GULF-liveried motorcycle? I think its a KTM RC8. Astounding photography!

Vladimir Ljadov

Thanks! Unfortunately no more photos of the bike, sorry *cry*


Looks epic, high quality builds all-round!

Vladimir Ljadov



The white AWD VW wagon! Must know more!!!

Vladimir Ljadov

Maybe one of the most conservative shows in a long time featured on speed hunters... Clean and every car very "mökki"

Vladimir Ljadov

"mökki" is a nice description for it :D


Great variety there. I'm a HUGE fan of a rotary Suzuki SJ so great to see one!

Vladimir Ljadov

I'll make a story about it separately in near future. Stay tuned!


the ford escort definitely does look wild. great article!

Vladimir Ljadov

There will be a closer look at it soon as well!


Hi Vladimir, excellent content as always, I need to know more about the Cayenne. Please tell me you have a feature on it ;)

Vladimir Ljadov

Unfortunately not at this moment, but maybe I do it during the summer

Peanutbutter Arbuckle

anyone else get a 25 year flashback to audi quattros when they saw that dark grey TTRS??

Vladimir Ljadov

I see your point! Especially when it's parked next to two granddads ))

Peanutbutter Arbuckle

WHOAH that KTM RC8 looks pretty wild

Vladimir Ljadov

Great to see this reaction to the bikes. Will feature them more next time!

Janis P. Petersons

Great report.
When next one takes place?


I love that blue VW Passat I think.but that cayenne looks fire and the cosworth does