The BMWs Of BimmerFest Europe

If you’re a BMW fan, then you’re probably going to enjoy this post.

After a two-year hiatus and a venue change, people from all over Europe made the trip to Raceway Venray in the south of Holland for BimmerFest 2022. The venue itself was pretty unique being a banked half-mile oval track.


For me, it felt like a small Speedhunters reunion of sorts, because Ben and Ryan were also present. I don’t need to tell you that it’s so much nicer speaking to friends in person rather than on the digital highway, but this feature isn’t about me meeting people – it’s about the cars. So let’s see what BimmerFest Europe 2022 had to offer…


I’m a big fan of the E30, especially in 4-door sedan configuration. This one is so simple, but oh-so effective.

Here’s another four-door E30, perhaps with a twist. If the plate is anything to go by, I’m led to believe there’s an M62 engine from a BMW E39 up front. In simpler terms, a 4.4-liter V8 packing 300hp and 450Nm.


When I first saw this E23 I was certain it was a real Alpina, but now I’m not so sure. It does have all the correct markings, but apparently Alpina never made these from factory; they only offered a selection of enhancement parts for aftermarket fitment. After a deep-dive though, I found out that Alpina’s UK authorized dealer, Sytner, did indeed offer a 735i B10. The car was built in the UK and featured a hand-built, 261bhp 3.5 liter 6-cylinder Alpina engine and other Alpina parts. So you can be the judge – would you consider this the real-deal or not?


This E30 M3 Alpina Group A replica was built by Vink Motorsport for one of their customers. The attention to detail was crazy, right down to the replication of small things like the fuse box.

Candy red paint and BBS wheels set the theme for this E30 coupe from the UK, but the pristine white interior, rear louvres and duckbill spoiler drive it home.


The first Live To Offend (LTO) build in the Netherlands is a pretty wild thing. What makes this one even more special is its forged carbon pieces.


There were several E30 M3s present at BimmerFest, but this gorgeous silver example with single-lug BBS wheels built by Retro Wheelz in Belgium was a favorite.

BMW never sold an E30 M3 Touring, but that’s never stopped people creating their own interpretations. This build, which has just had a bare-metal repaint by a good friend, rides on Air Lift Performance suspension and gold BBS LM wheels. Under the hood is a 2.8L M52B28 engine from a BMW Z3.


This is what a 900+hp, street legal E30 looks like. It’s such an incredible build with no stone left unturned; everything has been built with purpose. That includes the M30B35 engine, which is now fed by a rather large Garrett GTX42 turbo.


Another special car that I was so happy to see in person was Ryan’s own E30, complete with an ITB-equipped 2.9L M20 good for 245whp, and a paddle-shifted Holinger Engineering sequential gearbox.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this coverage from BimmerFest Europe 2022, but I’m not done yet – I’ve still got three of my favorite cars to show you in a spotlight feature. In the meantime though, there are plenty more images from the event for you to check out below.

Jeroen Willemsen
Instagram: jaccojeroen

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Call me hooked, in love, stuck in time,... but i could see the 1M front bumper in the opening shot like it's the only thing there.
That candy red E30 in BBS brings some good memories, my brother in law had the same combo with upgraded 6 cylinders (don't ask which variantion but must be from the 90's iron block and aluminum head), we had some good times in it.


Am I the only one who hated the new M4/M3 and now like it.

Jeroen Willemsen

I'm starting to like them more and more. A frontlip greatly enhances the fascia :)


Not me, I still hate it.
And the rope around the M1 is tacky.


the new M4 still looks like hot garbage. The negative space in front of the car is deafening.
The new M cars (bmw in general really) have no class. They're baroque architechture in a way. Cluttered, busy, almost intentionally ridiculous. It comes across as low class, like what poor people think rich people would drive. Not to be condescending, which, for all you troglodytes means talking down to people
:D :D :D
German cars used to be more subtle, the drama was for the italian supercars like the aventador. Even then it was classy.


well, a lot of reasons: the design was drastically changed so it was offending a lot of people and then the eye got used to it (the new design was to follow Bentley and Rolls-Royce since the the far east bigger grill means richer or something like this); there are some angles were it's good and others were it's realy bad (same for the R35 GTR proportions for me at least); the European front plate re-cuts the grill.


I'm slowly coming around...

Brandon Paulsen

Been following LiveToOffend for awhile now; hyped that they got some coverage!


I used to like the company a lot until I realized that a lot of their kits are just showy. Their last really amazzing build that I was hysterical about was their 8-1 collector LS swapped BMW 3 series. Freakin monster that thing is. Sounds like an old hi-rev gasser. Check it out, you won't regret it. I'll fill you in if you want more details.


Not a fan of a lot of the cars here because the prioritization of the latest fashion trends instead of performance, but that yellow 2002 really stood out in more ways than one. It helps that the stock car was already a timeless design lol.
A lot of ultimate driving machines turned into sub-optimal style points machines.

Jeroen Willemsen

Not sure if you are serious? Did you only look at the exterior of these cars? Then I suggest looking at some of the engine bays I shot in the gallery, most of these cars have performance mods under the hood and some of them in this feature have 1000bhp engines.


Ha! The "ultimate parked machines". They do look good in my opinion but I'm a man of function over form. It's like watching the worlds strongest man try to open a jar of pickles but can't. :)


BMW Wagons/Estates. SO HARD TO GO PAST!
Been searching for the right project for a couple of years now...starting to really lean towards a BMW Wagon.


If I understand correctly, the fawning over the E30 is largely due to its being smaller & lighter than its successor, the E36. A situation exactly like the R32 vs R33 Skyline debate. And in both cases the later, larger, more-solidly-built car is actually a superior automobile to its predecessor, with better drivability and usability on the street. But again, in both cases the older, lighter car FEELS more nimble, even if it creaks and groans a bit more.

Is that about right, or did I miss something?


to complete your story: and then you have the E46 similar to the R34.
The E36 is the middle brother who is better than the elder one but not the first and not "cute" as much as the yonger one. They went from a agile 4 clinders to a relatively heavy straight 6 and stiffer more rigid body; later on they refined whatever they had to and gave the world the E46 (not to mention the hype of the CSL).




Just wow. The whole festival load of 3ers and literallyy zero E21 shots except one covered by someone's bum. People kinda hate the very first gen, why?


I agree. Baffling that they aren’t more popular. The E21 has all of the “ingredients”: hoffmeister kink, 2dr coupe, RWD, mostly manuals, m20, small, light, easy to mod (most of the motors that drop into e30s also work in e21s), etc. of course aesthetics are subjective, but the e21’s shark nose stablemates get lots of love…


Tit, indeed, E21 has all what is needed. But as far as inline sixes is a good fit for E21, M60 swap is way harder for E21 than it is for E30 (suspension cup has to be cut and modified). Can't wait to hear my E21 roaring in it's V8 glory : )

Jeroen Willemsen

The E21 isn't readily available anymore, at least not in the Netherlands. Or you will have to pay top dollar for a car that is mostly rust free.


Yes, not sure how many there are in the US. I get the impression most of the E21 fans are in Western Europe and South Africa. In Australia they are still relatively cheap - certainly cheaper than E30's and other classics.


I've driven a lot of cars. Lots of great experiences. Honestly speaking, BMW is something that has always stood out to me. They have their issues, like all cars, but BMW truly is a drivers car... Even the non-M cars.


You guys should pay a visit to Ton Vink (Vink motorsport),he has so many interesting cars
Also alot of btcc history and dtm replicas who are getting used what they are build for,that is fast on the track or rally

Jeroen Willemsen

I'm already planning a visit ;)


That candy e36 on those bbs rims is really clean,does anyone know whos the owner and does he have instagram?


@prodigalson_666 is the instagram I’m the owner