Yes, That’s Kawabata In A Lada

Once again, you find me in this winter scene surrounded by snow, ice and Ladas.

This weekend is the penultimate round of the Winter Drift Battle, or as the locals humbly put it: The World Championship of Winter Drifting.

This time it’s a truly international affair. Two drift titans from different parts of the world will meet in Krasnoyarsk, Russia;  D1GP Champion Masato Kawabata and arguably the most aggressive Formula Drift driver, Kristaps Bluss.

Former Formula Drift competitor Charles Ng and D1 driver Daychapon “Pond” Toyingcharoen are also here, and they are no slouches either.


Jevgeni Losev currently leads the championship comfortably with 714 points, 81 point ahead of his teammate Maksim Grossman. I’ll take a closer look at his championship winning LADA 2102 and share it with you shortly, as without any argument, it’s the most sophisticated car in the field.

If you want to keep up with The World Championship of Winter Drifting, you can follow round five online this weekend. The live broadcast starts on Friday evening at 9:30PM PST / 05:30AM GMT  (Saturday) / 4:30PM AEDT (Saturday) and can be viewed here

On Saturday, at 10:00PM PST / 06:00AM GMT (Sunday) / 5:00PM AEDT (Sunday) you can also tune in for a round of Zimkhana (Winter-khana), a special winter event on a replica of the famous Ebisu Minami course.

I mean, of course you’re going to watch it. At least it will be warmer from the comfort of your own home, right?

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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From a backyard bonfire party in Florida, I'm loving this post. Speedhunters TRULY is the worldwide center of badass car culture.


This is so cool.


But it still is nothing more then a Fiat 124 familiare


Basically yes, bet there are a few changes for durability here and there. Interestingly, overhead camshaft was introduced at Ladas earlier, than on Fiat.


Not really: The twincam was introduced in 1966-1967 in the fiat 124 sport. The overhead cam in the lada 2101 was introduced in 1970.

As for power figures:
Lada 1.5 (actually from the 2103) : 75 BHP Police version only
Fiat 1.5 produces 90 BHP.
And there are still the 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 fiat engines which produce even more.

They are built more durable however: Low octane fuel can be used, higher suspension, thicker panels.


You might be right indeed, I was talking only about direct comparison between Fiat 124 Saloon (?) and Lada 2101 as its licensed copy. Fuat 124 Sport was the performance model, it is not a surprise that it had DOHC.


That would roughly be the same time. The 124 special T was launched in 1968, but wasn't actually available until 1969. Soone year before the 2101. In essence its basicly a 124 block with a twincam head. Thats the 1438cc 1.5 with 90 Bhp. It was available to the general public however.

And don't get me wrong: I like the ladas. The station even more so then the saloon. But as a starting point the 124 is the better car.


And I am, as Russian guy, a bit biased towards Ladas. :)

I would argue about "starting point", though. If we talk about drift or classic car racing, Lada seems a better starting point. Despite obviously being a clone (no doubts), it was improved by Soviet engineers for better durability, which makes it better platform for such activities.


Thats why I'm an engineer and you are probably not:
Improved isn't the right word: Its modified to suit the russian needs. Less compression so less power. Heavier steel (for the winters there) so a lot heavier. And the suspension geometry is wrong , because they still used the original pickup points (with a lot heavier suspension arms I might add). The Lada 1200 or 2101 weights about 960Kg. The Fiat 124 in stock trim: 860Kg. Thats more then 10% heavier on a car that has less horsepower?

So forget "improved" platform, because thats not the case. It's modified to suit the needs of sovjet union: Lesser roads and lesser fuel. They just made it more bombproof, not faster. And lets not forget: The twincam also had the five speed, where the lada was only available with a four speed or three speed auto. brakes on the 124 where discs all around. Lada had rear drums. Just to name some of the "improvements". It isn't even a question that the 124 is the better car compaired to the Lada.


Even actually being an engineer too (by education, now I am managing some projects), I have to admit that you have strong point of view indeed. Let's stop it here, cheers. :)


Smart move. That dude will argue for days.


Just stating the facts....


Take my Lada, drive in town