The C8 Corvette Is The True Successor To The Original Honda NSX

Every decade or so, a new model comes along and challenges the way we look at sports and supercars.

The Lamborghini Miura introduced the rear mid-engine layout and gave us the low-slung silhouette that we have come to love. The Ferrari F40 was built like a race car and was the first production car to break the 200mph barrier. The Honda NSX spawned the idea that a supercar should be friendly to drive. The McLaren F1 revolutionized performance and exclusivity, arguably becoming the first hypercar.

Back in July, Chevrolet brought us the latest game changer – the C8 Corvette.


As time has passed, my thoughts on the matter seemed to reach a boiling point. Notably, all of these prior game changers brought something unique to the table, whereas you could argue that the C8 doesn’t really stand out in any way.

This is partly thanks to the sports and supercar market being insane right now. Every option available from the Nissan GT-R to the Audi R8 or the McLaren 570S offers excellent performance, exotic aesthetics, and great drivability.

All of these cars are ‘better’ than the C8 in many ways.


The difference between these cars and the C8 is that while most supercars are reserved for the lucky few that can afford them, the C8 will be truly attainable.

It has excellent performance, killer looks, and is usable every day. The R35 GT-R used to be considered a real performance bargain, but the base 2020 GT-R costs $54,000 more than the base C8.


Another comparison could be made to the first-generation NSX — the original everyday supercar had an MSRP of $62,000 in 1991. If we adjust the C8’s $59,000 for inflation, it comes in at under $32,000 – less than half of what the NSX sold for. For ultimate comparison, the C8 starts at almost $98,000 less than the entry level 2020 Acura NSX.

You’re talking about a car with 495hp, an 8-speed DCT, forged aluminum double wishbone suspension, and exotic looks for nearly the same price as a Porsche Cayman.


The Corvette has historically offered the best high performance value, punching above its weight and providing supercar specs at a fraction of the price is trademark Corvette. Despite this, it has never been able to shake the stigma of being owned by elderly gentlemen sporting gold chains and New Balance dad shoes. It offered the performance, but it never had the look.

Park a Corvette and a Ferrari next to a group of kids, and it’s obvious which one captures the imagination. The Corvette was great on paper but lacked that certain something.


I have personally had these feelings, too. I respect how much potential the Corvette has on track, and often recommended them to friends looking for a fast and affordable car, but I would have never considered owning one myself. Its performance potential was often overshadowed by the idea that the Corvette was an old man’s car. Fast, but not for me.

The C8 Corvette has shattered this perception. On the day it was revealed there was a frenzy of social media posts; my feeds were filled with enthusiasm for the all new mid-engine Corvette. Many claimed they were going to buy them, and I have already heard from friends that have reserved their C8.

A couple of days ago I saw some hardcore Honda guys sharing pictures of a C8 that they went to check out at a local dealer. I’ve been a car enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and I have never seen a reaction to a sports car like this. Overnight, Chevrolet has changed the way people look at Corvettes.


On a personal level, I wasn’t expecting much from the mid-engine Corvette. Other than the spy videos of Pratt & Miller testing the C8R race car, I didn’t think twice about it. Needless to say, I was shocked when I started seeing the trickle of photos and information as the C8 was unveiled.

It instantly captured my attention and became the first attainable car in years that I’ve desired. I found myself on the configurator choosing colors and options for ‘my’ C8. I was eating up the C8 hype. I even gave it a few weeks, but the desire to own one hasn’t gone away.


More importantly, I have no doubt that the C8 will perform. Chevrolet has too much riding on this, and they have been developing the car for years. It will have the performance and now it has the look, that extra something it was missing.


We’ve established what makes the C8 exciting; the stats, stories, and photos have been going around for weeks. What really stands out to me though, isn’t how good the C8 is going to be, but what it means to the future of sports cars. This is where the game changer aspect comes into play.


Much like the NSX, I’m convinced the C8 is going to change what we expect from a sports car. The NSX made supercars reliable, drivable, and well thought-out. Chevrolet has made its mark by raising the bar: It has taken the affordable sports car segment and turned it to 11. Supercar levels of performance and looks, on a mass-produced platform at a reasonable price.

We have already seen the comparisons with the new Supra. I’ve read countless ‘RIP Supra’, ‘all Supra orders have been canceled’ and ‘C8 > Supra’ posts.

While both of those cars are great and cater to a different market, it is a comparison that we are going to start seeing with just about every sports car. “Why buy such and such when you can just get a C8,” is going to be the question asked of any new sports car. It appears many people have already asked that question and answered by reserving a C8.


There are reports that the entire first year of C8 production is almost sold out. Other manufacturers know this, and they will have to respond. Their cars will have to stand out or be better in order to compete, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the lasting impact of the C8 Corvette will be.

It’s that impact coupled with the looks and the performance that have me sold.


I have never said this about a domestic car, but one day I will have a C8 in the garage.

Undoubtedly lowered on RAYS wheels and with aftermarket aero.

Amir Bentatou
Instagram: that911 & rsfuture

Photos by Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto



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OK i'm sold :D


i wonder if they will make money on the corvette this time?


highly doubt it, but the merchandise... all those sweet corvette windbreakers


Isnt it a NSX Chassis anyway? Looks very similar, and near identical inside

Rich E Wavy Kariuki

What? Are you sure about that??


I don't understand the Supra comparison. But I also do understand it. However the Launch Edition of the Supra starts at $5,000 less than the C8 base model. That's the highest tier Supra available currently. The one in the pictures on Chevrolet's website with options is checking the price tag box of $73,885. I can fully kit out a brand new Launch Edition Supra and still be under that number. That's a little ridiculous to sit here and say it's revolutionary with it's pricing and performance numbers.

It's performance numbers are roughly identical to every corvette they currently offer minus the heavy hitters like the ZR1. It's just another LS motor. All corvette's have also unequivocally been known to feel plastic like and cheap inside. I'll admit the interior looks nice, but does it feel the same? Will it stand the test of time and daily use or will the seats start cracking and showing wear on the steering wheel by 30,000 miles? That unfortunately extends to the Camaro as well. Where as Toyota has always had a feeling of quality to it for the price you pay. You know a Toyota will last. Just like the LS motor will always outlast the car it's put in.

I realize this sounds like i'm defending the Supra and upset that you dared to compare it, and that's not true. I am defending the Supra's price point and quality compared to the Corvette. To your point this will become the comparison and the Supra will be compared to everything under the sun that comes out in it's territory. But I also still have zero desire to own something that's had a history of feeling cheap, who's performance numbers are roughly the same as they've been for years, when I could buy something as sturdy and well-rounded as a Supra or GT350 which starts at $59,140. In that price bracket there are a lot of options and in my opinion, as this article is your opinion, I would certainly not stick a corvette in my garage if i'm shopping in that bracket range.


Whoa if you think a GT350 is sturdy....


I'd wager it's more sturdy than the plastic Corvettes its built to compete with. It also comes with more horsepower than the C8 and I can add options to it and still undercut the C8. That entire center console piece just looks heavy to boot. Like I said the interior looks nice but time will tell if it really is. Or if it's just going to age like the rest of them do.


having driven both... wasn't impressed with the GT350 interior. The engine made up for all it's short comings though.


Totally fair, I haven't driven either. I have been in some corvettes/camaros and a fairly modded 2018 mustang with a procharger. That's the extent of my experience with them. I do love the GT350's engine and how it sounds though.


Pretty much sums up my thinking as well as I read this opinion piece.
I've never had any warm feelings for GM or Corvettes (for the reasons mentioned above plus my personal distaste for GM products) and if wanting to purchase a new "high end" sports car I would not be looking at this car at all. This car does not even begin to be special to me because it brings nothing new to the table, and the price doesn't reflect that either.


While your points are true 90% of the internet is making this a performance comparison. They're both sports cars, not many are looking at how long their interiors will last. Its literally the fact that the Supra with a FR layout starts at $55k and makes 335hp, while the Corvette is a MR layout starting at $59k and making 490hp. Numbers like that cant even be compared. When looking at the base specs and price the Corvette is superior by a landslide. Also, people are hating the Supra for being a Z4


I do agree with most of what you've said however I just can't look at this C8 as a performance vehicle. Not with an interior that clad in leather. It just looks heavy and weighed down. I would wager that around a track the Supra would honestly be faster with it's weight advantage and smaller size. The C8 just looks large and boaty to me. It looks like it's built for Grand Touring and not any type of track use. I'm aware there is an LT3 trim level for the C8 that I assume is more performance oriented, but for a lot more money. I just can't see myself in a position where this car is a viable alternative to anything currently on the market.


Have you ever looked into Corvette performance numbers? The c7 has been working cars around a racetrack for nearly a decade now, cars with 4 times the pricetag. The Camaro zl1 1le which is a $70,000 boat anchor, does the nurburgring in 9 seconds faster than an Aventador... As stated in the article, there's no way performance is going to be slacking. It frankly won't be close against the Supra in any form of racing. Chevrolets, and even Fords have made leaps and bounds going around corners in the past 10 years, that stigma is dead and gone. Dodges still like to go straight though. lol


True to the point about the dodges lol. Having owned two I can attest to that. The C7 is a good car I'm not arguing it's performance credentials by any means. And I happen to be a fan of the '14-'15 Camaro body style. However until I see this car actually perform and just list it's resume I can't sit here and say it looks fast or good at corners. Because to me it just looks too boxy and not sleek enough.

Part of the original article was talking about the car being revolutionary and bringing supercar/exotic looks to a vehicle with a price tag under $60k. This car, to me, just does not look anywhere close to exotic looks. The front end has been the same on corvettes for a bit now so everyone is used to it, it doesn't feel fresh or exciting. Again it's just my opinion on it based solely on appearances. If it performs I will obviously be wrong and ok with that.


I agree that it's definitely not gonna hold it's ground next to a McLaren or 458 in the looks department as is, but unlike those cars where there's very few trim levels, there will be a ton for the Corvette, this is essentially the base. So we'll have to wait and see.


From another Michael to Michael,
The MKV Supra ain't Toyota, its BMW so at 30,000 miles it will be creaking and at 50,000 miles you will wish you hadn't bought it. Even the Chief Engineer of Toyota said they are concerned about reliability. Give credit where it is due! The C8 is revolutionary and the demand proves it.


With respect to your view and opinion, I think the C8 is cool. However what's revolutionary about it? A mid-engine sports car? That's nothing new. If you're saying it's revolutionary for it to be in a Chevrolet, let alone a corvette, then yes you are correct. However there is nothing amazing about another LS motor being launched by Chevrolet or a rear-wheel drive sports car from them. It's a show-boat and it looks like it's covered in a lot of plastic vent pieces, some functional and some not. So i'll wait until I can see some in person at the monthly coffee shows or sit in one myself before I sit here and praise it as revolutionary.

And to the point about the Supra being BMW, yes that's true. You are not wrong, it's a Toyota badged Z4. However as someone else has commented under my main comment, in that price bracket i'm not even thinking about a Chevrolet. Let alone a Corvette. Toyota wouldn't let something be produced if the quality didn't meet their standards they've had set for years. It's why their cars last so long. On the flip-side of that it is a BMW motor so yeah maintenance may actually be terrible just like a standard BMW. Time will tell. I'd Still prefer the Supra for heritage and looks alone. The C8 looks oddly heavy.


It looks "oddly heavy" because of its mid engine proportions. Unless the car has a tiny wheel base like the MR2's, mid engine performance cars have that long wedge slab look. The supra's traditional FR layout looks good and is a tried and true formula for aesthetics, but for the money I'd rather pay a little more to go exotic than traditional.


The new NSX, Audi R8, Ferrari F8, Ford GT, Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren 570 (600, 720) all of these are mid-engine cars that this article has directly, without saying it, compared the C8 too. "Supercar/exotic looks" is how the writer describes it. You say it's a traditional design for mid-engine cars to look like a big wedge. However none of the cars i just listed look heavy or overtly wedge-shaped. They all look sporty, sleek, and fast. Again this article is an opinion piece. These are my opinions. I do prefer the Supra styling, I guess i'm one of the few who seem to actually like how it came out looking.


successor? erm no.


Yeah i'm not sure why we are comparing it. The C8 isn't revolutionary at all. It's just copy/pasting a formula that works that other manufacturers have been doing.


Amir isn't the brightest crayon in the box.


I actually feel that the new NSX is a proper successor to the old. It's expensive, but the philosophy behind the car is definitely still there.


another GM flagship styled by a committee and designed by market research. yay.


MINT!!! Can't wait for some tuner versions!


I really need to see the new mid-engine Corvette in person


It took forever for the C7's looks to grow on me, and I actually really want one now. The C8, I'm not feeling at all. Time will tell if that changes.


I'd generally agree, we have cars that are landmarks in the timeline of performance cars. Like the ones you mentioned, this is one of them solely based on the attainability. No longer do you need to be deep into the six figures to have a mid-engine super car. I think that matters and will be remembered as a reference point.

It's funny you reference the original NSX as the NSX owners facebook group has been blowing up with C8 talk. There are as many C8 posts as NSX posts at this point! The question has become 'why buy a new NSX with the C8 out?'.


The new NSX isn't even in the same market as the C8. That's why. The price points speak for that alone. They cater to a different type of person. The C8 as mentioned will most certainly cater to upper-aged older white men who go to cars and coffee every month then park the car in the garage.


That's all I do with my NSX... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Touche haha!


"Undoubtedly lowered on RAYS wheels and with aftermarket aero."

*pushes up glasses* Aero

One day I will have one with aftermarket engine. After market wheel and aftermarket tire. Everything aftermarket.


That's because from the factory this thing still looks heavy and it's just a parts-bin front-end to keep costs down. You can tell by my other comments on here i'm not really a fan of it. But it's pretty bad how people have to automatically resort to adding parts to it in order to make it desirable and the car hasn't even been released yet on the streets. That should say enough about it.


I was just taking a stab at the author who sounds like one of those knuckle headed enthusiasts who just says "do aero to it" and has no idea wtf he is talking about. Pretty accurate.


Guys are going to the exact same thing to the Supra...there's also a whole lot of horrible design at play on that thing too. Seems to be a theme lately.


But there are some of us that couldn't leave a car stock no matter how good it looks and performs out of the box. The impulse to personalize it is simply second nature. It's not to downplay the original car.


The Cadillac CT6 has a lot of the tech that GM used in this new Corvette. The honeycomb aluminum and composite structures used first in the CT6 have been utilized in this car. No numbers yet but I bet this new Corvette is one stiff car. Let's see what the testing will tell us. Groundbreaking, will they make million dollar cars look vastly overpriced, and obsolete?

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I'm sorry, but this is a terrible design to me.


Agreed. It looks massive out back and very unsporty. Plastic and fake vents don't make cars faster Chevrolet, take note.


Except there are no fake vents on this car. You just look at the cutaway pictures and can see where every vent leads air too and from.




I had a spot reserved and went to see the C8 in person. While it is great bang for the buck, I found it underwhelming and that front end looks dated to me already. That said, I can see why Vette or Chevy guys will be excited, as this is something very new to them.
I'm sure there'll be a lot of old white guys rocking this at Cars and Coffee next year and they'll all be losing money on depreciation. Hard pass for me.


And that depreciation is where I swoop in at 5 years and have a killer sports car.


I think this could've been a game changer if we as a society weren't heading towards electric vehicles so quickly. This might be too late for other manufacturers to respond since they're all chasing that EV money.


I will never be able to look at the C8 and think "Mmmmm.. Nice Vette". No doubt the C8 will be awesome value for money - as most previous Corvettes - but for me, a Corvette is FR with a bonnet that stretches into the horizon...

I wish they had called it something else.


Same, there is no reason to change a Vette too mid... simply make it a new model like the Ford GT


I thought they were calling this the Stingray and just that? Did they decide to keep it as the Corvette Stingray? I mean either way it's the same car just mid-engined. Nothing new to see here in a formula that's been done by many manufacturers already.


Are you saying there is a separate "regular" front engine C8 coming? That's news if it is... otherwise everyone is calling this the C8 Corvette, as in next in line after the C7.


No I stand corrected. There was talk of it being called the Stingray I could have sworn but a quick check of Chevrolet's website shows there is already a Corvette Stingray you can get your hands on. Not sure what's so special about it. This is just the C8.


Stingray is a name brought back by Chevrolet for base model Corvette with C7 unveiling. There are Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1. Same applies to C8.


and no manual transmission... so sad.


It has excellent performance, killer looks, and is usable every day. The R35 GT-R used to be considered a real performance bargain, but the base 2020 GT-R costs $54,000 more than the base C8.

Really depends on where you live in the world:
The Nissan GTR pure is almost €175.000,--
The Corvette C7 Stingray is almost €125.000,--

Current pricing for the C8 Corvette isn't available yet over here, but seeing that A C7 costs about $55.000,--. in 2017 and about $60.000,-- for the C8, the gap is still there, but is closing. 60.000 x 2,5 = €150.000,-- estimate over here.

Then again, they just tax about anything over here....

It does look like a nice chassis though. Kind of reminds of of the Lotus Elise chassis which is no almost 25 years old....


No stick.


I like the Lotus Evora 400 being more of the successor to the NSX than the C8


Yeah, if GTA makes a version of it before it was sold to public than it's LEGIT a COOL car lol


GM Marketing is that you?


No it's no. The true successor is the Lotus Evora.


Every word here 110% simply true. Anyone that says otherwise is a Ford head butthurt that Ford wont make an affordable GT40 meant for more than "influencers"... Or will they?
Either way, the C8 is guaranteed the next keystone that came after the NSX. Im now simply wondering how many base C8's will inherit Alfa 4c carbon tubs and DIY-Pagani-level aero to rule the tracks...


Are you gonna cut off the middle of the chassis and then bond the rear and the front into a carbon tub? Yeah that makes sense... not


I think StraightR has missed the point here entirely. The GT40 isn't meant to be some entry level sports car. It never has been. It's a heritage and racing icon/legend. Does the Corvette have any 24-Hours of Le Mans legend story? I think not. Also a carbon tub would dramatically increase the price of the base C8. Also why carbon tub the base-model? It won't happen.


Good point it could affect Supra sales...
Supra is not My shopping list .

The corvette I don’t how such a big car have such a small cabin. I’m 6’2”. And I hate how new cars are so cramped.
I have sat in a c7 z06 and this new c8 looks identical. That s a deal killer for me. I just would not enjoy the cabin experience.

On it being a desirable sports. It’s too early to say. Let’s see how it does...

Just like the type r. I always hated its looks, but when I started analyzing is performance numbers . I took a closer look and I would buy one. The co8 will have to do the same for me to consider. Let’s see some trophies and performance accomplishments

I get the whole what’s affordable thing and it’s now within reach thing. But also remember the people who have money or are in the market from 75 to 150k. Won’t want to buy a car that a lot of younger men would buy. It’s not the look we want to have.


Why are all the people in these photo’s so badly dressed?


Because it's a car show and not date night? Why does it matter?


I coulda sworn they said the price is gonna go up after the inital offering first year model. Plus dealers are going to go nuts with the mark up in places they can get away with it.


So they switched from front-mid engine to rear-mid engine and made it pig-ugly in the process. I guess you could call it a revolution


Did some research on the author. Looks like a super douche.


"I have never said this about a domestic car, but one day I will have a C8 in the garage.

Undoubtedly lowered on RAYS wheels and with aftermarket aero."

Me too! :)