SEMA 2021: RAYS Of Sunshine

Some traditions are worth celebrating more than others.

While you might not find this particular tradition in any calendars, we’ve made a habit over the years of dedicating at least one part of our annual SEMA Show coverage to our favourite wheel supplier, RAYS.

This might sound a bit on the nose or even forced, but I always really enjoy either reading these posts or putting them together. It’s one of those times I can let my inner fanboy loose and not fear any judgement. Well, either that or I’m just more oblivious to said judgement.


Once again, we set Trevor on the hunt for the best RAYS-equipped cars at SEMA this year, and he hasn’t disappointed. While there will be Volk Racing TE37s, I thought that this FD3S RX-7 on the Fortune Auto booth was a really good place to kick things off.

Head over to the owner’s Instagram to see how this car evolved from a relatively stock-looking black street car to the machine it is now over the course of 12 years.


The R Magic wide-body painted in Sunburst Yellow with bronze Volk Racing CE28Ns and that engine bay prepared by Eccentric Motorsports is really something else. I think we’d all like to see more of this car in the future. That’s a not-very-subtle hint for you, Trevor,


We’ve written countless stories on the glory of the TE37, and we still haven’t even scratched the surface. For me, they will remain the greatest wheel design of all time. They’re not just a classic, they’re timeless.

Jeff Nguyen‘s S15 Silvia has embraced the simplicity of the TE37 with a super-clean recipe. The white-on-white look is so good, and something I’m strongly considering for Project Habu.


As if to help prove the point of their versatility, J-Matt‘s Lexus GX 460 on TE37 Large PCD Progressive Models wears the wheels so well.

I’m strongly fighting the urge to turn this into a TE37 love-in, so I’ll just leave one more example: Jimmy Taylor‘s SR20-powered Datsun 510 on TE37Vs. This car and the GX 460 above represent a significant span of history, with neither set of wheels looking out of place.


The great Ken Gushi parked his Formula Drift A90 Supra on Ceramic Pearl Gram Lights 57XRs, on the RAYS booth indoors.


Not content with having one of the other best RX-7s at SEMA (the green 20B car in the Toyo Treadpass), Jonny Grunwald also brought his TCP Magic-kitted street car wearing bronze Volk Racing 21Cs.

The 700hp bridge-ported 13B-REW FD3S is no stranger to most, having been a regular at SEMA since 2016.

The new Volk Racing NE24s found their way onto this Varis-kitted FK8 Honda Civic Type R, framing an impressive Project Mu/Alcon brake setup.


Returning to the RAYS booth, one if the highlights was a C8 Chevrolet Corvette built by APR Performance, running forged Volk Racing G025s.

APR Performance’s focus here has been on developing an aero-package for the C8, featuring 22 carbon pieces. Sitting on KW suspension, it’s a good example of what to expect from the C8 platform going forward.


As you would have probably expected, RAYS’ booth featured a significant selection of wheels from the company’s various sub-brands in an array of colours and finishes.

I know that nobody asked, but if I was to pick one set, it might just be these 10th Anniversary TE37Vs, despite the fact that I don’t have a car to fit them on. They are currently available in Bronze and Dash White as pictured, and feature the iconic ‘RAYS Engineering’ and ‘Volk Racing Wheel’ logos engraved into the spokes.

If you want a set, they will only be available to order until Christmas of this year and come in 15 and 16-inch sizes with PCDs of 4×100 and 4×114.3.

What’s your choice?


I’ll try and wrap this up here before I lose the run of myself and start looking for a car just for those wheels, although I still can’t quite escape the idea of having my own Diamond Dark Gunmetal TE37 Sagas painted white to match my Golf R. But then I would lose their original colour and detailing, which would be a shame in itself. Maybe a third set of wheels would be the solution?

I often recall as a kid in the run up to Christmas, studying the catalogue for the local toy shop. Is this the grown up equivalent? It certainly feels like it.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Photography by Trevor Ryan
Instagram: trevornotryan

This story was brought to you in association with RAYS, an official Speedhunters Supplier



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If you do run white wheels on your golf cover them in many layers of sealant and/or before fitting them. Until recently I ran white wheels and the brake dust really shows up on them. At least if you have prepped them a quick rinse with a hose will bring them back to white.


Absolutely. I still haven't gotten over the trauma of trying to remove baked in Pagid RSL29 pad material off wheels after a track day before.


Loved the S15. Very clean build.


Just my little ol opinion, but that white on white is hard to pull off well. There are a million shades of white, and if the colors don't match fairly closely it's just an awful clash. The most extreme example I remember was my friends championship white Integra Type R with white TE37s. Of course championship white is practically eggshell, so it was just awful.


Great point, although I would colour match them to the car (Oryx White) if going that route. The biggest challenge I reckon would be trying to preserve the machining marks on the logos / text on the wheels...


That will look CLEAN if you color match. It's a super fresh look when done right. It's just doing it right that's the challenge! Good luck with the Sagas. That etching seems hard to mask!


This should be marked as a paid add. Not complaining about the additional coverage though, great as always.


Although this post wasn't paid for (we really do just like creating these types of posts), I see your point and have added a note to highlight our relationship with RAYS.


Rays are indeed Rays of Sunshine


I generally hate advertising, but I'm happy to read as much feature content, advertorial or just plain adverts as you like for RAYS wheels ! Doubly so if they feature a good helping of FDs too.

It's particularly noticeable that half the reason the C8 Vette looks so ugly is because of its terrible stock wheel fitment, so the ones with decent wheels with the right offset immediately look 100% better. Can't complain, they're so much cheaper than a Ferrari so plenty of money left over for a good set of RAYS :-)


It is definitely the toy shop equivalent Paddy......... I want some 20" TE37's in 5x120 and weight rated for my van, but as far as I know you can't get them and I can't afford them anyway