Five Videos Worth A Watch

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent a fair few hours glued to YouTube over the past few weeks, searching out and consuming an unhealthy amount of automotive video content.

Hopefully you made it past the Youtuber façade, but just in case you didn’t, we’ve included five videos below which were among many that piqued our interest. Have a look and then add your suggestions in the comments section.

Over the past couple of months, Paddy has been bringing us some great stories from his recent trip to the United Arab Emirates for the MADE Dubai 2020 show. Hartnett Media was also there, and the epic 4K video above takes a look at the event, and some of the other car culture experienced on the trip.

Prior to Covid-19, the 98th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb was scheduled for June 28 this year. In late March, PPIHC’s organizers said it wouldn’t be going ahead then, but a revised date of August 20 means that we should see racers vying for honors on the 12.42-mile-long, 156-turn course in Colorado Springs in 2020, which is good news.
There are bound to be challenges along the way, but anyone who competes in the famed hill climb event knows that just making it to the start line on race day is a victory in itself. Making it to the summit at 14,110ft is something else altogether. This documentary-style video from Vibrant Performance charts Will Au-Yeung’s assault on last year’s event in his 800hp time attack Honda Civic – the same car that he claimed the FF title at Tsukuba Circuit with earlier in 2019.

There are no shortage of music videos online remixed in ‘8D’ audio, but this one should be a little more interesting for Speedhunters readers. The glorious, naturally aspirated 770hp V12 fitted in Lamborghini’s Aventador SVJ is the subject of this video, and with the spacial reverb mix applied to the original stereo soundtrack, the enveloping sound is pretty cool. Note: you need to be wearing headphones for this one.

Late last year, the motor racing world lost a true icon. Robert Glenn Johnson Jr., better known as Junior Johnson, passed away aged 88. Johnson had an amazing career in NASCAR, first as a driver who won no less than 50 races, and then as a team owner. He’s even widely credited as inventing drafting in stock car racing. In the early days of NASCAR there was a common theme among many of the top drivers – they got their start hauling moonshine. Johnson is no exception; in fact he’s easily the most well-known, and perhaps the most successful moonshine runner of them all, having started deliveries of illegal liquor for his father at the age of just 14. He’s such a folk hero that he even had a cameo (and character) in Disney Pixar’s Cars 3. The video above was put together for Johnson’s induction into the NASCAR Hall Of Fame in 2010, and while the quality isn’t the greatest, the story definitely is.

For a quick clip on the link between moonshine and fast cars, ‘Hauling Illegal Liquor’ by National Geographic is a humorous watch too.

Top Gear‘s Chris Harris behind the wheel of the all-electric, all-wheel drive, 750hp and 1050Nm Porsche Taycan Turbo S – need we say more?

Now it’s your turn – what automotive video did you watch in lockdown that’s worth a look? Share away in the comments section below…

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Gear & Gasoline youtube them their adventure of miata and ek9 was amazing then now the EVO and the Ek9 rebuild with k20 is just insane. It even has a Porsche break caliper.


Yeah, makes me really want a K swapped EK now, I saw he had the forester on bring a trailer a few weeks ago, sold for 25/26k


I initially thought that was a very high price for an STI swapped foz, but then remembered you lot can't get those imported for a few more years.


i watched that one yesterday too


I watched that last one yesterday ironically.


If you're looking for car show/event review. Krispy Media's H20i 2013 video will always be the standard for me, incredible music choices, top notch editing, an all time favorite.


I've missed these video round ups!


How can you call an electric car a Turbo, we a know what a turbo is so where does it fit in an electric car?


Porsche decided to keep it's standard nomenclature for the electric models, so despite being electric and obviously not having a turbo, the top-tier Taycan trim is called the Turbo S.


Should be the Taycan TS in reality.


Project Binky,


Once Upon a Time in Monterey


I've missed the video recommendations! thank you


Any of the Juicebox vids along with Bucky Lasek and his Scooby


Mighty car mods is always a must watch for me. Two good mates building jdm nuggets without ego or over the top hype or budgets.