The Slantnose Nissan 935Z

Let me start by putting things into perspective: Takashi Koike never intended to execute a Porsche 935 replica with his Z33 Nissan Fairlady Z. He simply wanted to pay homage to a car that he has huge respect for, and in the process build a Z like no one had ever seen before.

One look at Takashi’s Nissan, and I think you’ll agree that he has pretty much nailed the brief.


View the Z from the rear and you’d not even know that the front end has received such a drastic conversion.


In fact, the nose tuck is so smoothly integrated that you may not even spot the difference from a profile view.


I call it a ‘nose tuck’ because this goes so far beyond bolting on aftermarket aero parts – it’s a true transformation that Takashi executed himself. Of course, it helps that he works in a bodyshop and is a seasoned pro when it comes to these sorts of custom modifications.


Deleting headlights is no simple feat, especially when they extend into the bumper and fenders like the OEM items on a Z33 do. To remove them altogether, substantial work needed to be done around the hood line and where the bumper meets the front fenders. The integration of the large round HID projector lights and LED DRLs was actually the easy part, as they sit beautifully recessed in the custom mounts that Takashi created.

As these build images that Takashi shared with me show, everything was shaped hand. Much care was taken refining the radius for the bumper snout, the new hood line and both the front and rear wheel arches. You can see just how far back the conversion stretches too. In fact, it’s just the doors, roof and rear deck lid that remain stock.


The fenders were cut and molded into the overall new shape of the car, taking that added width and bringing it around and over the arches, right down into the side skirts.

At the time of our shoot, Takashi was running on aftermarket coilovers and a set of 19-inch Work Gnosis GS-1s. Behind the squared-off spokes of the front wheels hide Central 20 6-pot brake calipers biting down on 2-piece slotted Project µ rotors.


The modified side steps brings a nice angular feel across the profile of the car, something that helps counteract the fact that the Z33’s rear is rather bulbous. They meet the massively widened 3/4 fenders which taper inward to almost meet the original width of the rear bumper.

Takashi finished it all off with an integrated lower bumper skirt, large diffuser section and a Battle Aero wing with tall stays that sprout from behind the bumper.


On the back glass, Takashi proudly displays the Raiden logo, a club he belongs to with all his friends.


There is something just so imposing about a slantnose car. The Kremer Racing 935s of the early 1980s took a base 911 and lobbed off the car’s signature bug-eye headlights for that flat-nose look. The main projectors were moved to the corners of the bumper and with that a legendary transformation was born, one that Porsche ended up offering in 1986 with the pricey Flachbau (flatnose/slantnose) option for the 930.

I think Takashi’s headlight conversion has a Garage TBK feel about it, you know, like the 930 from Wangan Midnight.


The hood modifications also include a pair of dummy louvers and a functional center air outlet.


A lot of thought went into the color – a custom-mixed blue/gray – and the contrasting black detailing, and I think it works well.

Takashi has stuck to very minimal upgrades under the hood with an HKS induction kit to give the VQ35 V6 some character on the induction side. The exhaust has also been enhanced with a full Fujitsubo system and the ECU was re-flashed with a custom map.


Takashi may look at some substantial engine mods in the future, but for now he’s enjoying having completed the exterior styling.


With the car oozing 935 vibes, it only seemed right to somehow try and tie the interior in too. Takashi found these Sparco Martini Racing sports seats that hint back at the legendary livery the Kremer-built 935s are most associated with.


It’s always a true pleasure to meet talented young builders. Without guys like Takashi and his Raiden team, the Japan car scene wouldn’t be what it is.


It was so cool that they all made the trek from Nagoya to Tokyo to meet me for this shoot, and I can’t wait to share with you what the rest of the Raiden crew brought along.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare



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Wow this is like a GTA car come to life!
No seriously I have never seen a 350Z build like this let alone any stance and sadboi builds
Props to Takashi-san for this amazing car!

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Yeah. There's a car in GTA Online called ZR380 that looks almost like this, just with Star Dast fender flares and windows with armor plating. Lol!


This is such a clean execution! I really dig the color palette and wheel choice -basically everything about this car. I bet he will bring this same attention to detail when he gets to the engine bay. I would love to see this next to the Old & New Porsche. Oh and great location and photos as usual!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Now that would make a cool twin shoot!


I usually tend to find those out-of-character conversions somewhat awkward, but holy crap that one ia well executed !

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Works so well right?


This is PHENOMENAL. The fit, finish, colour choice; all amazing. Having even just a couple of in-progress photos really adds to it as well; surely I can't be the only one keen to see a more detailed "build diary" of the kit?


Very well done! The styling is so clean compared to the current crop, and last 25 years, of production cars on the market, especially JDM. Todays cars have too much extra fluff, bumps and recesses to fill in blank space as opposed to a well sculptured shape. The professional stylist designers could learn something from this build. This would be a sales hit as potential after market kit. My only reservation is the fake bonnet vents and the stronger creases to the bonnet bulge. Otherwise just Beautiful!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Fake bonnet vents aren't fake, they just haven't been opened up


Holy Cow .... this is skill beyond good "bodyshop" work. The proportions are better than the car it's trying to emulate. The fit, finish, and VISION/DESIGN integration are OEM levels of quality. Having zero visible fasteners is just the garnish on top. This guy needs to be on an OEM's design/modeling team or starting his own body kit line...starting YESTERDAY; each day he isn't is a disservice to the world!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

We should get Takashi to style kits for Nismo!


The Kremer Racing 935s of the early 1980s took a base 911 and lobbed off the car’s signature bug-eye headlights for that flat-nose look. The main projectors were moved to the corners of the bumper and with that a legendary transformation was born

Norbert Singer, yes THAT Singer, and the Porsche Motorsport department modified the 935/76 mid-way through the 1976 Group 5 Championship for Makes and moved the headlights to the front bumper. The Kremer Bros Racing team 935s came later and IMO were the best iteration of the 935 concept that was started by Porsche factory racing team.


Gonna be lots of haters... the sort of hatred that the mildly talented have when they see true genius.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well it is genius, he identified the ugliest thing on the Z33 - the headlights- and got rid of them.

Senator Chinchilla

I've seen just a few pics before bouncing around. Nice to see the whole article! Crazy build. Its almost like my brain refuses to process that front end because its missing bits and the "face" is now super low.


I 100% admire all the world and its gorgeous, my only issue is the gaudy wing. I'm not even anti wing, but it deserves a more elegant approach in the rear, much like the front. The front end is like Mona Lisa but the rear is like Joe Dirt.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

He actually runs an Esprit one now I believe


Love this! That front end is actually pretty cool.


Interesting and awesome transformation. I think it will look even better with Martini livery, with Takashi's own interpretation of course.

Now, anyone inspired to do a Porsche with a Z nose? ;)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

lol now that would be seriously ugly!


What's with the engine bay, shows up for a photo shoot to show his car off and looks like he's just finished a rally stage.


Well executed!!


Well executed.


This is bang on. Beautifully executed too.


Sensational looking car! Massively talented.


I especially like the way he moved the front license plate to the passenger's visor. It's legally displayed, but it doesn't stick out like a pimple.


This is so well executed!