Mannergute Mõõduvõtt: This Is Not A Race

‘It’s racing, but this is not a race!’ - Someone.

So there I was, staring at my recyclable cup fill of hot coffee from a petrol station. As I held it with both hands, trying to warm up my fingers, I started thinking about how all the lockdowns over the past year have made me excited about any automotive happening – even those held in freezing conditions

I got back to my car and fired up the navigation app. My destination? Auto24ring here in Estonia. I know where this racetrack is by heart, but I like to follow the digital arrow on a screen like it’s a video game.


I was going to the most ‘pointless’ race in the world – a local version of the 24 Hours of Lemons called Mannergute Mõõduvõtt. It arguably translates as ‘The Rivalry of Buckets’, but even Estonian native speakers struggle to point out the precise etymology of the name.


Mannergute Mõõduvõtt is pointless, because you’re racing for eight hours straight but the fastest car doesn’t always win. Crazy, right? Actually, it’s not crazy – it’s great.

I’m a person with a growth mindset instead of a goal mindset. I’m more interested in how far I can go than actually reaching the goal, so an event like this one is right up my alley. The competitive aspect is out of the picture, so the only people around are true-blooded petrol-heads. To be involved in any way you must have some octane in your system, because why else would you want to be out in the freezing cold?


Also, what sort of a person will look at a Hyundai Getz and think: ‘Yeah, I’ll race that.’ ? The best kind – your fellow car culture enthusiast.


The best ‘Mannerg’ cars are those that shouldn’t really be allowed near a racetrack – especially after been given a masquerade makeover. My question here is what car would you bring to this sort of race? The main rule is that the car shouldn’t produce more than 100hp per tonne (or 75kW per 2,205lb). Let me know in the comments…


Amateur racing in general is an outlet for creativity. All people have it, but there are different ways to express it and a competition like Mannergute Mõõduvõtt provides the stage for a gear-head to show both their style and humour.


While I was sitting on a snowdrift, shooting the action and feeling all smug about all the smart choices I made for my winter attire, I noted it: life, chaos, the belonging. A message from a dying Golf’s exhaust blast. And the simple thought was this: appreciate the little things in front of you – the cars, the noise, the racetrack, the snow that continued to melt on my face.

Shoot for excellence – this is what keeps us moving – but lower the bar when it comes to your personal self. If you enjoy these simple cars, cheer for drivers that are giving their best. There were no losers on this day – car culture took home the gold trophy.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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Mário André Ferreira Matos

Man! This is the type of race that would get my attention, slow cars struggling to drive around in the snow.
I would take my own daily - a 1993 Seat Ibiza 6k 1.9td producing 75 half-dead horses.


Sorry, but turbos are not allowed :D

Mário André Ferreira Matos

Not to worry, I have another Seat Ibiza, the difference being it's from 1998, it's white and N/A :D As dead a car as it can be! :D

Mário André Ferreira Matos

I said I had a turbo, I didn't say it was working


sounds good, diesel is a good choice for sure. Snow is an equalizer, for sure!


So ... What's the purpose of this event? Just an 8 hour enduro track day for commonsense rides?


It is all about most stable lap times over 8h time. Winner will have the smallest standard deviation.
So 50kW VW Polo with 2:30-2:35 average time will be winner.
And 92kW Subaru Impreza with 2:05-2:30 lap times due to inconsistent drive will be last position.

Writer should have explained that magic of numbers in Article :)


Then I'll be there trundling along with a lap timer ...


The purpose is to have fun with your mates. It's all about team spirit, just like in 24h of Lemons. It's not about the fastest times or number of laps.


Something like this would be a blast in some early 80's underpowered American "Muscle". Throw some studded snows on it and have a blast. Camaro/Firebird, early G-body's. Might even be some years of the c4 vette that would qualify.


that would be fun!


This Is Not A Race
Where's the fun in that jkjkjk


fun in trying to make it a race while stewards aren't looking ))


Even though I don't think there were not that much entries and/or the owner of that 206 has someone in the organizing body, it's cool that it's bearing the 206 race number.
My weapon of choice: Subaru GL wagon or Toyoyta Tercel 4wd and in both cases equipped with the skinniest tyres. I bet Ladas were doing great out there.


Participants can choose any number by themselves between 10 to 999.


That's nice :D


Sadly nobody turned up in a Lada this time. Yep, skinny tires are the way to go!


I see way too much FWD cars here, so this needs some Volvo 740/940 additions... 113 cold-blooded swedish horses in a 1400+ kg swedish brick sure would meet the "less than 100 bhp per tonne" rule.


Agree! long cars are good for rallying, right


Exactly! Long wheelbase is perfect for going sideways for 8 hours with two fingers at the steering wheel :-)


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It looks just great ! I'm sorry I didn't watch this event live.



We took part in Porsche 924, sadly no photos of it are here. It was RWD, VERY tricky to handle but one of the most rewarding at the time. Fifth fastest lap time (3.00).


fourth car on the "Getz" photo :)


Fanatics don't ask "How?" , They just "Do". :)