A Never-Raced Porsche 924 Carrera GTR

After Porsche’s success with its 924 at the 1980 Le Mans endurance race, the German manufacturer returned to Circuit de La Sarthe in 1981 with both a GTR version and also a bigger-engined (and more powerful) GTP variant of the car. That same year, 17 924 Carrera GTRs with slightly detuned engines were built for customers to race.

This is one them. And what a great car to start my 2022 Nostalgic 2days event coverage with.


After Nostalgic 2days was cancelled last year, I couldn’t wait to get along to the Pacifico Yokohama events center for its 2022 running. Japan’s ‘largest classic motor show’, an offshoot of Nostalgic Hero magazine, is always packed to the brim with amazing cars, and not all of them Japanese as you can see here.


This very special 924 – which is still boasting delivery mileage – is owned by Auto Roman. Moroi-san is the man behind this company which caters for everything classic motoring enthusiasts in Japan may require, from sourcing and selling cars to general maintenance and more.


Moroi-san also has an amazing personal collection of cars, one of them being the Vern Schuppan 962 he likes to occasionally drive on the street. I just can’t believe it was 10 years ago that I shot it!


I’ve caught a fleeting glimpse of the 924 a few times at Moroi-san’s large storage facility, but up until this point had never really had a chance to talk to him about it or look over it in detail.

While there were different race 924s built for various series, I find this early car especially imposing with its four louvered openings on the front bumper and that offset intake on the hood. The side-exit exhaust is pure drama too.


The body panels area mix of aluminum and fiberglass, which explains some of the varying shades of white.


The overfenders are boxy but curvy at the same time – something pretty unique for the era – and contain 16-inch BBS wheels wrapped in 290-section Dunlop slicks.


However, the classic mesh center-lock design is hidden by finned metal turbine covers to help extract air from 935-spec brakes.


I actually like how high the rear end sits, exposing the race fuel cell and the onboard air jacks at each side.


The rear hatch is fiberglass with a Perspex window, meaning it’s very light. A pair of old school rubber latches keep it secured.

The fuel cell can be filled from both sides of the car, but perhaps the most noticeable feature of the interior is the alloy roll cage.


The interior is pretty much the same as the works Le Mans racers that Porsche campaigned in 1980 and ’81, so totally stripped out save for the essential controls including a brake bias adjuster.


Last year, the only other never-raced 924 Carrera GTR in existence – a red example which has been owned by a couple of collectors in Japan – ended up selling at Amelia Island for just over US$400,000.


That, however, had been driven at a couple of Japanese race circuits by its previous owner, so this white car remains the only one to have not been tracked in any way, nor even used beyond its delivery miles. A pity, yes, but at the same time making it very special.

I’ve got a couple more spotlights from the show before we finish up with a large gallery of the best of the rest from the 2022 Nostalgic 2days event. Stay tuned for those coming very soon.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare



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Love that car, but it does seem a shame it's not driven

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Agree, bet it would be a beast on track!


since the 190E Auto Roman kit feature i have been checking occasionally @ the Auto Roman webpage. Its still "coming soon" after so long.

the 190E deserves another feature.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah I noticed that too. They are so busy right now I think it's not the best time to be taking in more enquiries so maybe that's why.


Whoa, I can't believe its been a decade since that Porsche 962c piece was published. Still remember reading it fresh like it was yesterday


same with me here! I remember reading it with aww. The photo of it in front of the Family Mart stuck in my head until now.. really can't believe its already 10 years and I had to click the link back just to confirm the published date.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Tell me about it, and I was the guy that shot it lol It really does feel like the other day. Wild!


This is an incredible car. Love it, thanks for the details.


For those interested, there is a very cool youtube video by 9Tecknic with these cars featured. This was truly the golden age of lemans and sports car racing, when old met new


Don't you just love it when seriously ugly cars fetch exorbitant prices? Goes to show there'll always be car nerds to keep significance alive and well. Long live nerds!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Definitely not ugly to me, quite the contrary actually. Beats a modern day factory race car by miles if you ask me


this is ugly to you? ok...


Wish this was how everyone modified their cars. Purely performance-oriented. Fashion follows form, and god almighty that is one hot looking car. Love this, every bit of it.


When I was in my early 20s I worked in a Porsche specialty shop that took delivery of the factory BOSS 924 car that won the 1982 Monte Carlo Rally. We actually had the prototype which looked like this in the shop as well and the matching model cars to go with it. Somewhere on my computer is a shot of me holding the toy car up next to the real thing. I couldn't find it to post but will try to find it later.

They are actually really balanced cars and drive very well. Not a lot of power by modern standards but they are definitely raw and involving to drive compared to even modern supercars. The clutch on the prototype was in for service which made it very difficult to move...not exactly fun when you are parking close to Carrera GTs etc.

Anyway, just thought this was a cool feature and glad you guys are giving these cars some attention! Great post.


Just a minor correction to the story. 924 didn’t win 1982 Monte Carlo rally. Didn’t even win it’s class.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thank you and thanks for sharing that awesome story. I have no doubt they are balanced, front-midship engine layout and a transaxle. Near perfect I'd say!


I generally never liked the 924/944, but I can always get behind this. Probably because of those fender flares and turbofan wheels. Lol!

And thanks for making me feel old about the 962 feature, Dino. Hahahaha!!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

LOL, tell me about it!!!


Such an underrated racing legend, wish there were more shoots of its race car counterpart. Really nice though

Dino Dalle Carbonare

You must be looking for ebay?